8 Best Trench Coats for Men in 2018

Firstly trench coats were made for military generals, but they didn’t make them popular. The popularity of this classy coat rose when Humphrey Bogart appeared in it in a movie “Casablanca”.

Nowadays the trench coat is the garment that distinguishes an adult man from a boy. You certainly need a fair dose of style which is collected throughout the years so you can look polished in a trench coat. Here we have 10 great trench coats which can make you look iconic like Bogart and feel like a successful business man.

APTRO Men’s Wool French Front Long Business Plus size Coat

trench-aptroThis trench coat is made of 100% wool, and it has a lining made out of polyester which makes it perfect for windy days.It has very stylish mandarin collar, and you don’t even need a scarf because of that.

It has a button closer, and you can purchase it in five different colors. Reviewers of this coat recommend buying a bigger size than usual because it is made in China.

Still, if you miss the right size, you can return it for free. I saved the best news for the end. It is on sale, and if you buy it now, you can save almost 264 $ on this show stopping coat.


Men’s Stylish Fashion Classic Wool Double Breasted Pea Coat with Removable Hoodmens-stylish

Trench with an oversized hood? Why not?! After all, you wear trench coat when the weather is changing, and a shower of rain will never surprise you again whit this model.

This coat is made of wool, and it fits great because it emphasizes shoulders. When buying, it is important to follow instructions about the size and you are good to go.

You can choose between red, navy, camel and black color, and all of those are great colors for keeping the everyday style on point.


Lende Men’s Trench Coat Winter Long Jacket Double Breasted Overcoat

trench-lendeLong and double breasted overcoat by Lende is a crowd pleaser. You can wear tree piece suit under it and look like a business man, or pair it up with cool tart scarf and jeans for more casual look.

The collar is classical, and it doesn’t deform. There is a waistband in the back of this coat and belted cuffs which are giving this coat much better shape.

As usual, it is very important to go trough sizes when ordering yours, and this company made it very easy with their chart.



FLATSEVEN Mens Winter Double Breasted Pea Coat Long Jacket

trench-flatsevenStitching and materials in this double-breasted pea coat are just perfect, and people who ordered this fashionable trench coat are very pleased to report that it smells nice when it arrives.

It is not a secret, they put their special cologne on the material and everybody just loved that. It is hard not to mention, but Flatseven customer service is one of the best out there because they always find a way to help you find the right fit.

Built in belt and buttons make it look very elegant, and you can wear it in occasions when you want to impress you business partners or love of your life.

It is important to say, that this one, like many other trench coats, is not suitable for cold weather, but rather for autumn and spring time.



MOGU Men’s Double-Breasted Belted Twill Trench Coat

trench-moguModern and well fitted, it certainly looks more expensive than it really is. Many people who purchased this trench coat are just putting their best words about it.

Some say that it looks like it is tailored just for them, and others just love the quality of the material. Those who have bought this trench coat in blue, say that it is a bit darker than it seems in their monitors, but then again it is not a navy color.

You can also choose khaki and black version of this coat, depending on your shoes. Khaki would go well if you have brown shoes, and blue and black are a good combination with black shoes.



London Fog Men’s Iconic Trench Coat

trench-london-fogThe price, the fit, the style! Everything is awesome! London fog company just killed it with this coat. It has a zip-out lining which gives it versatility, so you can use it in warmer conditions.

For cold weather, there is a way to put the collar up and button it, so it can protect you when it’s windy. Pockets are big enough to keep big telephone and your hands in it.

One reviewer noticed how this coat slides off and on easily, which is a great thing for people who are always in some kind of rush.



BGSD Men’s “Xander” Classic Leather Long Trench Coat

trench-bgsdMy favorite material, leather, made its big comeback a few years ago. Luckily man can also enjoy the benefits of leather trench coats as much as women.

Because of the material, it is a bit more expensive than other trench coats, but when you buy leather, you know how long it can last.

This trench coat style is ageless and very practical. Some men that have purchased this one, say that you will a scarf around the neck for this coat because it is hard to button up near the neck. There are also epaulets on shoulders, to give a more masculine look.

In my honest opinion, this one is the sexiest in this post, and I would definitely turn my head for a guy who wears a leather trench coat.


Alpine Swiss Zach Mens Wool Trench Coat Knee Length Overcoat

trench-alpineInside of the coat is quilted lining and tree pockets, and outside sophisticated knee length coat with two pockets and five buttons.

It might not have the belt, but is one of the dressiest overcoats on the market.

It will be a good choice for elegant events in the open, and many men who are not fashion addicts should consider this one because it looks so normal, and it doesn’t stand out of a classy crowd.






The 10 Best Faux Leather Jackets for Spring and Fall 2018

Technology in creating faux leather jackets is so advanced these days, that you can’t even spot the difference between the real-deal and the faux-deal. If you are trying to save the planet and animals by going vegan, faux leather is the way to go. Not only you will be fighting for the great cause, but you will save money.

In case that you don’t really care about that, and you only care about good quality, there is nothing to worry about.  These jackets are the highest quality so only you will know it’s faux.

Famous fashion brands like Levis and Calvin Klein have already decided to use faux leather in creating perfect jackets which will blow your mind, and polish your look. Prepare yourself for 10 best vegan leather jackets that you will want to wear this spring!

Prepare yourself for 10 best faux leather jackets that you will want to wear this spring!

Calvin Klein Women’s Long Sleeve Faux Leather Jacket

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Calvin Klein Women's Long Sleeve Faux Leather Jacket

Long sleeves will keep you warm if you decide to wear this jacket in first days of spring. It matches perfectly with feminine dresses, but because of its structure, you can use it as an addition to your business look.

As you can see in this picture, it looks really cool with long shirt and leggings, so it can alter even the most boring combinations that you have.

Important information is that this jacket is made of polyester, and it should be only dry cleaned.

Levi’s Women’s Faux-Leather Bomber Jacket with Jersey Knit Hood

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Levi's Women's Faux-Leather Bomber Jacket with Jersey Knit Hood

Levis is familiar by awesome jeans jackets, but they are not far behind in making perfect faux leather products such as this. The knit hood is not a perfect companion during the spring showers, but sure it can help if you feel chilly. Or if you want to hide on your bad hair day.

Big pockets in front and hoodie make this bomber jacket look more different than the others, and isn’t that one of the most important things today – to look different than others, but still very cool.

Women who don’t like this masculine type of jacket, don’t be afraid, this is the only one on the list.

Levi’s Women’s Faux Leather Asymmetrical Diamond Quilted Motorcycle

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Levi's Women's Faux Leather Asymmetrical Diamond Quilted Motorcycle

This jacket made of faux leather is just everyone’s favorite! It feels like wearing a thin leather jacket but it is warm, and it looks like it is tailored for one, but it fits everybody.

There are a few pockets but they are not as deep as the one on the previous model, so you will probably need to wear a bag for your keys, telephone and valet. Yeah, I know that is not really a flaw, but I can’t just write only good things.

I almost forgot, there is one more problem. If you decide to buy this one it will be hard to the color because it is made in black, cognac and navy. And they all look stunning.

Levi’s Women’s Asymmetrical Sherpa-Lined Faux-Fur Jacket

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Levi's Women's Asymmetrical Sherpa-Lined Faux-Fur Jacket

Isn’t it obvious that Levis has got me this time with excellent faux fur jackets all over the place? This brown jacket from Levis just had to be on this list of my favorites, because I have a thing with furry collars.

The asymmetrical main zip allows you to get a few different looks while wearing this jacket. Zippers are also put on pockets, so you don’t have to worry about the stuff inside your pockets.

Good accessory to this jacket would be a bulky scarf and long boots over the knees combined with the feminine floral dress.

GUESS Women’s Faux Suede Zip-up Jacket

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GUESS Women's Faux Suede Zip-up Jacket

The beginning of spring can be quite moody. That’s why you should take in consideration longer jackets if you like your stomach covered.

Asymmetrical zipper closure adds edge to your look and keeps you warm.

Two pockets on the side are very practical for warming your hands and keeping your telephone and keys near you. Another fabulous thing about this faux leather jacket is its notch collar made of faux suede.

Combine it with a big faux leather bag, and furry hat.

Bb Dakota Women’s Bb Dakota Carmen Jacket, M, Black

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Bb Dakota Women's Bb Dakota Carmen Jacket, M, Black

If you are looking for contemporary faux leather jacket which can be used to upgrade casual look this is the one. The modern shape of this jacket will make you look more powerful and red lipstick will make you look like the rock star.

Combine this jacket with t-shirts of your favorite musicians or some smart quote and you are ready for a date with that handsome drummer.

If you don’t know any handsome drummers jet, then use this combination for a ladies night in a pub.

Dolce Vita Women’s Brushed Faux Leather Aiden Jacket

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Dolce Vita Women's Brushed Faux Leather Aiden Jacket

In case that you don’t like leather glow, or you already have a lot of those in your closet (lucky you), brushed faux leather jacket is perfect for you. It is soft to touch and much different than anything you have ever worn.

You can combine it with suede boots and you will get that world traveler look. On every sleeve, you have a zipper which makes this jacket more edgy and practical if you want more space around your wrists.

Lucky Brand Women’s Faux Leather Jacket with Faux Shearling Interior

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Lucky Brand Women's Faux Leather Jacket with Faux Shearling Interior

This aviator inspired jacket is my favorite! The faux leather on this one is not black, so it makes it look more like a unique piece. Faux fur on the collar is so cute and fuzzy, and it gives a natural vibe, although these material are not taken from nature.

This jacket has faux fur lining so it can be worn with no layers at all. It is warm, and the fact that you don’t have to wear a lot underneath makes it very practical if you are women on the go.

LE3NO Womens Faux Leather Zip Up Moto Biker Jacket with Pockets

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LE3NO Womens Faux Leather Zip Up Moto Biker Jacket with Pockets

Jacket made of faux leather that has a color of milky chocolate! Just perfect! This classical shape of the jacket makes it easy to combine with almost every outfit that you have, so it makes it very practical. Women who have already purchased this jacket are thrilled with its quality, and they all say that it feels like real leather.

The only thing that you should pay attention when buying is the size chart, so be careful and measure yourself.

Verdusa Women’s Faux Leather Motorcycle Biker Short Coat Jacket Slim Zipper Jacket

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Verdusa Women's Faux Leather Motorcycle Biker Short Coat Jacket Slim Zipper Jacket

Wow! What a colour! In spring it is not rare to see yellow raincoats, but it is not very easy to see a biker jacket looking like this! I just can’t get over how cool this belt looks and I think it will be very hard for me to go to sleep without buying this one.

Maybe this look is too dramatic for you, but sometimes you have to make brave fashion decisions and not look like everybody else.

All my love to designers of this masterpiece!

The 10 Best Yoga Shirts for Women in 2018

Yoga is one of the best ways to both exercise and giving your body and mind a time off from the daily stress. The most dedicated people will even tell you that yoga changed their lives since it became a whole mindset and not some workout they do every other day.

And of course, clothes are important in yoga too. You don’t want to look boring, but ready to be the best one, and the most stylish. And of course, while leggings and trousers are important, we’re probably missing that yoga shirts are extremely relevant as well. Why? They’re going to be holding a main part of your body during training, so we have to pay a little bit more attention. Of course, comfort is the starting point, and that’s why while we can use some of our regular working out outfits, we can’t do that with every single piece of clothing because you don’t want anything slipping out or making you hate the time you’re wearing it during your yoga positions.

So, to help you with that matter, we’ve gather some options of yoga shirts that you will find comfortable, affordable and (because someone has to look for them) cute!

Alo Yoga Women’s Heat Wave Tank

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Alo Yoga Women's Heat Wave Tank

One feature you want your yoga shirts to have is a certain fit, so you don’t have it hanging over your head when you’re doing a certain position. And of course, all that while you feel perfectly comfortable with what you’re wearing. Alo is the go-to brand when it comes to yoga clothing, with premium materials and technology, as well as designs that can make you ready to class to the street in one minute. This top features a very trendy dropped armhole, which gives you the chance to make a pretty contrast with the color of your top. Can you imagine that white top with a neon sports bra underneath? The black one can make the same effect. Made out of 65% polyester and 35% rayon, it gives you a great structure and really fresh support.

Alo Yoga Women’s Wanderer Long Sleeve

Alo Yoga Women's Wanderer Long Sleeve

But if you’re looking for something with a little bit more structure, then this model is for you. Also super trendy and with amazing engineered cut out details, the long sleeves provide you a more pulled-off look that you can take advantage of. One great thing about this yoga shirt is that it gives you the opportunity to be more covered if you want: just pair with a tank top underneath and the job will be done. As many of the Alo designs, this one is seamless and promises you ultimate comfort. Plus, it also gives you the chance to make one outfit work for two different scenarios. Just picture that top with your favorite pair of jeans if you have to go meet some friends after your training (and a shower, please)?

Reebok Women’s Yoga Burn Out Short Sleeve Tee

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Reebok Women's Yoga Burn Out Short Sleeve Tee

Even though some of us prefer the specialized options for our clothing, other girls just need something more practical and a few more uses. That’s exactly what this Reebok tee is. Its biggest feature is that it provides you total freedom of movement, alongside with amazing breathability thanks to its lightweight burnout fabrication and its fabric: 65% polyester and 35% cotton, definitely something that it’s going to make you want to die from the heat. The length is also a great plus, for all the girls out there who don’t exactly like short shirts or risking any other wardrobe malfunction or letting people see what they don’t want (I think in some way, none of us wants that).

Nanette Lepore Play Women’s Lace Moire Workout Tank

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Nanette Lepore Play Women's Lace Moire Workout Tank

And who said yoga shirts can only play the one-tone card and leave the prints out of the training? Prints are also a great way to put fun on your outfit. And the design not only stays in a colorful pattern but also an interesting mix of texture, with panels covered with lace for an extra cool look. But the printed on this yoga shirt is not only for entertaining, the fabric is also active and functional, with wicking properties, which means in case you break a sweat, your top is going to be there for you. It will sure be a great option for going with your black leggings.

Calvin Klein Performance Women’s Distressed Fleece and Thermal Top

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Calvin Klein Performance Women's Distressed Fleece and Thermal Top

Most women prefer to be more covered when they’re exercising, but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to be bothered by the heat. Calvin Klein thought about that and designed a shirt that is great for your routine and also for slipping it on after you’re done. The great part is that it’s soft, light weighted and is very easy to wear. The front has been layered for thermal texture and it also looks really cool, especially for the raw edge detailing. Definitely, an option you can get a lot of use to while you step out of the gym looking like nothing can disturb you.

Alo Yoga Women’s Elite Tank

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Alo Yoga Women's Elite Tank

Again, we come back to Alo, because they basically have one option for every girl out there. This simple tank is the answer for those days when you want to feel simple but keep things interesting and comfortable as we like it. Costumers highlight the fit on this yoga shirt, which is made 87% out of polyester and 13% spandex, this will help the top stay in place. If you’re a fan of layering over your bra or top, this is the option for you. And on top of the other features, they didn’t forget about breathability on this one. With mesh blocking in the front and back, you wouldn’t feel like your sweating at all.

Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Cozy Printed 1/2 Zip

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Under Armour Women's ColdGear Cozy Printed 1/2 Zip

The good thing about the jackets for training is that you can both use them during your routine or to give a pull together look when you’re getting inside and outside class. This Under Armour piece does just that, combined with great technology. The most remarkable feature is the dual-layer EVO ColdGear construction, which combines a smooth, fast-drying exterior with a brushed, heat-trapping interior. That means even if you’re sweating in the outside, people won’t be able to see a thing. For and easy on/off, it has a deep ½ zip, and the tech keeps up with their signature Moisture Transport System, another tool to keep you dry and light. And if you thought it was only going to be a boring jacket, check again: the mélange texture will also allow you to have a hip, cool choice of clothing.

Columbia Women’s Silver Falls Long Sleeve Shirt

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Columbia Women's Silver Falls Long Sleeve Shirt

Still going with the long sleeves idea, we found this Columbia shirt, which stands in the promise of keeping you cool while also keeping you covered. The length is perfect to use with your favorite leggings because it also covers the tricky areas when you’re moving up and down. And although this yoga shirt seems very cozy, is made out of 100% cotton, a guarantee of freshness under any circumstance.

New Balance Women’s Fashion Crop Top Sports Bra

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New Balance Women's Fashion Crop Top Sports Bra

And as well as they’re girls out there who prefer to be covered during a yoga session, there are others that just like to feel free, although with enough support to keep everything in place. And that is exactly what this New Balance top is going to do for all the yogis who still like to feel flexible and comfortable while training. It’s made out of 100% fibers, which means this is built with a lot of technology to provide freedom of movement and breathability. The knit body is a Nylon and Spanx combination, and the bottom part features a leather like stretch knit and power mesh and, let’s face it, it is the coolest part of the top. And of course, it has NB dry moisture wicking releases technology that is fast drying and moistures away from the body. The laser cut in the back will make you look athletic and tough, trust me!

Maaji Women’s Enchanted Spirit Expanded Wish Travel Tank

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Maaji Women's Enchanted Spirit Expanded Wish Travel Tank

This Colombian brand is suddenly taking the step from swimwear to activewear and it’s clearly doing great on both fronts. This cute laser cut and lace detail top are the perfect proof for that. Made out of 75% Nylon, 19% Polyester and 6% Spandex, is promises to keep everything in place while looking really edgy. Being black, you can let your imagination run and try both solid bra colors or contrasts ones. And also, you can wear it with short or long tops underneath, which will be almost if you’re wearing different outfits. And we all know how important that is for us women out there, right?

Best Stylish Winter Boots for Women in 2018

Winter is coming… and it’s not a Game of Thrones joke anymore. We’ve come to that time of the year where we need to put on a lot more clothes and have to walk around with sweaters, jackets, tights, boots, and everything else you can imagine. In some cities, snow will come and then things will get a little trickier, but most people love it because it’s an opportunity to feel cozy in our clothes.

However, looking cozy doesn’t mean that we have to leave the ‘chic’ element behind. Winter comes with a lot of opportunities for dressing and looking incredibly cool in our everyday style, only a little bit more protected to weather. And that task applies, of course, to shoes. Why? Because shoes are one of the most important parts of women’s wardrobe, and they became extra important on this season, because the feet need to be protected.

Of course, the best shoe option for winter are boots. And since we want you to feel cozy and look awesome, check out some stylish option for winter boots.

BEARPAW Women’s Emma Tall Shearling BootsBEARPAW Women's Emma Tall Shearling Boots

First things first, we need an option that is comfortable, cozy and practical. And what better than a pair of black simple boots?

These round closed-toe beauties feature a sheepskin lining, which gives your feet extra warm in low temperatures.

They also present a cushioning inside for more comfort. And if things get tricky due to snow or water, you can also trust their rubber sole, which comes with traction that will make your steps a little bit more secure.

This pair is definitely an investment for years to come.

Lamo Sable Women Round Toe Suede Winter Boot

Lamo Sable Women Round Toe Suede Winter Boot

Girls who would like a shorter and a little bit more affordable option can think about these boots.

Made out of suede both in the outside and sole, they’re a costumer’s favorite for their cozy faux fur collar and lining, which makes them super cute and trendy.

The water-resistant upper material gives them extra protection from the weather and they also feature a manmade sole, which translate resistant.

With a different range of pricing depending on the color, most say they fell in love with the adjustable buckle detail, which makes the boots adapt to your feet.

Different colors available


Rocket Dog Women’s Buni Fleeced Tall Knee High Wedge Heel Suede Winter BootRocket Dog Women's Buni Fleeced Tall Knee High Wedge Heel Suede Winter Boot

Suede is one of the favorite fabrics to make shoes in winter because the material has a warming quality that provides comfort at the same time. These Rocket Dog boots provide all the qualities of the previous items we displayed, and they add some inches to your height, with a Buni Fleeced Wedge Heel. The heel height is 3.75 inches and the boot is 17.4 tall, which make them fit into the tall boot trend that we’re loving so much.

One of the biggest qualities that costumers have highlighted about these boots is their fit, which is surprisingly accurate. Along with the synthetic sole, which besides the extra inches, is comfortable and very resistant, perfect for the short girls or heel lovers during the season.

Different colors available


Harley-Davidson Women’s Lise Boot

Harley-Davidson Women's Lise BootYes, we just said that suede is one of the most popular material to use during winter. However, other fabric that is absolutely useful for bad conditions is leather. Not so comfortable, but really resistant, that’s why it is the favorite among the toughest gals out there.

This Harley-Davidson model is made 100% of leather and it definitely will make you look like you own town, no matter where you are.

It has a rubber sole, which means you can use them in the snow or the rain without causing any trouble, and it also features a little heel, perfect for someone who appreciates looking taller but not losing their feet on the way.

It can look perfect with everything: jeans, leggings, and even a dress who needs a bit or rocker attitude.


Cougar Women’s Jessy Winter Boot

Cougar Women's Jessy Winter BootBut there are also those ones who can’t precisely afford leather (which, let’s face it, sometimes is an investment) and still want to look tough and chic.

Thank God for faux leather, which also pleases the eco girls out there. Cougar made an interesting bet combining one of the most popular models of boots with a synthetic material that really fools the eye.

One of the best features of these combat boots is their memory-molded removable insoles, which adapt to your feet and after a few times will feel like you’ve been wearing those your whole life like you were born with them.

The lace-up shaft makes it very adaptable too, and the best thing about this option is that not only comes in black: if you want to look even cooler, you can order them in patent black. Who’s the boss now?

Different colors available


Delicious Women’s Eminent Inner Zip Almond Toe Stacked Chunky Heel Bootie

Delicious Women's Eminent Inner Zip Almond Toe Stacked Chunky Heel Bootie

And starting here, we take things to another level. Heel level, that is. As we already mention, there are girls who are not willing to give up their extra inches just because it’s winter and cold outside.

For them, of course, there’s also a solution, something like a really chunky ankle boot with a lot of style.

These booties are synthetic and come in 4 different colors, and the price is so affordable that you can think about getting all of them. And although they have a lace-up detail, also come with an inner zipper, for an easy on and off.

The best thing is you can not only wear them during the winter, because their cut makes them easier to put on during fall or spring, for the ones that love them too much.

Different colors available


Nine Seven Genuine Leather Women’s Pointed Toe Stiletto Heel Zip Handmade Knee High Boot

Nine Seven Genuine Leather Women's Pointed Toe Stiletto Heel Zip Handmade Knee High BootAnd now, the ultimate winter heels for the height lovers out there. This genuine cow leather model is not only a classic, but it fits perfectly into the tall boots trend that we’re season since the cold season started.

One pair like this will make you confident, sexy and chic, all at the same time.

Although the price is not the most affordable, you can consider it a serious investment, guaranteed to be in your closet for a long time to come.

The heel is approximately 3.74 and inches and the rubber sole will prevent you from any accident that can come out of walking with killer heels. The stiletto heel is what makes it so special, an item that you can pair with jeans, skirts, dresses and everything you want to give a chic twist to.


The 8 Best White Dresses for Women in Spring and Summer 2018

Spring and summer are popular seasons for special occasions. And since it’s perfectly fine to wear white after Labor Day, every woman needs a “little white dress” hanging in her closet as that go-to spring or summer piece for all of the events on her calendar. Casual, cool and chic are three words that come to mind when looking for that must-have seasonal white dress. These 8 options top the list of ones that make the cut.

  1. Zeagoo Chiffon Summer Sleeveless w/ Belt


Perfect for spring or summer, this sleeveless dress is great for weddings, baby showers and Sunday brunch. Thanks to its double lining, your intimates won’t show through when light hits the fabric. The static-free chiffon won’t stick to your skin, so you can enjoy wearing the soft, comfortable piece and draw attention to your waistline with the included sash. Throw a lightweight cardigan over your shoulders on a chilly night to add a pop of color to your look.

  1. PAKULA Sexy Sleaveless Lace



Hit that summer beach party in style when you strut your stuff in this casual cotton lace dress. Its sheer fabric makes it great for wearing over your two-piece, but be careful walking in the sand where the sun shines. It has a snug fit that falls above the knees to show off your summer ready legs.


  1. Viwenni® Womens V-neck Chiffon (Sexy)



The free flowing, Bohemian style of this dress is just right for those casual summer days when it’s scorching hot outside and you want to show off that sizzling skin. The chiffon A-line cut and open slit sleeves will let the summer breeze cool you down while you look summer hot. This dress runs large, so you’ll want to order one size down.

  1. Meaneor Floral Lace Shift Dress



With feminine lace detailing across the top, this shift dress is a fabulous pick for lunch dates, a daytime wedding or an afternoon out with the ladies. The above the knee length is ideal for any body type, and the side pockets give you a nice place to hold small essentials. The dress is made from 20% cotton and 80% polyester, offering form fitting comfort while still allowing room to breathe.

  1. Sleeveless Lace Fit + Flare



Available in both standard and women’s plus sizes, this 100% polyester dress is a gorgeous choice for elegant daytime soirees. It has vintage-inspired flair, a sweetheart neckline and a ribbon tie at the waist to accentuate those womanly curves. Made in the USA, this lace dress is the perfect length if you want to be modest and stylish.

  1. Eva’s Eye Women’s Chiffon Summer Holiday



One of the most comfortable styles of dress is a maxi. For spring and summer, a maxi is great because you can wear it alone, or add to your look with accessories. This soft, sleeveless, chiffon maxi dress has a cinched in waist that allows wiggle room for women, since it is only offered in one size. The sheer lightweight fabric makes this dress great for warm summer days.

  1. Sakkas Ella Double Layered Bodice Spaghetti Strap



Made from 100% cotton, this spaghetti strap dress is not quite a maxi, but is still long enough to be dressed up for more formal occasions. The rouching around the bust and waist are a nice touch of texture, and the scallop styled edges add dimension to the double layered skirt. Available in one size, the dress fits approx US dress sizes 0-16, UK sizes 6-20, and EU sizes 34-48.

  1. Modern Kiwi Eva High Low



Wear it as a dress by itself, as a top over leggings, or as a cover up for your summer swimsuit. Made in the USA, this rayon/spandex blend dress has a snug fitting elastic bust, which keeps it from falling down. Show off those sexy shoulders and legs with this flirty, flowy piece. Not too short and not too long, the length is just right for spring and summer days in the sun.


The 11 Best Weekender Bags for Women in 2018

When the spring arrives, we all want to run out of our offices and enjoy outdoors. The best way to spend your weekend is to book a low-cost flight and drink coffee in a different city. That is the best way to make your free time memorable and to elongate the weekend. When you are travelling to places nearby, or if you are a light packer you ought to have a perfect weekender bag!

Before choosing the perfect spring destination, and the right Instagram filter, chek out these bags and find the one that suits you best!

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Signature Large Weekender/ Carry On Bag

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Shaped like a suitcase, this Michael Kors Jet Set Travel weekender is the classic piece for every fashionable lady. Initials of Michael Kors are what makes this bag so iconic, and those who love this brand will not only enjoy it’s prestigious design but also its practical use.

Match it up with your personal style using the right color. For the same price, you can choose from vanilla, brown and black. Every model has a travel tag, lining with logo, and lots of pockets that makes it easier to maintain order inside of the bag.

Get this bag now!

Nicole Miller, Sharon City Duffel Bags

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This bag should be in every traveler’s luggage collection because it looks so elegant. Golden details and animal print interior are signatures of this brand and this bag in particular. It is spacious and easily paired fashionably with jeans because of its color, but you can even wear more elegant combinations with this bag. It is made in two different colors: navy and cream. It also has detachable shoulder straps for when your hands get tired.

Calvin Klein Greenwich 2.0 Weekender Tote

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This Calvin Klein beauty seems much smaller in pictures, that is why you should click on the link and check the size. It is much bigger when it arrives, but it looks like regular shoulder bag if you don’t put a lot of stuff in it. There is a red and black weekender, and the price of the red one is much lower, so pay attention to that. Maybe you should just pick the red one, and the right shade of lipstick will do the job. If you decide to pick the black one, you don’t have to worry, almost every outfit goes well with black.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Roberts Large Yoga Duffle

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This bag is not only ideal for classes of yoga, fitting your mat, a change of clothes and some other accessories, it is also very stylish and well put together. It looks casual, and light so you can use it for traveling and for your athletic activities. All of the pockets and double handles makes it very practical. Pair it up with big dark sunglasses and your airport look will be on point.

LeSportsac Classic Large Weekender

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What about golden weekender? I will say yes to that trend! I really think we sometimes need something sparkly and different and if you like to be noticed, this one is the right for you. Of course, it comes in many other patterns and colors, but my suggestion is to try this one. The size of this bag is good enough to put two pairs of shoes, makeup, and some clothes for at least 3 days. Women and man (yes, even men adore this bag) who bought it claim that it fits well in compartments in airplanes, buses and trains, so it obviously travels well. Is there anything more to ask from a large weekender?!

LeSportsac Essential Small Weekender

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This spring this shade of pink, which I call strawberry pastel will be everywhere. From hair colors to comfy sneakers. If you are not one of the followers of this trend, you can choose from many other patterns that this brand offers. All of the models are made of non-rip nylon.

It is important that this one is a bit smaller than the previous ones, and it can be used for essential stuff such as iPod, t-shirts, and makeup. Water-resistant and light waited it will be great accessory this spring.

Royce, Leather Vaquetta Leather Gateway 25” Duffel

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This leather bag is a perfection that everybody should own. Especially for traveling. During the traveling, your bag encounters a lot of different situations, and it is much easier to get destroyed. Sometimes it is our fault, but it usually depends on the transport we use. When it comes to leather, it is known that this is one of the best materials for bags. It gets even better with age, and it only brings more value to it. This duffel with leather from Italy is made with care, it has a soft finish, and it looks classy and polished as Vogue cover.

Kate Spade New York Blake Avenue Filipa Travel Duffle Bag

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Kate Spade travel duffel bag is spacious enough for overnight travelers. The magic of these purses is that they look so small, but they can carry a lot of stuff inside. This bag has a zip closure and as many others from this article it has a shoulder strap which makes it easier for carrying.

Women who have bought it commented that it is sturdy, elegant and that one day when it wears off, they would buy it again.

Kate Spade New York Classic Nylon Lyla Carry-On, Black, One Size

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I just love handles on this bag, it makes it look like the regular bag for every day, and not only for traveling. To be honest, sometimes I carry around the town so many things in my purse, that I really need something like this adorable classic bag. It has a beautiful shape, a lot of space in the main compartment, and that logo hardware in front makes it look so posh. It comes equipped with a detachable strap for lugging it through the terminal, or throughout the city, if you are a hoarder like me. Or if you have to carry a laptop with you.

Cole Haan Pinch Heritage Weekender

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Heritage-inspired leather weekender is a dream come true! My favorite color of leather, which matches with any leather shoes. Lying is made of polyester and features one zip pocket and two slip pockets. The part I like the most are those woven handles and antique brass hardware.

You can take this magnificent weekender bag on your city tour, put a silk scarf on one handle and feel like Parisian.Be sure not to miss such an expensive look with such a low price!

Dooney & Bourke Getaway Weekender Bag

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Another very elegant model of weekender bag with tag and signature red lining. Nice leather rolled handles and adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy companion on your holiday. This bag also has six protective feet wich will keep all of your things dry if you place your bag on something dirty or wet on airport or bus station. Size is adequate for two or tree days away, or if you detach shoulder strap, you can use it for work days and carry inside even stuff for the gym. Dooney & Bourke understand that modern women have a lot of activities during the day, and they managed to make the perfect companion in every situation. Great job you guys!

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The 8 Best Khaki Pants for Women in 2018

In an era of black, another neutral remains as the perfect secret for every day outfits. Khaki pants are not only classic, but practical and versatile. You can wear them to the office, to a casual day with friends or even to a very fashionable date by just changing the top or accessories. From a very classic fit to the boldest ones, all this chicness in one pair of brown pants, fit for every size and taste.

Lee Uniforms Juniors Curvey Straight Leg Pant

lee-uniforms-juniorsLet’s start with the basics. An imported item made of a good mix between cotton (97%) and spandex, which brings versatility to table. These are a classic take on the Khaki style, and can fit anything from casual office where, light errand running/weekend wear, or a special event.

The cut is exactly what we need to have as a secret card for a lot of occasions, and it’s definitely something everyone should have in the closet because it can save the day when we need to.

One of the most important features are the pocket, which are actually real in the front, not like those fake ones most pants have now. A perfect choice to have as a staple option for many events.

Other colors available…

Dickies Girl Junior’s Worker Bootcut Pant with 2 Back Pockets

dickies-girl-juniorsAnother classic silhouette, made of 100% cotton and perfect for the classic ones that enjoy a good old bootcut. Midrise, for those ones who like to keep it balanced (not too low, not two high).

Also, the construction of these pants is well made and out of good quality, equipped with our beloved pockets in the back. The good thing about having them is that you can wear them either in a corporate environment or in a more casual way.

Try it with different types of tops and shoes and you’ll see the difference.

Multiple Colors Available


Red Fox Women’s Twill Jogger Pants

womans-twillThe casual girls are going to be the happiest with this selection, because who wouldn’t love the characteristic color of khakis paired with really comfortable pants? In the sport chic era, joggers are an excellent options to add creativity to your outfits.

Of course these are not the typical khaki pants you’re used to wear, but they are as good as your old ones and you have style guaranteed. With Span Twill as main material, this jogger pants are good both for your casual Sundays or moving day.

Thinking ahead, they will also be a bold option to attend an event. Try them with a little bit more of a dressy outfit and let’s see what happens…

Multiple Colors Available


ToBeInStyle Women’s High Waist Boot-Cut Dress Pants

tobeinstyleHigh waist and a wider boot, the answer to our trendy prayers. Palazzo pants are a huge thing right now, going from jeans to fancier pieces.

If you want to try this trend but are still not too convinced, this pull on closure piece will do the trick.

Functional belt loops, front zipper and buttons make them flattering to almost every body shape.

Comfortable and dressy, just like we need for our perfect heels or white shirt. This pair will serve you excellently for everything from work, to semi-formal parties, and work perfectly with high heels.

Multiple Colors Available


Ybenlow Women’s Solid Stretch Drawstring Casual Skinny Pants

ybenlow-solidKeeping the trendy way now we have ripped skinny khaki pants. Yes, they can be all that. This Ybenlow model combine the comfort of cotton with Spandex, which gives it a lot of elasticity without losing its form.

It also has full elastic waist and interesting cargo pockets.

Affordable and practical, it can be an awesome bet for the weekends and even casual Fridays. Not the best choice for a job interview, but a perfect choice for a lazy Sunday.

This are of the costumers’ favorites, and it’s clear why. Good price and fashion, all in one.

10+ Color options available!



Yelete Women’s Basic Five Pocket Stretch Jegging Tights Pants

yelete-basicLeggings have taken the world by storm. And their cousins, jeggings, are coming to us as a colorful new option, with pocket. And pockets are exactly the main attractive of these khakis, followed by the awesome price.

Super soft and stretchy, they meet the first requirement of its kind, embrace the curves. It’s the look of jeans/khakis with the form fitting nature of leggings/yoga pants. Your co-workers won’t know the difference!

If you enjoy showing off your figure, this is the perfect choice because on top of everything, they look like jeans!

And if our star color is not enough, with that price tag you can also get them in more than a dozen colors.

15+ Color options available!


HyBrid & Company Womens Super Comfy Stretch Ankle Zip Moto Skinny Pants

hybrid-super-comfyCurvy flattering and, let’s face it, a little badass, with a very stretchy waist that provides room to move easily and freely. The benefits of leggings are here with sewing details that give them an extra touch.

This is the way to go for the rebel hearts out there that also have to keep it simple and elegant.

With a focus on comfort, this fabric combo 65% cotton certainly outperforms other comparable options.

They’re great to pair with either Converse or high heels, and due to their fit it will be a good base for a variety of outfits, from day to night and office to fun.

Multiple Colors Available


Dockers Women’s Detail Pocket Stretch Capri Pant

dockers-womans-detailClosing the list there’s a classic with a twist: the cropped pants or capris, as we used to called them in the 90’s.

They happen to have made a huge comeback this season, and of course a khaki version is available. Think about them as your regular pants with the length you love on your skirt. 97% made out of cotton, the comfort is guaranteed.

Pockets are also important here, keeping this model practical and pretty, the perfect pair for your pumps.


The 7 Best Summer Dresses for Curves in 2018

Without any doubts, summer is one of the favorite seasons for everyone in general. The weather, the sun, the holidays are perfect for wearing clothes that are more comfortable and simple, yet stylish and cute. There are a lot of options when it comes to summer outfits, which most of the people love because they’re easy to put together.

There’s nothing as comfortable and cute for summer as dresses. We can use them to go to work, to be at home, to go to the beach or to a barbecue with friends, with a lot of different fabrics, cuts, and combinations. However, dresses can be tricky if we don’t choose the right one for our body type. This choice can be especially difficult for all the curvy girls out there, who are debating between showing off their beautiful bodies or covering it up a little bit.


Zoozie LA Women’s Off The Shoulder Knee Length Dress Zoozie LA Women's Off The Shoulder Knee Length Dress

Colorful and trendy… this dress is basically made for a perfect summer. The off-the-shoulder trend has been with us for a few seasons now, and it’s going to be one of the highlights of next summer… again.

And although we’re used to seeing this kind of dresses in a more ‘loose’ shape, the belt strap gives a lot of structure, perfect for those ones who like to accentuate the waist.

Made of polyester, the print on this dress will cheer you up any day of the week and its knee-length makes it perfect for a wide variety of occasions. Pair it with flat sandals for a normal day or with nude heels for a more elegant occasion.

Available in multiple colors


S.L. Fashions Women’s Plus-Size Printed Mesh Dress with Satin TrimS.L. Fashions Women's Plus-Size Printed Mesh Dress with Satin Trim

Highlight the waist is for sure the best way to enhance your curves and give the body that hourglass shape we all love. This task can be easily done with either a fit dress or one that has a boxy silhouette but comes with a trim, like this one.

Sleeveless and with a knee-length, is definitely perfect for a bunch of summer events. The fabric is polyester, but the pleated skirt makes it look like a million dollars and the quality of the whole product is undeniable.

The print is also very flattering and strategic, and this dress has a special feature: a keyhole in back with button, perfect to make sure that your cute belt doesn’t go out of place.

Clothink Women Blue Stripes Off Shoulder Ruffle Shift DressClothink Women Blue Stripes Off Shoulder Ruffle Shift Dress

Of course, we had to cover the original off-the-shoulder style, so comfortable and stylish you are going to wish you can wear every single day of the week during the whole summer.

Asian made. The best feature about this dress is its price, so affordable that it makes the perfect trendy purchase.

You won’t have to worry about investing a lot of money on a dress that will probably be in the back of your closet soon (although you might want to keep it around because fashion is a cycle at everything comes back).

The ruffle in the top part is classic in this style and will make this dress your new favorite to use with your swimsuit.

Available in multiple colors


Vince Camuto Women’s Spaghetti Fit-and-Flare Printed DressVince Camuto Women's Spaghetti Fit-and-Flare Printed Dress

And from the most affordable to the one dress that is definitely considered an investment. This Vince Camuto floral dress is a must in your closet for many reasons: the shape, that highlights the waist, gives you an optical balance.

Details like the pleated skirt and the neckline make it really chic and elegant, but the floral print keeps it fresh.

It’s made of polyester and spandex, and it comes with a polyester lining to avoid any wardrobe malfunction.

This option will be perfect for a cocktail reception or an outdoor wedding (pair it with a nice fascinator, you’ll be the queen of the event) at it’s all you need to shine. With a back zipper, it will be easier to put on and off.



Meaneor Women’s V Neck Sleeveless Elastic Waist Floral Print Long Maxi DressMeaneor Women's V Neck Sleeveless Elastic Waist Floral Print Long Maxi Dress

Would it be summer without a cute maxi dress to wear for every occasion? I don’t think so.

This floral print model combines a few of our favorites: from the cute pattern to the neckline and oh… the elastic waist.

The V-neck and the elastic waist creates the illusion of an empire silhouette, very flattering for curves. And the length is perfect for numerous events during your summer.

The cute detail? Lace patchwork in the back, if there was a way to make this option a little bit sweeter


Verdusa Women’s Bohemian Backless Spaghetti Strap Loose Maxi Beach DressVerdusa Women's Bohemian Backless Spaghetti Strap Loose Maxi Beach Dress

And despite all the efforts for encouraging women to embrace their curves, there are still some out there who are not particularly comfortable with these options and would prefer to have a more relaxed and loose alternative.


And if you pick a cool chic option this doesn’t have to be a problem. This Verdusa maxi dress with spaghetti straps is perfect for the curvy girls and the not so curvy who want a good simple outfit for the beach.


Made out of polyester and nylon, it features adjustable straps so you can make it even more fit to your style. An excellent choice for the boho girl inside you.

LookbookStore Women’s Plus Size Black V Neck Short Sleeves Long Maxi DressLookbookStore Women's Plus Size Black V Neck Short Sleeves Long Maxi Dress

Repeat this and make it your mantra: wrap dresses are a girl’s best friends. Not diamonds, not chocolate, this dress will make you look like a princess no matter which one is your body type.

This option, made out of polyester and 5% spandex, creates a comfortable and flattering combination that will embrace your curls and let you shine.

Its length makes it perfect for a summer dress up party, paired with sandals and a cute clutch for the fresh nights of the season. And if you think that black is not such a festive option, there’s always more.

Different colors available…

6 Best Cargo Pants for Women in 2018

Who doesn’t love more storage? Cargo pants aren’t just for rugged adventures. Here are the top six styles that range from casual to active. Wear them to work, out on the town, out for a run, or just lounging at home.

1. Lee Women’s Modern Series Straight Fit Zuma Cargo Pant


These are the pants you’ve been waiting for. Lightweight, with just the right amount of stretch, these comfortable cargo pants work as well in the office as they do on the trail. The fit is great, the straight leg silhouette is stylish, and they don’t have too many bells and whistles. Pair them with a t-shirt for casual comfort, or dress them up with a pretty blouse.

2. Dickies Women’s Relaxed Cargo Pant



The Dickies name is synonymous with tough work clothes, but these cargo pants showcase the company’s softer side, literally. An incredibly soft, brushed cotton make them quite comfortable, and the fit is fabulous. True to Dickies form, these high quality pants hold up well through a long day, and keep you looking great as you relax all evening.

3. Columbia Sportswear Women’s Cascades Explorer Pant



Thick enough to handle outdoor adventures, light enough to keep you cool, these quick-dry pants from Columbia are great for hiking as well as everyday wear. Perfect for traveling — stay comfortable on the plane and look good when you reach your destination.

4. Red Fox Womens Cargo Jogger Pants


Sexy, stylish, and functional. Dress these up with a pair of heels or tall boots. Made of a sturdy twill fabric with a bit of stretch, these pants fit comfortably, hugging your curves while leaving room to breathe. For the price, you may find yourself wanting a pair in every color.

5. Soho Glam Women’s Classic Soft and Comfy Drawstring Jogger Pants


Take these durable joggers to the gym and they will work just as hard as you. Comfortable and curvaceous, these pants are an attractive alternative to run-of-the-mill sweats. Besides looking fantastic while you work out, you’ll also have plenty of spots to keep all those essentials (like your keys and wallet) that are so annoying to exercise with. And if you feel like taking the day off from your usual workout, these cozy cargo pants are also perfect for curling up on the couch.

6. PajamaJeans Straight Leg Dark Brown Cargo Pants for Women


The only downside to these fun, adjustable cargo pants? They are so comfy, you might not want to leave the house. But they’re so cute, you’ll definitely have incentive to. The soft, stretchy material is flattering, and they are just the sort of pants you’ll want to live in. They’re versatile, too. Wear full length, or roll up the hems for a cropped look.

The 8 Most Flattering Dresses for a Pear Shaped Body in 2018

One of the most difficult things of being a woman is trying to find flattering clothes all the time. As every type of body is different, girls often come across trends or pieces they don’t know how to wear or if they can really work with them.

Among all the body types we can find in women, one of the most popular is the pear-shaped. This kind of figure is present in women with hips wider than their shoulders, which gives a perfect name for the category. Being the hips the most prominent part here, the key task is giving the body a little balance. In that line, things like accentuating the waist, and highlighting the top parts (shoulders, back), are perfect. Which dresses can make you use to rock your beautiful body? Let’s see some options!

Diane von Furstenberg Women’s New Julian Two Wrap Dress

dvf-womens-julian-wrap-dressDiane Von Furstenberg deserves a big prize and maybe a statue somewhere for creating one of the most useful pieces of clothing in the history of women’s closets.

With the ‘wrap dress’ she changed our lives because is a dress that is not only flattering but fits incredibly in every different figure and shape. The plus for pear-shaped girls is that it really accentuates the waist, and creates an awesome balance.

This version, the original one, is made out of viscose and spandex, which gave it the structure a dress needs, but also a great flow quality.

The price might not be the most affordable one, but this one is a real investment that you’re going to wear for a very long time.

Multiple Colors Available

Meaneor Women’s Striped Linen Shirt Dress with Waist String

meaneor-women-striped-linen-shirt-dressAn excellent option for those girls out there who don’t exactly enjoy a tight dress but still want to have the waist as the focus point in an outfit.

This cotton dress is a good choice both for office or more casual days and its color makes it easy to pair with any kind of accessories.

The A-line skirt will give you a sense of volume, but not too much for your hips, and its price makes it an offer hard to refuse.

Multiple Colors Available



BeautyGal Women’s Back Zipper Bowtie Lace-up Cherry Print A-line Dress

beauty-gal-women-back-zipperFashion loves A-line skirts because they’re flirty, elegant and help to create that retro look we all look great in. However, girls with a bit more curves are afraid of them because it can add volume on the hips. But they can’t be more wrong.

A dress like this, with a fitted waist and wide skirt, would only help to create the balance any girl with pear shape body is looking for. This one by BeautyGal not only looks and feels vintage, but it features the slimmer color of them all, black, with a cute print.

The ball-gown silhouette makes it classy and the best thing about it: it comes in a very wide range of sizes, from Small to 2XL.

Multiple Colors Available


Womdee(TM) Women Classy Deep V-neck Half Sleeve A-line Party Cocktail Dress

womdee-women-classic-vneckAnother great tip for women with a ‘pear body’ (did you know it’s also called triangle?) is the silhouette known as empire.

This waistline that is not actually in the waist but a little bit above it highlights the upper part of the body, taking the attention a little bit away from the bottom.

This green beauty has a deep v-neck, which gives you the skin you need to show, but it keeps it classy with the sleeves and the length.

The color is timeless and let’s face it, you can see yourself wearing this dress any time of the year and at least with three different pairs of shoes.


Elywish Women’s Empire Waist Double V-Neck Ruched Evening Maxi Dress

elywish-womens-empire-waistFollowing the line of an empire waist, a maxi dress with this design is a very nice alternative to play with.

Made out of 95% rayon and 5% spandex is more than a nice dress that would only work at the beach.

Its texture makes it easy to wear, but also very versatile: think an afternoon party, a wedding or a casual event you want to dress up a little.

It features a v neck front and back and four different colors that can be the perfect choice for a variety of occasions.

Multiple Colors Available


Fllbridal Women’s Strapless A-Line Party Short Prom Dress With Lace UP Back

fllbridal-womens-straplessThis dress basically summarizes everything we’ve being saying on this post: it has volume on the upper body, an empire waist, and A-line skirt.

And did you notice it comes in 26 different colors? Suitable for proms, parties, homecomings and other formal occasions (did someone say bridesmaid?), it looks really elegant thanks to the chiffon is made of, and it will highlight all the correct parts of your body.

The best part of all is the personalized part: the seller makes it very clear that you can add some things to your dress: zipper, straps, order your size and, of course, the color.

Many colors available!


YSJ Women’s Leopard Paisley A-Line Loose Cotton Spaghetti Strap Tank Dress

ysj-leopard-print-paisley-alinAnd of course, we have the women that hate the idea of anything form-fitting but they also want to look good, really good. And there are options for them, called loose dresses.

The charm of these pieces is pretty evident, but no one should underestimate their value: This dress can give an actual proportion to the body, but with only one condition: that is your real size.

Otherwise, it will only look big on you. This leopard dress has the best print in the world and spaghetti straps for extra comfort.

Its fabric, 95%-100% cotton makes it light and perfect for very relaxed moments in life, where freedom is the most important thing. After looking good, of course.


Zeagoo Women’s V-Neck Flare Sleeve Crochet Lace A-Line Cocktail Party Dress

zeagoo-v-neck-flare-sleeveYes, loose dresses are mostly casual. However, it is possible to find less structured options in the market with a little twist that make them wearable for more special occasions.

This crochet dress is not only the cutest thing we’ve ever seen, but it fits perfectly in the boho chic trend we love so much.

Its sleeves are totally hot this season and although the lace is sheer, the lining makes it completely safe. As it comes in two different colors we couldn’t decide and we ordered both.

Multiple Colors Available


The 8 Best Infinity Scarves for 2018

You are probably wondering how to upgrade your winter style game. Lucky you, you came to the right place! We have a solution, and it is called infinite scarves. These scarves are just like regular scarves, with one exception: these don’t have the beginning or the ending. They are infinite, just like our love for a perfect style.

You can combine them with your winter clothes if they are made of warm materials, but you can also choose lightly weighted ones and wear them throughout the year. The greatest thing about these scarves is the fact that they make you look like a pro in wearing scarves.

Scarfand’s Plaid & Tartan Infinity ScarfScarfand's Plaid & Tartan Infinity Scarf

Tartan is a good choice when it comes to choosing the scarf that can be worn with different garments. For example, this one on the picture can be worn with red, black, brown or gray coat or jacket. And this is not the only pattern this company is offering in this price range!

I would recommend you to chek out burgundy, and black blue version. Those are my personal favorites.

Women who have bought this scarf are leaving excellent reviews. They say it is light and warm, and long enough to go around the neck two times.

Multiple Colors available!

Wrapables Thick Knitted Winter Warm Infinity Scarf

Wrapables Thick Knitted Winter Warm Infinity ScarfI am a big fan of bright colors because I think that clothes should cheer us up. Especially with accessories like scarves.

In winter time we tend to wear more plain outfits, but with this infinity scarf from Wrapables, you won’t feel like plain Jane. This scarf on the picture would be a great match with a yellow jacket or yellow rubber boots.

Still, if you prefer not to give accent on your scarf, then you can choose those which are made in one color. There are 42 different style options, and all of them are commented as pretty warm and cozy around your neck.

Multiple Colors Available!

Wrapables Soft Winter Warm Scarf

Wrapables Soft Winter Warm ScarfAs the previous one, this circle scarf is not very long, so it goes near your neck and hugs it perfectly. Soft pink tone gives it perfect dose of charm and makes it easy to combine with your lighter clothes and coats.

Knitting is done great and women who have bought this one emphasize that it looks like just the one that you can find in cool stores, but it has a lower price.

It is made out of acrylic which means it is very soft and provides excellent warmth without any extra weight.

Multiple Colors Available!



NEOSAN Women’s Thick Ribbed Knit Winter Infinity Circle Loop Scarf

NEOSAN Women's Thick Ribbed Knit Winter Infinity Circle Loop ScarfChili winter demands chunky scarves! Elegant and white as the snow itself this scarf is a perfect item for stylish women all over the Instagram. I mean all over the world. You know what I mean. It is just Instagram ready infinite scarf!
You can choose between 28 different colors, and my favorites are twisted ones. Those look rich, and more warm to me.

The length of these scarves allows you to wrap them around your neck twice, or to use one layer to cover your head and keep it from cold weather.

Multiple Colors Available!

NYFASHION101® Soft Winter Warm Chunky Knit Cowl Infinity Loop Scarf

NYFASHION101® Soft Winter Warm Chunky Knit Cowl Infinity Loop ScarfThis one is a keeper, at least that is what the reviewers say. It is long enough to wrap it twice around your neck, and it can still hang a little bit.

This olive color is great if your jacket is in the shade of green, and it probably is, because everybody has one of these this year.

Quite detailed with chunky knits, and great colors, it can be perfect for everyday use. Another cool thing in this period of the year it that it can be gift-wrapped, so you can get one for you, and one for your beloved friends or family members.

Multiple Colors Available!


Women’s Arrow Patterned Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket

Women's Arrow Patterned Infinity Scarf with Zipper PocketJust wait. Did I understand this right? Scarf with a zipper pocket? Maybe sometimes it is not enough to be the first in wearing something as cool as a patterned infinity scarf, maybe you should aim for more, and get patterned infinity scarf with the zipper pocket.

This scarf is also light weighted, and the zipper is not very visible, so you can choose not to use it if you don’t need it. But why wouldn’t you use it for your money, cards or passport when you need your hand free for your daily activities.

Another thing makes this scarf different than previous ones, and that is the fact that you can wear it all year round since its great for layering.

Multiple Colors Available!

Vivian & Vincent 2 Pack of Soft Light Weight Elegant Sheer Infinity Scarf (Gift Idea)

Vivian & Vincent 2 Pack of Soft Light Weight Elegant Sheer Infinity Scarf (Gift Idea)

This design put me in a holiday spirit and made me play the song “Last Christmas” on my music player. It also made me think how I can buy a lot of these scarves because they come in so many different colors and designs and they are not pricey.

There are those with snowflakes, and Christmas trees, but there are also those with cats, owls, and other hipster things… If you are not in a Christmasy mood these days, you can choose chevron or circle coral design.

With this offer from Vivian & Vincent, you can get two for the same price as some of those plain looking scarves.

Multiple Colors Available!

Scarfand’s Leopard Infinity Scarf

Scarfand's Leopard Infinity ScarfLeopard print is for real fashionistas because it gives your outfit right amount of extravagance. For the same price you can choose between different leopard prints, but in my opinion, this one on the picture looks the most expensive.

As the those above, this scarf is very light abut it can be worn during winter time. It is easily paired with black, brown or beige coats.

Although its fabric is very light, when you wrap it around your neck, it makes you warm, and if you feel like it is too hot in the room, you can loosen it up, and give your neck some space.

Multiple Colors Available!

6 Best Jeans for Big Thighs but Small Waist (2018)

In an era of bootilicious TV stars such as Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, many women dream of big thighs and small waist, but those who are blessed with that pear shape body are usually unhappy. They can’t seem to find the right pair of jeans and the process of finding the right fit is just daunting for them.

Every woman knows how much a good pair of jeans can do for her confidence and her style. Well-fitted jeans can make you look like million bucks wherever you go and it is the best garment for combining with other clothes. If a pair of jeans hugs your curves and emphasises your best assets there is no one who can stop you from buying them. However, it is extremely tough to find the right shape for different body shapes.

That is why I have made this list of jeans that are best for big thighs and a small waist for all lucky women out there who are born like goddesses.

Levi’s Women’s 512 Skinny Jean

Levi's Women's 512 Skinny JeanLet me begin with my favourite brand of jeans! Designers in Levis have my full respect and every time I am searching for the right pants I look up their collection. I know that they are using the latest technology and that they know their customers well. Reviewers of this pants are also as delighted with them as I am.

My favourite review is: “I’m a woman in my late 50s, who’s had three kids and these jeans gave me the shape of a woman in her 20s. I’d call that a miracle, wouldn’t you?”

The good news is that this butt benefitting jeans have some more tricks up their sleeves besides good reviews and famous brand. These days you can find this pair at a discount!


Vibrant Women’s Juniors Bell Bottom High Waist Fitted Denim Jeans

Vibrant Women's Juniors Bell Bottom High Waist Fitted Denim JeansDark washed jeans color is sometimes even better solution than black jeans for women who are trying to hide that extra pound. It helps that your legs look skinnier because of shades on the material.

The high waist is here to help your legs to look longer, and it will give enough confidence to wear a crop top! If you love the retro look, this is just perfect shape for you since it can give balance to your shape of the body.

It is important to say that pockets are faux, but the zipper is not. Although it is not regular denim, this material is much more comfortable and it can stretch, so it is a bit easier to put these flattering jeans on.



7 For All Mankind Women’s High-Waist Skinny Jean

7 For All Mankind Women's High-Waist Skinny JeanThese pants are something that I call love on first sight clothes. They just look so good that I am going to buy them as soon as I finish this article. Maybe they would go better with spring and summer clothes such as crop tops and sheer t-shirts, but I need them now.

The Mediterranean shade of blue is easily combined with the dusty shades of clothes (as in this picture) and shoes. If you like pastels you can buy them now without hesitation because it is also a great match.

After all, we need long legs and waistband that prevents gaping throughout the whole year and no matter what color palette we love.




NYDJ Women’s Petite Barbara Bootcut Jean In Stretch Indigo Denim


NYDJ Women's Petite Barbara Bootcut Jean In Stretch Indigo DenimWide legged denim is very comfortable for active women, who are running all around and taking care of everybody they love. But sometimes you need to stop that, and take a secund for you, and take a candy, or eye candy. These pair of high waisted jeans are just the eye candy that you need because you will look great to yourself.

The perfect wideness of this pants will make a balance to your waist and washed out parts will make you look fitter. This pair of jeans is a perfect match with nude heels because both heels and high waisted jeans can make you million times taller than you are. Ok, not million, but you know what I mean.

You can also carefully cuff these jeans to achieve a more artistic look and elongate your legs even more.

Vibrant Women’s Juniors Faded Ripped Knee High Waist Skinny Jeans


Vibrant Women's Juniors Faded Ripped Knee High Waist Skinny JeansThese pants wouldn’t normally be on my list, but I went trough the reviews, and it changed my mind. Everybody is just praising the way that these ripped jeans are showing the hourglass shape of the body.

During the winter it is totally okay to wear leggings underneath, and if you are creative, you can wear some crazy colors, or play it safe and choose black. These ripped parts on the knees are giving the dose of edge to your personal style. Also, when you emphasise your knees, your wide hips won’t be the first thing that somebody will notice you.

You just have to decide, where do you want the focus of your followers, now that you are looking like a diva. If you decide that you want to focus on the knees, choose the bright color of the tights.

BLUE AGE Women’s Butt-Lifting Skinny Jeans

BLUE AGE Women's Butt-Lifting Skinny JeansHow can you even consider to pass these butt-lifting skinny jeans? Everybody nowadays needs support, especially our body parts that are getting the most of the attention! These jeans not only looks good as you see in the picture, it looks even better from the back while a bootilicious girl is wearing them.

You can choose between 11 shades of blue and my favourite is this one on the picture. When choosing the right shade, be careful, because every model has a different finish. If you choose the white ones, previous buyers claim that they are not see-through. Some of the models have raw hem on the legs, which gives them more modern look.

The most important thing here is maybe the opinion of the people who have tried this one out. They say it fits like a glow because it stretches without looking stretched out.

The 6 Best Trench Coats for Women in 2018

Trench coats are arguably one of the most sought-after garments for female consumers in today’s world. They’re warm, stylish, and come in many different variations you can choose from. Trench coats also fit the body very well and can give out a direct representation of a woman’s physique while keeping her warm in the process. No wonder why they are so popular, especially in the rainy Spring months.

Without further ado, here is a our 2016 list of the best Trench Coats for Women:

#1 Pardon My Trench” Rain Jacket from Columbia

columbia-pardon-my-trenchThe Columbia Women’s Pardon Trench jacket would be a great addition to your collection if trench coats are up your alley for the cold season. This particular jacket designed by Columbia, is made mainly of 100% nylon and lined with polyester. It’s designed to provide a high-level of comfort for you while making sure you’re warm and toasty during your daily errands.

It’s well-made and completely safe for a nice machine wash whenever it’s time to do so. This Columbia jacket tends to look great with fitted jeans or tights. It’s sure to give off a nice impression and look for women out there with slender body-builds. The hip pockets are essential for small item storage while it’s removable belt adds additional assistance in keeping the warmth inside.

Rainy day? fear not, as the adjustable storm hood will be sure to keep you nice and sheltered as you go about your day. Is this the coat for you?

#2 Viishow Fur Lapel Trench Coat

viishow-red-trench-coatThe Viishow Fur Lapel trench coat is certainly an eye-opener to say the least. The deep-red coloring is sure to turn heads while appearing to be professional and fashionable at the same time. At first glance, there’s a certain indication of high quality and craftsmanship. You can instantly tell it’s well made and designed, or even cost 5x it’s retail price.

However, the good news is that it’s actually very affordable! The coat is well designed and is perfect for anyone that’s looking for a nice fit and noticeability. The color schemes included in this product are wool blend and red. The wool-blend gives out a nice outdoor-oriented look while the red is a more aggressive, seductive approach.

Whatever type of look you’re going for is completely subjective, but we’d surely guarantee that you can’t go wrong with either choice. Everything about this faux coat is solid, from the button sizes to the strap design. We feel like this particular trench coat can grant you an overall new look as well as a possible newly-found confidence. Highly recommended as a great addition to your closet’s collection.

#3 Acevog Women’s Double-Breasted Trench Coat

Acevog Wool Trench CoatThe Acevog Women’s double-breasted trench coat is surely one of the more professional-looking coats in our gallery. We believe it is one of the few types of coats that a woman can go straight out of cold weather and into a working environment and blend right in. This trench coat is simply something else. Like many others, it’s a slim-fit, but it has all the assertiveness you’ll ever need. It gives off a driven/motivated individual type of feel.

At first glance of it being worn, it earns it’s own respect with the slick, dark coloring and mixture of wool, polyester, and rayon. If you’re into scarfs, you’re in luck. Feel free to mix and match whatever color you’d like with this trench coat. You can go from casual, to artsy, to professional in one simple exchange.

What’s best of all is just about any color or design scarf with go right with it. The Acevog trench coat also has a decently-wide selection of coloring you can choose from. These include gray, black, navy-blue, army-green, and dark-gray. Even with the variations, we strongly feel that many scarfs with blend right with them. This is a great trench coat to flex your creative abilities on.

#4 Zerlar Open Front Trench Coat

zerlar-open-frontThis trench coast is one of the more uniquely styled and textured ones on the market. While the button and pocket placements differentiate, the design and texture are remarkable. The Zerlar Outwear Waterfall cardigan sweater can stir up a slew of different opinions.

The professionalism and assertiveness surely tones down, but comfort excels. The coat fits loose while also feeling very soft at the same time. The sleeves will grant your arms breathing room and warmth and provides a bit of natural style with it’s cuffs.

There’s also a fair amount of pocket space in this sweater, great for accessory storage. It may appear to look like a bathrobe from the beginning with the loose appearance, but it goes great with white or dark-colored slim fit bottoms. The Zerlar cardigan comes in grey and khaki coloring made by 90% acrylic.

If you value comfort and warmth a bit more than style, this shoe definitely fits. A nice cold-dry wash with fabric softener will have this garment hot and ready to-go whenever it needs to be cleaned.

#5 Double Breasted Trench Coat from Plus4U

double-breasted-trenchThe plus4u womens double-breasted trench coat is among one of our favorites. Why do you ask? well, for many reasons. Let’s start out with the wide range of color options that are available with it. Choose between burgundy, black, brown, grey, charcoal, red, teal, and navy coloring for whatever mood you’re in for the day.

This coat has nice, fitted sleeves, a crispy collar design, and a warm hood for the not-so-warm precipitation. It’s fashionable, recreational, and professional all in one.

The plus4u trench coat is made up of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. This means you may want to air or hang dry it if you wish for it to remain its modern size. There’s also a bit of added spandex to fit bodies that are a tad bigger than its specified frame. With 8 frontal button and front pockets that fit snug, this thing will definitely keep you warm and secure in chillier weather.

With a large variety of colors, you could have one for different kinds of environments. We highly recommend that this product is machine washed with cold water and no bleach. All too often, coats become ruined because this isn’t addressed.

#6 Jubilee Double Breasted Overcoat


jubileen-double-breastedThe jubilee women’s hooded overcoat has a more abstract design than most other trench coats out there. There first thing you’ll notice is that the buttons are scattered, the hood has an interior design, and there are a significant amount of designer creases on it. Nonetheless, it’s still a very nice trench coat by alway means and here’s why.

For one, the coat hangs a bit lower than most, so the top of your legs will receive an additional amount of warmth when worn. This coat always comes in about 5 color variations (black,blue,gray,purple, and red) so choose what looks best on you.

The Jubileens trench coat is tight knit with slim-fit arms and waist as well as a nice belt for even more support. This thing really hugs your body while being very sophisticated at the same time. Add a nice collar and hood, and you’ll more than like feel the warmest in this type of trench coat as opposed to many others in the market.

Looking for some different options? You can check out our entire Winter Apparel section or jump right to our Winter Coats for Women guide…

The 9 Best Belly Dance Costumes of 2018

It is said that the dancing is one of the best ways to preserve our health and to stay in a great mood. If you think that you need a new distraction from your everyday problems, and the perfect exercise that will make you feel much better and boost your confidence the belly dancing is the real deal!

Sparkly costumes will make you look like a pro even if you are only a beginner in this feminine dancing routine. And the new dance moves will make you fell much more desirable. On the other hand, if you are not sure for how long are you going to practice this interesting dance, don’t hesitate to buy one of these beautiful belly dance costumes because you can wear them in thematic parties throughout the years, and you will always know what to wear for Halloween.

Seawhisper 12 Colors Belly Dance Costumes India Dance Outfit Halloween Carnival

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This one is for those girls who are still a bit shy because it is covering whole legs, and the top part is also pretty closed for a belly dance costume. There are twelve different colors of this costume, and it is very hard to decide which color is the best. It is up to you, and your mood of the day.

All of them have five pieces: top, pants, belt, head chain and veil. The top and the belt are decorated with coins (128 coins on the belt only) which are making that famous music during the dance because they are placed on your waist and chests.

The whole costume is made out of chiffon and reviewers say that it lasted more than one year, wich is great durability for a dancing costume.

Multiple colors.


ZLTdream Belly Dance Chiffon Long Sleeves Top and Lantern Coins Pants

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I am not sure if this costume follows the off shoulder trend or the designers got their inspiration from the belly dance costumes that are made like this. Anyways this costume is very trendy right now, and you can even wear that top with the pair of jeans for an everyday look. There are seven different colors to choose from.

This chiffon belly dancing costume has one pair of decorated top and pants with goldish coins, and it is great for your practice. You can always add great accessories to make it even more effective if you want to look more oriental. I am thinking of nose ring, metallic scarf twisted into a thick rope around your head, or maybe a golden body chain.

Multiple colors.



ZLTdream Lady’s Belly Dance Chiffon Bandage Top and Lantern Coins Pants

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Although this costume comes in one size, it can adjust to the girls that have different shapes of the body. The well designed and decorated top can be tied on the back and behind the neck. Just like a bikini.

The pants are wide legged and there is a lot of space for bigger thighs and legs. There are eight different colors to choose from. As you will see in the reviews, the light blue combination of chiffon bandage and lantern coin pants is the most interesting. Maybe because it reminds us of Aladdin’s Jasmine, and it can be also used as a Halloween costume. Sweet!

Multiple colors.



UPRIVER GALLERY Silk Dance Bra Belly Dance Suit Set Black & Blue Zircon 2 Colors 3 Sizes

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This costume is made out of chiffon and silk which is making it look more expensive than the previous one. It is hand made, but the price is not high as it can be for handmade clothes.

This belly dance costume is full of interesting jewelry such as metallic fringes and Arab inspired details. Since it has so many details incorporated, it is important to preserve it and hand wash it in cold water.

There are two colors to choose from: dark blue and black. The bra can be tied on the back, as in the costume above this one so you can adjust the size, and you can choose from tree different sizes: S, M or L.

Multiple colors.



Dance Fairy Exotic Belly Dance Isis Wings

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If you are new to belly dance, and a bit nervous about your first performance,
the belly dance wings are just for you! This exciting garment helps you capture the attention of your audience.

They also call these wings the dancing aura, and it really is. It is magical and so powerful. This material is semi-sheer so it looks like delicate wings. Pair them up with your favorite belly dance costume and step up to the stage like a diva.

Remember, in this offer you are only buying the wings, not the whole costume, so when you buy the wings scroll up or down, and find the rest of your costume.

Multiple colors.

ZLTdream Lady’s Belly Dance Chiffon Bandage Top and Lantern Pants

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This chiffon bandage has golden fringes and regular ones, but also some golden coins in the front and it is perfect for small busted ladies. Lantern pants have surprise effect on the knees wich are open just like modern ripped jeans. So with this costume, you can show some skin, but still stay covered enough.

You can see on the picture on the right this pink costume, but there are some vibrant colors like purple, light blue and yellow that can be even more effective.

Adding more jewelry to this your look is always a great idea, and I suggest some cool headpiece with coins to match. Also, you can buy a scarf that you can use during your performance, and it doesn’t have to be in the same color as your outfit if it has a lot of details on it that are matchy.

Multiple colors.


UPRIVER GALLERY Pearl Embroidery Bra Skirt Belly Dance Costume Suit 2 Colors 3 Sizes

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This costume for belly dancers is made out of five pieces: bra, skirt, two pieces for hands and necklace. Every piece is hand embroidered, and there are a lot of pieces and a fair amount of fringes wich are placed in the right areas and wich is dancing with you. Certainly, this one looks so professional. I would recommend it to dancers who are experienced. It is great also for those who feel confident about their dancing because there is a lot of skin showing in the upper part of the body.

It is made of chiffon and satin, and a lot of sequins and oriental details, so you have to be careful when washing it and only hand wash it in cold water. Every girl that has left the comment about this product said that she is very satisfied with the quality and that you have to measure yourself before ordering the size that you need.

Multiple colors.

Pilot-trade Lady’s Belly Dance Costume Lanterns Sleeves Top Harem Pants Hip Scarf

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This is another chiffon costume that can cover a lot but still keep its charm and purpose. Sometimes is better to wear clothes that give space for imagination to your audience. Even if the audience is just your boyfriend. Coins on the hip scarf are here to round out your figure and boost your self-confidence.

This lady’s belly dance costume is a great idea for beginners, because it doesn’t have many complicated pieces, and you don’t have to worry if something on the top will untie. You can just focus on dancing, and enjoy it. Coins on the hip scarf are here to round out your figure and boost your self-confidence. To achieve the look of a goddess you can add here some cool jewelry and a face veil. Choose from eight different colors, and become oriental mysterious goddess with your new belly dance costume.

Multiple colors.

ZLTdream Women’s Belly Dance Costume Bandage Peacock Bra Top and Fishtail Skirt

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This model is made for slimmer women, but it has adjustable top and the skirt is elastic, so it can be worn by someone slightly larger. The skirt has a metallic shiny part that I adore because it matches with the top and makes the whole combination so eclectic and eye-catching. The rest of the skirt is made of chiffon which is light and great for your dance moves. There is a purple and yellow costume, but you have to decide fast which one it will be because there are only a few left in stock.

Reviewers are commenting that the quality is great, there are no weird stitches or some other mistakes, and the ice silk on the top and bottom part of the costume is the thing that gives so much charm to this outfit.

The rest of the skirt is made of chiffon which is light and great for your dance moves. There is a purple and yellow costume, but you have to decide fast which one it will be because there are only a few left.

Multiple colors.



The 10 Best Faux Leather Handbags for 2018

What would be of women’s life without our purses? No, really… can you imagine going through life without not having a cute place to put all your stuff and that also speaks about your style and preferences? Because I simply can’t do it.

A handbag is one of the most important things in women’s wardrobe and it certainly becomes an investment, because you don’t want to be shopping for one every single day. And of course you’ve got to own different handbags, but the best thing you can do is try to have a few that go with everything and are big enough to fit your whole life in there. Well, basically your everyday life. The only bad thing is that not all of us can afford a real leather handbag, which would be the best decision. But a lot of brands have great offer in other materials that look like leather for a very good price, and there are even some vegan options out there. So let’s check them out.

A X Armani Exchange Petite Faux Leather Bucket Bag

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Steve Madden Bjamba Mixed Media Crossbody Bag

Asides from the all-time favorite, the tote, there are some bag models that are huge trends this season. That’s why I present to you: the bucket bag. And of course, you can find very good faux leather options, such as this taupe beauty from A X Armani Exchange. This is a petite size bag, so don’t expect to fit your laptop on this one. However, it’s made entirely out of polyurethane, to make it really light. The interior has a synthetic lining and the closure is drawstring, like our backpacks from the past. And of course, it features the shoulder strap that you can use on one side or cross body style.

ZAC Zac Posen Womens Eartha Belted Shopper

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ZAC Zac Posen Womens Eartha Belted Shopper

A tote bag is definitely one of the best purchases you’re going to do in your life, because this bag can fit everything and works for anything. You can take it to the airport, to the office, to the weekend… and the list keeps growing. And if on top of that you get a black tote, you will have half of your closet covered. ZAC Zac Posen is the affordable line of this famous designer, who’s being doing a great work with fancy-looking purses. This one features strap accents and metal hardware details, as well as a fat shoulder strap. The large slip pocket in the back is really useful, and the interior is as spacious as a bag can be. It also includes an inside larges slip pocket. This is for sure the bag you need.

Kate Spade Faye Drive Hallie Elisabeth Crossbody Tote Bag

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Kate Spade Faye Drive Hallie Elisabeth Crossbody Tote Bag

I know I’m not the only one who loves dressing with neutral colors and then have a bright pop with the accessories. And that’s exactly what this Kate Spade bag will do for your outfit, brighten it up to the limits of your imagination. Don’t let the photo fool you, the size is pretty amazing: approximate dimensions are 11.7” height x 12.5” wide, with a 9” drop length. It features a soft pebbled cowhide with matching trim and 14 karat gold pleated hardware for that rich look we’re all going for. It opens at the top with a zipper and on the interior there’s a faux nappa lamb lining and an interior zip pocket. The icing on the cake is the protective metal feet, in case you don’t want your bag to touch the floor (I don’t think any of us do).

Sam Edelman Sienna

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Sam Edelman Sienna

Who says you can’t have an ‘exotic’ bag that is not made out of leather and still look like a million dollars? At Sam Edelman the certainly know we need variety on our purse collection, so they came up with this incredible cross body with contrasting faux leather, combining faux python and suede. Although is not exactly a bag you can carry everywhere, is very comfortable for relaxed occasions and light errands around town. The lining is made out of cotton, which guarantees a very light bag, something you should always be thankful for. On the inside you will find a back wall zip pocket and a side slip pocket, to keep things organized.

Betsey Johnson Satchel with Patches

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Betsey Johnson Satchel with Patches

If we’re talking about brands who do an excellent job, we have to mention Betsey Johnson and their incredible playful bags. Can you believe this one actually comes with permanent adhesive patches? Because I’ve never heard of something more fun than that! This bag is a great deal with stripes and gold-tone hardware and logo. The interior Interior features floral lining, 1 zip pocket, 1 slip pocket and 1 key finder; triple compartment design with center zip compartment and 2 open compartments. Also, you can carry it in two different ways: with the double handle or cross body style, that last strap you can remove it anytime you want.

Elliott Lucca Jules Totes

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Elliott Lucca Jules Totes

Florals are also a big thing for leather goods, including those ones that are not entirely made out of leather. This Elliott Lucca bag has a polyester and faux leather combination, which gives the bag a light weight and adaptable form. The lining is also synthetic, and the closure is magnetic, so you don’t have to spend time closing a zipper. On the inside you will find two interior slips and one interior zip. The shoulder strap makes it very convenient to carry around and if you need more colors by any chance, you have more options, all with beautiful floral themes.

GUESS Kingsley Large Zip Around Wallet

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GUESS Kingsley Large Zip Around Wallet

Even if we choose to have faux leather for environmental reasons, that doesn’t have to end with us not carrying around nice bags. Take this Guess bag, for example, and tell me you can see the different in a picture. This is Saffiano faux leather and it comes with two 7-3/4” drop handles. The pale shiny gold-tone hardware gives the whole piece a very elegant looking, with 4G logo charm and signature lettering. On the inside, you will find a triple compartment design with center magnetic snap closure and two zip closures. Definitely a great option for your everyday business, and this bag will totally catch people’s eyes.

Ivanka Trump Alexy Tote

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Ivanka Trump Alexy Tote

Before we got her name into her dad’s controversy and weird ideas, the Ivanka Trump brand made a name for itself, with very affordable a quality-looking accessories, such as shoes, wallets and, of course, handbags. And you have to admit, this bag looks very New York and of course, very, very chic. The color is everything but casual and it will drag everyone’s attention, so you’re half way there. The fabric is polyvinyl chloride, which gives us an affordable option to wear every day. The lining is made out of polyester and if you thought you could get this for a nice price, I’ve saved the best for last: the bag comes with a removable pouch that you can even use separately or even for keeping this on the inside organized, such as makeup or other small things.

LAUREN Ralph Lauren Paley Lauryn Bag-in-Bag Tote – Black window

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LAUREN Ralph Lauren Paley Lauryn Bag-in-Bag Tote - Black window

One of the reasons everyone should also live totes for is that, lately, this beauties have been trying to give us something more. And Ralph Lauren’s affordable line thought very wisely that ‘something’ more means an extra bag. In this case, a removable zip pouch that you can use as a separate bag, as I do all the time. This graphic-print tote is perfect for carrying all your essentials, because it has a roomy interior and beautiful details, such as sleek polished hardware. It also has an exterior zip pocket for everything you need and double straps for more comfort. Measures are 11-1/2” wide and 12” height, so it’s pretty much a bag to fit everything.


Steve Madden Bjamba Mixed Media Crossbody Bag

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Steve Madden Bjamba Mixed Media Crossbody Bag

Would you like to have the trendiest bag models at a price that doesn’t hurt your budget? Why you haven’t take a look at Steve Madden yet? This brand have been creating trendy, hip and fun bags for years, at a price you can pay without going broke. With five different colors and combination options, you will get a mixed media design exterior with front zipper pocket and a very nice ‘patchwork’ style. The interior is fully lined and it has the Steve Madden logo in it, alongside with a zip pocket and 2 slip pockets. This can be an everyday bag if you’re more of a practical girl who likes to keep things simple and carry only the essentials.

The 10 Best Spring Dresses for 2018

Florals… for spring? Groundbreaking! No, we’re not channeling our inner Miranda Prestley for this specific time of the year (that’s something you should do all year long), but writing this post without thinking about floral prints would be a total disappointment.

Spring is probably our favorite time of the year because we get to leave our coats inside the closet and go out with little light jackets and even just our clothes, for the bravest ones. And nothing says good weather like a beautiful dress. One of the great things about dresses is that we can actually pick from a lot of options for different occasions and weathers. Spring calls for cute colors, good fabrics and of course, prints. But you don’t have to stick to florals if you don’t want, and here’s a great selection that you can wear for this festive season.

Lark & Ro Women’s Classic Cap-Sleeve Wrap Dress

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Lark & Ro Women's Classic Cap-Sleeve Wrap Dress

Of course, we were starting this list with a floral dress… duh! And not only because of the print, but also because it’s a great silhouette. A wrap dress is every woman best friend because it has the most flattering shape for any body type. It hugs your curves and accentuates your waist in a very classic way. This dress, which you can have in over a dozen different options (including solid colors and also prints), features a cap-sleeve, adjustable self-belt, and V-neckline. The length is approximately 39” from the top of the shoulder to the bottom hem, and the fabric is 95% polyester and 5% spandex, for elasticity whenever you need it.

French Connection Women’s Spring Tim Dress

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French Connection Women's Spring Tim Dress

One of the great things about spring is having the chance to wear sleeves but, at the same time, not having to worry about wearing stockings or leggings. This great printed French Connection dress is simple fitted but also features a very nice contrasting couple of colors. Made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, it lets your skin breathe and also hugs your body, with its bodycon silhouette. And even if you think it’s a little bit too short, the sleeves and the slash neck will keep everything in balance. And one of the best things about this dress is that you don’t need to send it to the cleaner because is machine washable. Great, huh?

T Tahari Women’s Giselle Dress

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T Tahari Women's Giselle Dress

Light layers dresses are perfect for those moments of the year when the weather is not too windy and not too cold but also, not too hot. And this floral dress says spring all over it, with the contrast and the black lines. It’s made out of 100% polyester and imported, with a really pretty layer of crinkle chiffon. The great thing about this dress is how versatile it can be because you can pair it with a cardigan and ankle boots for the first weeks of spring and with a pair of sandals when summer is hitting the door. A good option for every occasion.

Dolce Vita Women’s Jonah Maxi Dress

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Dolce Vita Women's Jonah Maxi Dress

Do you know what happens a lot during spring? Weddings! And these weddings are often placed during the daytime, which calls for a very nice dress, with a ‘midi’ length and softer colors. The shell and the lining are 100% polyester and on this imported piece, the neckline and the waist are the biggest deals. The first one features a keyhole with tie closures and tassel accents and the second one is smocked and keeps the outfit easy going. It has a ruffled neck trim and if you thought this wasn’t sexy enough, look again at that high leg side slit. Do you prefer another color? You can choose the black one.

Catherine Catherine Malandrino Women’s Margie Dress

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Catherine Catherine Malandrino Women's Margie Dress

Moving on with the nice dresses that we can wear to a different number of occasions, we have the evolution of the little black dress, which you can take to next level with a delicate print. Catherine by Catherine Malandrino is the designer’s affordable line that is perfect for a lot of budgets and it keeps on the good design. It’s made out of 55% polyester, 43% rayon and 2% spandex. It’s a great option if you need to jump from the office to a dinner, too, not just for weddings. And it can also be the perfect transitional piece for winter if you pair it with the right accessories.

Maggy London Women’s Peony Bouquet Printed Crepe Sheath Dress

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Maggy London Women's Peony Bouquet Printed Crepe Sheath Dress

There are some women who prefer a more stylish and fitted option for spring and especially for those occasions we’ve been talking about. And what can be more festive that a floral dress with yellow flowers? The good things about this Maggy London dress start with the printing and finish up with the great silhouette. This piece is 96% polyester and 4% spandex, a guarantee that everything will stay in place. This sleeveless sheath dress has a V-neckline and high waist seam, which highlights the darted bodice. In the back, there´s a concealed center zipper and a center vent at hem. The length is perfect for different ages and it will certainly be the favorite of many.

Paper Crown Women’s Nogales Dress

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Loose silhouettes and ruffles are still a big thing in fashion. And the more we try to avoid them, the more they keep showing up in every piece of clothing we have. Luckily, ruffles have toned down from past seasons and now we only have them as little details, like the beautiful hem on this pale pink dress. The most eye-catching feature on this is the drop waist silhouette, which stands a huge difference with a lot of dresses out there. The fabric is 52% lyocell and 48% cupro. The peplum hem keeps thing flirty and adds a lot of movement to the high-low skirt. The V-neck is also super flattering and will go perfectly with a pair of maxi-earrings. Try to contrast them with the color of your dress or heels and you will have a winning outfit.

Calvin Klein Women’s Crochet Sleeveless Fit & Flare Dress

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Calvin Klein Women's Crochet Sleeveless Fit & Flare Dress

If there’s one Brand that you can go to when it comes to finding clothes for women in different scenarios, that’s Calvin Klein. From jeans to shirts to dresses, they have it all for the classic elegant woman in you. And with spring and weddings come white dresses options, although you may want to think the option of wearing white to a wedding if the bride didn’t ask you specifically. This dress is so delicate you’re going to want it in every color possible, but unfortunately, it only comes in white (sobs in silence). The fit on this is cute and flattering, enhancing your waist and letting the A-line skirt be beautiful on its own. And to top everything, the net in the top and bottom of the dress make it even more interesting, not bad for a white cotton dress.

Rebecca Taylor Women’s Sleeveless Penelope Jersey Dress

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Rebecca Taylor Women's Sleeveless Penelope Jersey Dress

A lot of people think relaxed, loose dresses are just for summer, but you can get beautiful things out of spring fabrics, which are a little bit heavier than the ones you wear in high temperatures. This dress, made by Rebecca Taylor, is the perfect balance between easiness and a pull together piece. The print is elegant, but the length and silhouette keep things young and playful. If you’re worried about it being too light, because is made out of linen, you can always pair it with a cardigan or a light sweater, for a big difference. And with a dress like this, you have to take some measures, like dry cleaning or hand wash, as well as soft ironing. Be careful with your clothes.

Paper Crown Women’s Armagosa Dress

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Paper Crown Women's Armagosa Dress

Once again, Paper makes an appearance in our list, with another super fun dress to wear to your most elegant events. And sometimes, a very bright dress is all you need to give a great impression and be the most stylish in the room. And this dress from Paper is all you’re going to need ever. Made out of lyocell and cupro, it has a beautiful strapless neckline, with a boning in the bust for support, so you don’t have to worry about anything not staying in place. The high-low skirt hem also features two layers of incredible gorgeous ruffles, which can give you the idea of a very hip and fun flamenco dancer. Can you imagine it with your favorite nude heels for a very elegant brunch? Or with an updo for a night out in town? With any of your choices, the result is going to be super chic.

The 10 Best Faux Leather Skirts in 2018

One of the pieces that say ‘feminine’ like no other one I the skirt. There are so many types of them, but they all have one thing in common: it is their duty to highlight our best features, make us look sexy, feminine and delicate and, if we pick the right one, even hide those things we don’t want to show at all.

Between our favorite silhouettes, there’s also the possibility to choose among a very wide spectrum of fabrics. And among those fabrics, one of our favorites is definitely leather. I know, is not something you can wear any time of the year, however, is very useful when the temperature goes down and you still want to look sexy but keep your legs warm. Of course, another thing that we have to keep in mind is the fact that leather is not the most affordable fabric and also, not the most eco-friendly out there. That’s why we have options like faux leather, pieces that create the same effect but we can get at a fraction of the cost and, on top of everything, we help the planet a little bit, something we should all do more once in a while. So, let’s take a peek at some of the options that will take your skirt game to the next level:

Rebecca Taylor Women’s Faux Leather Pleat Skirt

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Rebecca Taylor Women's Faux Leather Pleat Skirt

One of the most important things you have to take into consideration when buying a faux leather skirt is that the fabric is so good that it looks like leather without been too shiny. After that first requirement, you can start choosing your favorite silhouette and color, like this beautiful navy blue from Rebecca Taylor. This pleated skirt is made out of 85% polyester and 15% other fabrics. As for the lining, is 100% polyester. The great feature on this skirt are the allover accordion pleats, and also the banded waist. Costumers’ reviews on this skirt are so great, they’re flying out of the window, they’re only a few of them in stock, but it’s worth the hustle. And as we recommend with all our delicate pieces, try to take it dry cleaning to ensure it lasts longer.

Liverpool Jeans Company Women’s Cecil Coated Ponte Pull-On Pencil Skirt

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Liverpool Jeans Company Women's Cecil Coated Ponte Pull-On Pencil Skirt

Is there anything that says ‘power’ louder than a pencil skirt? I don’t think so, and neither do the majority of women doing business in the world. And now imagine not only a pencil skirt, but a leather looking pencil skirt. That’s power 10 times bigger. And that’s exactly what this Liverpool Jeans skirt says loud and clear. Made out of 62% Rayon, 33% Nylon and 5% Spandex, this beauty comes in two great but unusual colors for ‘leather’: grey and taupe. It’s a pull-on ponte skirt that will be handy when it’s time to run to your office and it has faux-front pockets and an exposed side zipper. To give it a more casual look, you have clean pockets on the back and a vented back hemline. Pair it with a cute top and killer heels, and there you have it, a great outfit for days.

Junarose Women’s Faux Leather Wrap Skirt

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Junarose Women's Faux Leather Wrap Skirt

And as we’re taking a look as pencil skirts, we might do a very good task looking at black pencil skirts. And if you’re thinking it would be a little bit too boring (which is not), think again and do it about details. This Junarose skirt is just that, a beautiful classic piece with a fun twist. It’s 100% made out of polyurethane and also comes with a lining, something you should be thankful for when we talk about leather, even faux leather, because it helps the fabric to stay away from your skin as much as possible. The design is wrap style, a silhouette that’s flattering to almost every woman out there and the length is above the knee, perfect for the office. And the fun part, the zipper details that will give you that edge we all need.

BAILEY 44 Womens Faux Leather Diagonal Seam SEDGWICK Skirt

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BAILEY 44 Womens Faux Leather Diagonal Seam SEDGWICK Skirt

But, of course, we can’t discuss leather (or, in this case, faux leather), without talking about black leather, which is basically the most classic of them all. This A-line skirt is hip and youthful, besides perfect for almost any occasion on your list. Its best feature is the distinctive diagonal seams, which create fullness and movement, with a great length. The fabric is 70% polyurethane and 30& nylon, which gives it a little bit more shine but still in the right amount. To continue with the young vibe, it has an exposed zip and raw cut hem, something that will allow the skirt to move and feel super flirty and confident.

Kensie Women’s Soft Fringe Skirt

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Kensie Women's Soft Fringe Skirt

Fringes are on trend. Period. And what do you do when something is on trend? You get, and you make sure you can pair it with a lot of your clothes and take advantage of it for as long as you can. And that’s what you need to do now about fringes, a trend that has been around for a few seasons and that you can still make yours a few others. This Kensie piece is made out 100% of other fibers, and it features layers of long fringes with an asymmetric hemline. Can you imagine this skirt with a silk top and your favorite red sandals? You’ll be ready for the night of your life in no time!

BCBGMAXAZRIA Women’s Natilie FX Leather Skirt

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time! BCBGMAXAZRIA Women's Natilie FX Leather Skirt

Maybe we’re hitting an obsessive point with pencil skirts. But they’re so beautiful and flattering that it is impossible to resist the temptation of having more than one. This specific model, from BCBGMAXAZRIA has an eye-catching color, beautiful burgundy, and vertical seaming that elongates the lines of the piece and of course, it adds more centimeters to your figure. Well, at least visually. It’s made out of 100% polyurethane, with a matte shade that will look classy and fancy. It has a fixed natural waist and hidden back zipper, so you can take it to your more elegant occasions. The biggest recommendation on this one is to hand-wash it, you don’t want to ruin anything on your machine.

Karen Kane Women’s Fringe Pencil Skirt

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Karen Kane Women's Fringe Pencil Skirt

We already talked about fringes and the big trend we’re going through. However, not everyone has the edge to go out with a full fringed skirt and that’s not a reason why the trend should not be available for them. This Karen Kane skirt is the perfect option for those girls who would only like one little taste of the trend, with the good things of a classic. This faux leather skirt is made out of 55% polyurethane and 45% polyester. As for the contrast, is 60% lyocell, 34% nylon and 6% spandex. The fun part is that this is a cute short skirt with a fringe-trimmed hemline and concealed side zipper. This will give your outfit a cute and fun twist, as well as a lot of movement.

XOXO Women’s Butter Pleather and Ponte Skirt

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XOXO Women's Butter Pleather and Ponte Skirt

There are also options for people who would like to have a little edge with leather but would also love to not spend too much money on it and also, keep the trend as an option, not a total decision. And for those ones who are not totally sold on leather, XOXO give them the choice of having it just on one side. This imported skirt is 100% polyurethane and features a faux leather front and ponte-knit back. Its piped seams and asymmetric front slit keep thing sexy and flirty, as well as the pin-tuck style at the hips. With a skirt like this, you’ll have a classic with a twist and also a piece everyone would like to talk about.

Sam Edelman Women’s Emma Floral Faux-Leather Skirt

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Sam Edelman Women's Emma Floral Faux-Leather Skirt

One great thing about leather and black is that you can use them both to light up an outfit without using any color. For example, with laser cut that looks like lace. This Sam Edelman piece is certainly youthful and fun but is also one of those pieces of clothing that will start a conversation. It has die-cut floral lace in faux-leather with a cutwork hem, and it’s entirely made out of other fibers. The banded waist has an exposed zipper at the back. Do I need to say anything else or you’re already in love?

BB Dakota Women’s April Faux Leather Fit-and-Flare Dress

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BB Dakota Women's April Faux Leather Fit-and-Flare Dress

And since we’re talking about faux leather, why not closing the list with a dress instead of a skirt? This beautiful piece by BB Dakota is all you’re going to need to make a statement, nothing else. The silhouette is not only flattering but it helps the skirt part to keep still, which gives the look a ‘princessy’ feeling that we adore. It features a fitted bodice with concealed back zipper and pleated skirt, with a zipper closure. And the colors are simply lovely: goat and black.

The 6 Best Women’s Jeans under $50 in 2018

Jeans came a long way from working clothes to runway shows all over the world. James Dean made them popular among youth, and his appearance in movie “Rebel without a cause” will always be remembered as a breaking point in the history of fashion. In that time (around 1950) jeans became a symbol of the rebel among young people and it was banned in schools and public places such as restaurants. Later on, this fantastic fabric found its way to popular culture and became a symbol of youthful and casual style.

These days there is almost every colour and shape of jeans, but the most popular are those ripped one’s wich is sometimes more expensive than those which are not made to look worn out.

Luckily you can find today well-made jeans, for a reasonable price and I will try to help you in your quest. Bear in mind that every model in this text is under 50 dollars.

Levi’s Women’s New Boyfriend Jean

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Levi's Women's New Boyfriend Jean

I decided to start this article with boyfriend jeans. Absolute must have this season is to look effortlessly chic. Like you have just woke up in the apartment of your boyfriend, and you have grabbed his favourite jeans and paired them up with nude sandals.

Wearing boyfriend jeans will not always flatter your figure, but it will scream: “I have read a Vogue or two”.

So if you are one of those girls, like me, who live for fashion, chose the right shade of blue, and buy your boyfriend jeans from Levis. You will be able to wear this relaxed fit with snappy heels, sandals and sneakers. Bonus advice is to buy lighter shades of jeans because it is easier to combine with colourful blouses that we usually wear in spring and summer.

All in all, great price and very trendy jeans!

Lucky Brand Women’s Sienna Boyfriend Jean In Tomales Bay

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Lucky Brand Women's Sienna Boyfriend Jean In Tomales Bay

If you want to wear boyfriend jeans with a twist this model is for you. When I say twist I mean with a front fade, whiskering at the hips and few holes wich you may not see on this picture but they are certainly there.

These cool weekend jeans are just what you will need this spring. You will enjoy Sunday shopping in pants such as this.

The shade is a bit darker than the previous model, but it looks more trendy. With cute off shoulder top, you will look like street style blogger. Additional advice is to choose a top with stripes.

Stripes are huge these days.

BLUE AGE Women’s Butt-Lifting Skinny Jeans

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BLUE AGE Women's Butt-Lifting Skinny Jeans

If you don’t want to look like you don’t give a damn about how hot you really are, then think about this model.

Not only it is skinny, it has a special effect – butt lifting! Since they are made of the combination of denim and stretch it makes them very comfortable and easy to wear.

There are few similar models from Blue Age, and in my honest opinion, this on the picture is the best. Because I bought a similar pair of jeans lately, and I adore high waist, and bottom hem wich looks unfinished. Don’t worry it is not unfinished, it is the latest trend.

I combine mine jeans with high heels and blouses with floral print. I usually tuck my blouse into these high-waisted pants for achieving the retro look. You can also add round sunglasses this spring.

Levi’s Women’s Slimming Skinny Jean

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Levi's Women's Slimming Skinny Jean

There are a lot of girls and women these days who are afraid to wear high waist jeans because they think it is something for older women. They say it is mum’s jeans, but I would disagree. This high waisted model of jeans from Levis is figure flattering, it tucks in your belly, and the pockets on the back are giving you push up effect. As Levis claims, it is designed to smooth, shape and slim your legs.

Ripped parts on knees are still going strong among fashion bloggers, and maybe you should try a model with open knees. If you still don’t want to buy things that are looking like they are used, don’t worry there are regular jeans without holes for the same price and with same effects.

The thing I loved most about this pants is the chart with sizes which is made by Levis – it contains bits of advice what to wear with what model, so I won’t bother you with my advice.

2LUV Women’s Stretchy Five Pocket Skinny Denim Jeans

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2LUV Women's Stretchy Five Pocket Skinny Denim Jeans

The most classical pair of jeans of them all here on the list. No matter that we are viewing all sorts of jeans these days on fashion websites and in magazines. Who is brave enough to wear those on daily basis?

I am sure I am not.

When my budget is lower than usual, I concentrate to classic models wich don’t draw too much attention, and wich is easy to combine with everything. You can combine with those navy inspired t-shirts that are the huge hit this season, or with bold colours, wich designers are promoting on their collections.

This model is not only good looking but also has great reviews. Girls and women from all around the world love this pair of jeans because it fits like a glow, and it hugs legs like leggings do.

So when it comes to a combination of price and quality, this pair of jeans is one of the best choices.

Hybrid & Company Women’s Super comfy stretch denim 5 Pocket Jean

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Hybrid & Company Women's Super comfy stretch denim 5 Pocket Jean

Light colour, light and soft!

This pants, just like the previous ones, will save your money and make you look skinnier and longer.

Five pockets on these jeans make it look so classical, and the light shade of blue will go fabulously with floral prints. It is not growndbreaking, but it always works.

You can pair them with a faux leather jacket, and stilettos for a punk glam look, or with sneakers and t-shirt for a casual look.

Oh, wait there is more to this pants! There are eleven different colours and one of them is with the pattern of an American flag and it looks very interesting. Maybe it will be a bit harder to combine, but my advice is to try to steal the look from Lana Del Rey.

You know how it goes: “Blue jeans, white shirt…”

The 8 Best Faux Leather Leggings in 2018

Have you tried wearing faux leather leggings already?

Moden fashion icons such as Gigi Hadid just love incorporating them in they look, and there is no reason why shouldn’t you do the same. Just like jackets made out of faux leather, leggings made of faux leather are cheap but very stylish. Another great thing about this type of material is the fact that they are more comfortable than skinny jeans and vegan-friendly.

Another great thing about this type of material is the fact that they are more comfortable than skinny jeans and they are vegan-friendly.

Stay with me for a few minutes, and I will reveal to you how to combine them and wear them like an Instagram star.


7 For All Mankind Women’s Cropped Skinny Pant

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7 For All Mankind Women's Cropped Skinny Pant

Military green was all over the latest fashion shows and definitely, deserves to become one of the colours that you will combine your white and black blouses with. This shape of skinny pants is just perfect to elongate your silhouette and to make you look slimmer because of the open ankles.

It is a great match with nude stilettos but you shouldn’t hesitate to wear them combined with embroidered bomber jacket and sneakers. Just try to be modest with the details, because today’s fashion is all about modesty and looking like you haven’t tried too much.

You can also steal the idea from this picture and combine it with a white comfortable blouse and nude shoes.

Lysse Women’s High-Waist Vegan Legging

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Lysse Women's High-Waist Vegan Legging

I just love faux leather pants. Once I bought them because I was obsessed with a powerful female character in Danish tv show who was investigating crimes. She wore leggings like this every day and looked so sexy and intelligent, so I went and bought them for myself. I have never regretted that decision.

I realised that it is very important to wear clothes that hug your body perfectly. Then you get more self-confidence and that is more powerful than any workout or diet.

Reviewers from amazon are highly recommending this model of faux leather tights because of its quality, with advice to order one size bigger than usual.

Lyssé Women’s Hi Waist Vegan Legging

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Lyssé Women's Hi Waist Vegan Legging

Even tough these bourbon leggings were made out of rayon and spandex, they look like authentic leather. This colour is great if you have a lot of clothes in shades of beige and brown. If you own a worn out sweater that has lost its shape and purpose, the glow from these leggings will upgrade your look and make it look more elegant. Again, it will look so effortless wich is the season’s biggest trend.

Brown shoes and suede shoes are good matches with this pair of vegan leggings, but it won’t be a big fashion mistake if you decide to wear them for more informal occasions.

To maintain it, you don’t have to wash it separately, just put it in a washing machine.

Diamondkit Women Faux Leather Leggings Wet Look Metallic Waist Legging Pants Trousers

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Diamondkit Women Faux Leather Leggings Wet Look Metallic Waist Legging Pants Trousers

Liquid looking leggings may seem a bit extravagant but they are so effective! I couldn’t decide wich colour choose from 17 different models. There are black, silver, golden, green, pink, blue… You can use black or silver and combine them with sweaters and jackets wich are more elegant. But you won’t go wrong even if you try reptile skin texture.

You can use black or silver and combine them with sweaters and jackets wich are more elegant. But you won’t go wrong even if you try reptile skin texture.

Fuscia pink and blue can look great in discotheques and clubs, or for any kind of festival because they are so vibrant and fun. As you already know, leggings are very comfortable, and you can use them while travelling. If you are a fan of winter sports you can also choose one of those interesting colours, so that everybody can see you while you are in your skies.

Advice from previous buyers is that you should order the bigger size than you are and you are good to go.

PU Leather Pants For Women Sexy Tight Stretchy Rider Leggings Black Red

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PU Leather Pants For Women Sexy Tight Stretchy Rider Leggings Black Red

Burgundy is here to stay as dominant colour in outfits of famous Instagramers and models. Colour of wine is very elegant, and it is easy to combine with earth tones. You can even wear some of darker shades of lipsticks for achieving the more mysterious look.

I would wear these with a big cosy poncho and matte chocolate lipstick.

There are also other models for the same price from this distributor, and they are more appropriate if you are into riding bikes or attending punk rock events. An important thing to know is that these zippers are here just for decoration, and they are not pockets. They are put just to give these pants edgyier look.

Cielo Women’s Super Trendy Faux Skinny Pants

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Cielo Women's Super Trendy Faux Skinny Pants

Let’s go back to black leggings!

If you are trying to cut your expenses but still look the best way possible don’t experiment with colours. Choose the black classic model of leggings wich can easily transition from daytime to night time.

Cielo skinny pants will make you look very hot because of the material that hugs your hips and legs perfectly. If you maintain them in the right way (machine wash warm and no bleaching) they are very durable, and you can count on them for another season.

To avoid returns, please use size breakdown just to make sure that you have ordered the right size because these are junior fit.

iPretty SEXY Women’s Faux Leather High Waisted Wet Look Liquid Black Leggings Stretchy Pants

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iPretty SEXY Women's Faux Leather High Waisted Wet Look Liquid Black Leggings Stretchy Pants

Blue leggings for a daytime since they look like a more polished version of jeans leggings, black with high heels for a walk around clubs, and red for date nights. These stretchy pants made out of synthetic leather are very fashionable because of their cool punk knees fold design and comfort high waist.

Combine them with sloppy blouses, big elegant sweaters or jackets depending on the part of the day, or your duties.

As the reviewers of this product say, the material is very breathable and it expands easily. Another cool thing about this leggings is the fact that doesn’t make that irritating noise when it rubs together.

Lysse Women’s Plus-Size Plus Vegan Leather

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Lysse Women's Plus-Size Plus Vegan Leather

A mixture of great elastic fabrics that look like real leather but feel and look much more comfortable is not reserved only for skinny girls.

As an ultimate choice when it comes to versatility these plus size vegan leather leggings can and should be a part of your outfit because they will boost your confidence.

Full length of these pants makes it safe to wear them in combination with heels but also with flats or sneakers for the relaxed look.

High waist will tuck in those extra pounds and elongate your silhouette.

The 10 Best Wallets for Women in 2018

Who doesn’t love a wallet? No, I want to rephrase that… who doesn’t need a wallet? And I’m not only talking about guys because they’re always carrying their lives in their wallets. I’m talking about how important is a wallet for us girls. Have you ever think about it? I don’t know about you, but I never leave the house without my purse, and one of the things that I always carry with me is my wallet. It contains my documents, my money, my card… how can you go out without all that?

All those things are basically vital when we hit the streets, and that’s why need to count on a great wallet. Because here is where we have a common point with the boys: we need a wallet that has good quality, that’s more important than size or colors. But of course, we girls need other things as well. A very nice-looking wallet, which has beautiful colors but that also looks cute, classic and chic. We’ve gathered the best options for you to choose, from small to big ones, to colorful. Check them out:

Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Zip Around Continental Wallet

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Michael Kors Women's Jet Set Zip Around Continental Wallet

If there is one name that we immediately associate with affordable leather goods, that’s Michael Kors. This designer, who calls himself a representative to the ‘true American sportswear’, has also made a great creating a universe of leather goods: handbags, night purses, wallets, you name it. And the logo of the brand has become an icon, so much like you’d say about (keeping the proportions in place) a Louis Vuitton or a Coach. This specific model features a large size, wrapped in brown monogram print with PVC golden tone hardware. It has a zip in gold tone plate on the front with round corners. If you think you can only get leather on the outside, you’re wrong: the interior features leather and logo like card slots and a clear ID slot, as well as a coin pocket and 6 full-length bill compartments. Measures are approximately 8.25″ (L) x 3.75″ (H) x 1.25″ (W) and have a removable wristlet strap.

Liebeskind Berlin Gianna Wallet

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Liebeskind Berlin Gianna Wallet

Yes, we’re in love with big wallets. They might not be the most practical to carry in your clutch, but I’m going to tell you a little secret: if you’re able to go out clubbing with only a lipstick and your phone, you can fit those on a wallet like this and get yourself another clutch. Because let’s face it, a beautiful print and details like these do not deserve the bottom of your purse. The world needs to see it. This Liebeskind model is 100% cow leather, and it has great features such as zipper closure and a textile lining. This is the model you want to get if, like me, you’re the girl with a million cards, because you’ll have 5 interior slip pocket, 1 interior zip, 1 ID window and 16 card slots. Yes, you got that right… sixteen!

Kate Spade New York Cameron Street Stacy Wallet

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Kate Spade New York Cameron Street Stacy Wallet

If you’re not so much into prints, you’re probably looking for a wallet that you can use for the years to come, not paying much attention to trends. Kate Spade, another expert brand on leather goods, has the solution for you. This model has been in the market for a few years now and it’s a costumer’s favorite, mostly because of its classic design and wide variety of colors. It’s also 100% leather, which will guarantee you a purchase for a long time. Unlike others, it features a snap closure, something a lot of people will find practical. The lining is made out of polyester, and those girls who like things a bit more organized will enjoy the pockets: 4 interior slips, 1 exterior, 1 ID window and 12 card slots.

Fossil Emma Rfid Tab Wallet-navy Floral Wallet

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Fossil Emma Rfid Tab Wallet-navy Floral Wallet

We know Fossil as a not-so-affordable Brand, but they surprised us with this beautifully printed wallet that keeps things nice to your pocket. The main material on this one is PVC, but you don’t have to worry about this one, in particular, looking chic because the features help it looking as good as any of the other products of the brand. This 3.75” high and 6.75” wide wallet features a synthetic lining and also a snap closure, taking a step from the zipper family. Pockets? You have plenty to choose from: 4 interior slips, 1 exterior, 1 ID window and 12 card slots. Pretty good and pretty cute.

Calvin Klein Key Item Small Flap Monogram Wallet

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Calvin Klein Key Item Small Flap Monogram Wallet

Monograms are a really big part of the fashion culture as we know it. I might not be a huge fan, but there’s certain attractive about telling people you love a brand and you’re willing to prove your love by wearing something that will make you stand out from the crowd. And that’s exactly what this Calvin Klein wallet does for you. First of all, it is a more practical size that will fit on most of your clutches, which means one less thing to worry about. This monogram piece is polyester made, and it also has a snap closure. It features the special Calvin Klein key item small flap, and maybe it has fewer pockets, but it will be useful for all the simple gals out there.

Vera Bradley Accordion Wallet

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Vera Bradley Accordion Wallet

But maybe you’re not a fan of the classics. You’re more someone who enjoys trends and also enjoys the possibility of change on a daily basis. And that’s what you get with this model specifically. This wallet is not made out of leather, but you will certainly enjoy the wide range of colors that you can find for it. For the price that you normally get one wallet from another brand, you’ll get two Vera Bradley’s and have the opportunity of switching within the week. Whatever model you choose, you’ll get excellent features, like three gusseted compartments that create an accordion-style look when they’re open, a zip-around closure and a great number of pockets, like 14 card slots and a bill pocket.

Betsey Johnson Boxed Quilted Bow Zip Around Continental Wallet

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Betsey Johnson Boxed Quilted Bow Zip Around Continental Wallet

But if you want to get something that stands out to the eye and is also very affordable, you’ll go with this Betsey Johnson option. This designer has a reputation for being bold, and what’s bolder than a big bow on your wallet? This model is a great choice for our eco-fashionistas out there because its biggest fabric is faux leather. It also features a zip closure and also, a zip around compartment and the one that caught our eye, a big scalloped layered glitter bow. The interior I metallic gold and you will get 8 credit card slots, as well as 2 currency pockets, with a center divided with a coin zip pocket and an ID window. One of the best things about this wallet? When you order it, you’ll get it in the signature gift box package, a treat for any fashion lover.

Aldo CHOCTAW Wallet

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Aldo CHOCTAW Wallet

Again, not everyone has the chance of getting a leather wallet, but that doesn’t mean there are not affordable and cute-looking options out there for those girls who have to keep on a budget. ALDO make a nice work putting together a colorful, good-looking, practical wallet that will suit your needs for half of the price. This model is made out of 100% polyurethane and features a 100% polyester lining. Like many of its competitors, it’s a long wallet with a zipper closure, but one of the most attractive things about it is the combination of bright colors, which really pops to the eye. In the interior, you’ll find 2 slips, 1 exterior slip, and 3 card slots.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Womens Tab Utility Clutch Wallet w/ Mirror

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Womens Tab Utility Clutch Wallet w/ Mirror

Yes, we do love bold printed options for our wallet, but there´s also that moment in life when we start noticing the need of something more classical, formal… if you want to say it that way. Kenneth Cole Reaction, the affordable line of Kenneth Cole, has been doing a great work with purses and wallets with synthetic materials, good looking features, and great price tags, This wallet alone is faux leather and it has the classic zip closure we like.  It also has the snap tab closure, for a double sense of security, something everyone would be thankful for. This model has 12 card slots and 3 slip pockets, as well as 3 zip compartments, and you can choose from over 10 colors.

Michael Michael Kors Mk Jet Set Travel Leather Continental Wallet

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Michael Michael Kors Mk Jet Set Travel Leather Continental Wallet

And then we go back to Michael Kors, with a model everyone out there should have in mind when It comes to making a great impression. The Jet Set wallet is part of a set that also has a very classic handbag to match with, and you guessed it, it comes in over 12 colors. It’s made out of Saffiano cow leather, and depending on the color you can have silver or gold hardware. With this model, you will get 4 interior slit pockets, 8 interior card slots, and interior checkbook holder with ID slot. Besides that, you can have magnetic fastening and a fully lined interior.

The 10 Best Hoodies for Women in 2018

Thank God the days where hoodies were considered manly are behind us. Not only because they’re among the most comfortable pieces of clothing that you can find, but because they’re so easy to put on that we can’t resist a good opportunity.

Of course, one of the first things we have to think about is that you can’t wear hoodies everywhere. Let’s be reasonable: they don’t fit in some places. However, they’re my signature piece for a relaxed weekend and of course, I wear my favorite sports ones to go the gym and love matching them with my gym outfits. And I haven’t forgotten about the bests feature of the hoodie, which is the hoodie itself. Depending on which material you choose, you can use it to protect yourself from the rain or even follow someone without been noticed (don’t do that, I’m kidding).

Roxy Women’s Beauty Stardust Sherpa Hoodie

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Roxy Women's Beauty Stardust Sherpa Hoodie

There’s another difference when it comes to hoodies: you can choose from the put-on ones and the ones with a zipper. I prefer the second ones, but it’s entirely up to you. This model by Roxy is something that you can wear in a different number of occasions because it steps out from the sports vibe a little bit. It is made out of 60% cotton and 40% of polyester. The zipper is very practical because it gives you the chance to pull off the Sherpa lining, something very unique and chic. The combination of colors (3 in total) is designed to match every taste: from the girls who like a good contrast to the ones who like to keep it all down to one color.

PUMA Women’s Style Foil Hoody W

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PUMA Women's Style Foil Hoody W

The girls who love a good put-on hoodie are going to love this model by Puma, a brand known for its excellence when it comes to sportswear. One great thing about this model is the silhouette, special for women, with a relaxed fit and a dropped shoulder, something that will certainly look more feminine. The fabric is 78% cotton and 22% polyester, so you’ll have a breathable piece of clothing that will also keep you warm. And on top of that, it features a finish rib, made out of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The graphic foil in the front will stand and you’ll love it if you’re a fan of the brand.

Wildfox Women’s Cable Blanket Hoodie

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Wildfox Women's Cable Blanket Hoodie

Again, hoodies are not for all the scenarios, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave it just for the gym. If you look around well enough, you’ll notice that some of these pieces can be worn for more casual days, like this beautiful knitted hoodie. The fit is so relaxed it will remind you of your favorite sweater, and it will give you the benefit of the coziness the knit can offer. It’s made out of 45% acrylic, 30% wool, and 25% cotton, which will give you an affordable piece that is also beautiful and useful. This is a great option to wear with everything from jeans to dresses, start experimenting now.

Metal Mulisha Junior’s the Devil Made Me Do It Pullover Hoodie

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Metal Mulisha Junior's the Devil Made Me Do It Pullover Hoodie

I’m a big believer that there’s something out there for everyone, even when we talk about clothingAnd the metal lovers out there will also love this Metal Mulisha hoodie, in a signature black and with a big statement illustration in the back. The fabric is very soft and breathable, 55% cotton, 45% polyester. If features a pullover hoodie so you can adjust it however you like, and a raglan fleece to keep you warm. And if the back screen didn’t seem statement enough for you, take a look at the sleeves and then you’ll fall completely in love.

Sofia Cashmere Women’s Hi Lo Hoodie with Rib Detail

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Sofia Cashmere Women's Hi Lo Hoodie with Rib Detail

There are few things on this earth that can be as soft and rich as cashmere. Can you imagine the chance to have a hoodie made out of that awesome fabric? Well, you don’t have to imagine it anymore, because Sofia did it for you and also fabricated it. This beauty is 100% cashmere, and according to customer reviews, the quality is undeniable. It has a slightly more casual look than the other hoodies of this selection, and you can be sure that you will get a great deal and an investment. And being this such a delicate piece, be sure to have it only dry cleaned, so you can assure that your investment is safe.

Columbia Women’s Outerspaced Full Zip Hoodie

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Columbia Women’s Outerspaced Full Zip Hoodie

Of course, we didn’t forget about the good old workout hoodie, which these days are anything but old. Sportswear brand has been experimenting with materials and technology to give customers a great fit and features that will help them stay active and also fashionable. This model by Columbia is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, which gives it a feature every workout clothing needs to have: it breaths. This hoodie is on the zipper closure group and has an active fit. This is important because is still a little loose, but it will give you a nice shape. And my favorite perk? You have over a dozen colors to choose yours!

Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Hoodie Juniors Pullover Sweatshirt

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Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Hoodie Juniors Pullover Sweatshirt

Who doesn’t love a fun piece of clothing? We have a good selection of our clothes, starting with t-shirts. But did you know that you can find your favorite cartoon characters in a hoodie? Now you can, thanks to Disney. This model features four different Mickey and Minnie designs and color so you can choose your favorite, and they’re officially licensed by Disney. The front graphics are distressed for a vintage look and it also has high low hem and drawstring hood for the same reason. If you’re ready to add this to your cart, you need to be sure about the measures: being this Junior/Teenage sizing, it runs smaller than your regular clothes, so keep that in mind. You will find the exact measures on the page, so that doesn’t have to be a problem.

Adidas Originals Womens Rita Ora Hoodie

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Adidas Originals Womens Rita Ora Hoodie

Adidas is another sportswear giant that has taken the outerwear world by storm, both by manufacturing excellent options to almost any sports practice and because it gives the sports lover something to wear after you’re done with your training. This specific model is from the Rita Ora collection, one that has become a costumer’s favorite for all the products. It is a great piece because it’s limited edition and it’s badass enough so you can wear it for a casual day out. The details are remarkable and you will definitely be noticed. Trust me. Once you’re ready to buy, make sure you check the Adidas sizing chart.

Peanuts Snoopy Woodstock Juniors Minky Plush Zip Up Hoodie Jacket

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Peanuts Snoopy Woodstock Juniors Minky Plush Zip Up Hoodie Jacket

Remember when we said you can have your favorite animated character right in your hoodie? Look at Snoopy right here! This Peanuts model doesn’t not only have Snoopy, but also the lovely Woodstock in a very nice shade of blue, which will give your outfit a pop of color. The brand promises you “the softest minky fleece you’ll ever touch”, and we can believe it has that quality on top of being the cutest thing you’ll ever find. The bold graphic will really stand out from anything else and you can pair it with your favorite jeans or your workout clothes, it will work as well in both. And on top of that, it features zipper and, of course, the hoodie. Do you need anything else to desperately want it?

Guess Women’s Three Quarter Sleeve Delta Hoodie

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Guess Women's Three Quarter Sleeve Delta Hoodie

I know I said that hoodies are not supposed to go to every possible scenario, but that was before I had the chance to take a look at this gorgeous piece from Guess. When I saw it on the model, I thought it was a blouse and there was no chance that it has a hoodie. But guess what? It does! And the best part of this is that you can totally wear it with more outfits: jeans, skirts, pants… and how about for casual Friday at work? This beauty is made out of 65% rayon and 35% polyester, and of course, that’s the reason for its rich texture, something that really makes the difference. The fit is also a little different, as you can see for the V-neck and the three-quarter sleeves, which are a little bit more stylish than the others. The only thing I regret about this one is that it doesn’t come in more colors, but I love every part of this one. This is another delicate piece of the selection, so dry cleaning is the best option to make it last longer.

The 7 Best Rompers for Pear Shaped Body in 2018

This summer, rompers are holding their position as the best and coolest clothes for the season. They are so adorable and fun to wear, and the right one can make your body look much better. Also, rompers are so easy to put on, and they are girls best friends on summer vacations because they don’t take too much space in the suitcase. When you have a romper, you have the whole outfit. I just love them because of that!

Then again there are so many mistakes that you can make if you don’t know what fits you well. They can make you look like you are in your pyjamas, or like a child if the fit is wrong. But don’t worry, we are here to help you.

If you are curvy, and your hips are wider than your shoulders, you have a pear shape body. When you know your body type, you can easily decide what fits you well, and what kinds of clothes are making a balanced look.

Roxy Juniors Spin Sail Sleeveless Romper

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Roxy Juniors Spin Sail Sleeveless Romper

The first rule about choosing the right romper for the pear shaped body is to try to find rompers that are darker at the bottom. So this one is a school example what to buy to make a perfect balance.

This design is very cool and versatile, so it can be worn on many occasions such as brunch, party or just for a walk by the seashore.

Black and white are not even colours, so you can match them with all of the colours of this world.

For a clean look, just forget accessories and combine this romper with a cute clutch.

The back of this romper is sexy, there is only one strap on the back, so you can put your hair up and be the main star of the street.

Angie Women’s Bell Sleeve Romper

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Angie Women's Bell Sleeve Romper

Another good advice for women who have wide hips is to put attention on the upper part of the body. With this Angie bell sleeve romper, the attention will be on the sleeves and on the neck.

Interesting print of this romper will make you look youthful and free-spirited, so it is a great pick for the beach. I would wear it with leather ankle wrap sandals. They can be combined with mules if you want to follow trends.

This fabric is very light and there is a  drawstring on the waist so it can be adjusted to fit you even after a big juicy meal.

Sanctuary Clothing Women’s Soft Surplus Tencel Romper

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Sanctuary Clothing Women's Soft Surplus Tencel Romper

Jeans is a huge trend this season. Yes dear, I know, again!

Maybe we can thank Rihanna and her music video “4,5 seconds” for this. I am not bothered with that, I just love jeans, and if you are also a fan of this fabric you should definitely buy this romper!

Ok, actually this romper is not made of denim, it is 100% Lyocell, wich makes it much lighter, and suitable for spring and summer. You can unbutton the upper part when you are feeling hot, and twist your sleeves.

It has interesting upper part with pockets, just like jeans shirt. Excellent for girls with flat chests. This washed out jeans romper go well with sandals, but also with sneakers, and I love wearing sneakers in the summer because I think I have ugly toes. I hope that you don’t have the same problem.

Persun Women’s Off Shoulder Elastic Waist Pom Pom Romper Playsuit

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Persun Women's Off Shoulder Elastic Waist Pom Pom Romper Playsuit

White, airy and light! It will go perfectly with your tanned body and salty hair.

This top is great for complementing wide hips, and there is enough space on shorts to feel comfortable when you sit down.

There are tree different models here, white one, a black one and the one with the interesting stripes. Considering the price wich is very low, you won’t make a mistake if you by two or more rompers.

NY Collection Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Printed Romper

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NY Collection Women's 3/4 Sleeve Printed Romper

Again, our aim is to focus the attention of a viewer on your face and your upper body. This pink line on the fabric is very helpful.

The stripes on this fabric are making you look taller, but it might not suit well to bigger girls. Tie waist makes this romper adjustable, and 3/4 sleeve are so cool. You can add a nice watch on your wrist, or some interesting bracelets. The shorts is free flowing and roomy, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Combine it with pink shoes, if you are so lucky to have them, or use the safe ones – nude heels.

If you are not a party girl, this romper will be a good companion if you match it with flat sandals and hat.

BCBGeneration Women’s Long-Sleeve Romper with Lace Neck

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BCBGeneration Women's Long-Sleeve Romper with Lace Neck

You will get pure elegance with this lace collar and perfect shape of this romper. Black covers everything perfectly, makes you look so sophisticated even tough you are wearing a romper.  Large cutout at centre front will put attention on your chests and not on your wide hips, and that is how you will profit from this look.

You will save your money on jewellery because this one doesn’t need any. Ok, maybe small effective earrings. If your legs aren’t as long as this, you have to wear heals, and it should be fine ankle heels just like in the picture.

Match clutch and earrings, or lipstick and clutch and you are ready to enjoy in compliments at every party this spring!

Guess Women’s Short Sleeve Anja Belted Faux Suede Romper

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Guess Women's Short Sleeve Anja Belted Faux Suede Romper

On this romper secret agent vibes are strong! Navy blue colour, zipper closure and detachable belt reminded me of all those female secret agents. They are smart and they only wear clothes that fit perfectly! So should you.

Reviewers said that this faux suede material is great, and some of them have bought this romper in both colours. Belt will make you look thinner, and short sleeves will make you look ready for work.

 Navy blue is great with red, white and black so you can add those colours to this style.

And don’t forget your confidence, and smile. Those are essential accessories to every outfit!

The 6 Best Distressed Jeans for Women in 2018

We’ve all seen trends come and go throughout the years. Some have definitely stuck around longer than other’s, and some trends just keep making comebacks every few years. However when it comes to jean’s, they seem to always be in style!

Although there are still many different types of variations of jeans.  Some people like sleek, classy dark wash jeans that are all one shade and then other’s prefer a wild acid wash jean. While both of those types are nice, the distressed jean is right there in the middle of those styles and is highly popular with our fashion trends today! These distressed jeans definitely bring back those 90’s grunge vibes, but with an updated look.  Let’s take a look!

BlankNYC Distressed Classique Skinny Jean

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These BlankNYC jeans are totally cute and a great price. BlankNYC are the perfect jean for that rebel girl, who loves to have a little fun and bend the rules! These jeans aren’t super skinny legged, which is great for those who don’t like that tight leg feel.

These jeans are a relaxed fit and have some distressed rips on the front and a large rip around the knee area. It is a mid-rise fit complete with normal pockets and belt loops. This jean is currently available in sizes 25 to 31, so make sure to check the size for that perfect fit. BlankNYC has some great fitting jeans!

You can pair these jeans with an oversized band tee, a sweat Moto style jacket, your favorite Vans, and some oversized circle sunnies for that cool girl look. Customers love this jean, saying they love the look!

Silver Jeans Light Wash Boyfriend

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Silver Jeans Co.

People say you should always try to find a silver lining and these Silver Jeans are definitely our silver lining! These ankle cropped jean’s are on the pricer side, but once you slip these on you won’t want to take them off.

This slouchy boyfriend jean made by Silver Jeans Co. is a nice light wash for those who want to mix it up every once in a while. It is a nice change from the typical dark wash jeans. These jeans have distressed rips and tears all down the legs. This jean is currently available in sizes 24 through 32, but make sure to check that size chart first.

These jeans can definitely work with a boho chic style by pairing with a slouchy eyelet top, adding a printed duster, and some super cute platform sandals. Customers rant and rave about these Silver Jeans, because they love the quality and relaxed comfy fit!


Joe’s Jeans Hello Vixen Skinny Ankle

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Joe's Jeans

These low rise distressed Joe’s Jeans are quite pricey, but the fit and quality make it worth the purchase. This ankle jean is perfect for those spring days, when the weather is transitioning.

These Joe’s Jeans are currently only available in sizes 25, 26, 30, and 32. They are in the color Perla and have a pocket pending that is said to perfectly hold your iPhone. They have multiple rips along the legs to add to that worn in distressed look.

You can pair these jeans with a lightweight lace trim tank top, a sweater, and your favorite heels. Customer’s love these jeans for the quality and the fit! Some say they fit a little big or a little small on them though, so be sure to check out the size chart before purchasing.


Miss Me Blowout Pocket Mid-Rise Boot Cut Jean

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Miss Me

Miss Me is known for its super elaborate embellished jeans that everyone loves. These boot cut jeans have a faded distressed look along the legs.

There are rhinestone embellishments and hardware all along the front and back pockets. The pocket area also has a white lace print on the inside. This mid rise jean comes in 2 washes; medium blue and medium wash. These Miss Me jeans are currently available in sizes 24 through 30.

These jeans would look great with a fitted top, leather jacket, and your favorite boots! Customers love Miss Me jeans, because of the great fit and the unique style. Whoever said rhinestones were not meant to be on jeans, never owned a pair of these perfect Miss Me jeans!

Kut From the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jean

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Kut from the Kloth

These Kut from the Kloth jeans are literally the perfect boyfriend jean you could wish for. The price isn’t that bad either. These jeans have a nice ankle cuff style, however these are a more fitted boyfriend style jean.

These Kut From the Kloth jean’s have some distressing with no major rips or large tears. These jeans are currently available in 6 sizes; 0,2,8,10,12,and 14. Make sure to check the size chart to find your fit.

These jeans will look great with an off the shoulder top, oversized sunnies, and a great pair of braided sandals. Customers are raving about these boyfriend style jeans! They love the perfect fit and the look of the jeans! Get ready to purchase these Kut for the Kloth jeans and everyone will be asking where you got your jeans from.

One Teaspoon White Beauty Freebird Jean

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One Teaspoon

We all know that jeans can come in different colors and these white One Teaspoon jeans are the coolest distressed jeans you could own. One Teaspoon jeans are a must when in need of a pair of some finely distressed jeans.

These jeans are available within a higher price range, but you will end up wearing these so much that you will definitely get your money’s worth out of them. These come in a white color with distressed patches all over and two massive rips on the knees. They are currently available in sizes 24 through 31, so make sure you check the size chart for the best fit possible. These jeans are low waist and have a cute ankle zip detail.

You can pair these jeans with an oversized thin knit sweater, a cool large brim hat, and some peep-toe ankle booties! Customer’s continue to fall in love with One Teaspoon jeans,  because of the awesome fit and style!

Jeans will continue to be a staple item in many people’s wardrobe and wearing the distressed look will add just a little more fun! Our top 6 distressed jean picks will let out your inner grunge rocker and you wont want to wear any other types pants for a while. Which distressed jean fit is your favorite? Do you prefer a dark or light wash? Let us know in the comments!

The 6 Best Backpack Purses for Women in 2018

There are purses, satchels, tote bags and the ever so cute backpacks. Other than pockets, these bags help us carry all of our belongings while we galavant around town to run errands, go to class, or just take a stroll downtown. Now don’t get us wrong we love our handbags, but we are a little partial to backpacks! Because of our backpack obsession we’ve curated a list of the 6 best backpacks for women! These backpacks range from boho to edgy backpack styles and some others in between. Backpacks are great from daytrips or anything active that may call for secure mobility and the usage of 2 hands. These backpacks will have you trading in that purse as soon as your order comes in, so go ahead and check these bags ot below!

French Connection Kim Backpack

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French Connection

French Connection is known for its high quality clothing and this accessory is no exception! This French Connection backpack looks exactly like a purse, but it comes with some awesome features!

 This backpack has 2 slip pockets and 1 zip closure pocket on the interior of the bag. It also has 3 exterior zip closure pockets. It also has adjustable and detachable backpack straps, so you are able to fit the right fit! This backpack is currently available in 2 colors; black and blue. There a large price difference between the colors, so be sure to check out the difference before purchase.

Customers love this backpack purse, because of the amount of space and pockets. They also love its versatility. It can be used as a backpack, a regular purse, or a crossbody bag!

Multiple colors available.

Coofit Leather Backpack

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This Coofit backpack is super cute and the pink colors make you think of cotton candy! The backpack size is 26 x 11 x 30 cm. The site says it has a little leather smell and the color might be a little of due to lighting and coloration. Therefore be cautious of that before purchase.

This Coofit backpack has 2 outside pockets and 1 zipper pocket on the back. In the interior there are 2 small pockets for a mobile device, 1 medium size pocket, and 2 zip closure pockets.

This bag comes in four different colors; beige, pink, rose, and black. Customers love this bag, because they say it is a nice small size and a cute style!

Multiple colors available.

Vera Bradley Preppy Poly Backpack

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Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley trades in its signature patterns and prints for these super cute and sleek looking bags. Customers are loving this style and we are sure you will too! 

This backpack is lightweight and is made from water repellent fabric. The straps are also adjustable, so you are able to find that perfect fit. The backpack size is 5 x 12 x 11. There is a front zip closure pocket hidden behind the front seam and a slip pocket on the back. On the interior there is a large compartment, then a zip closure pocket and a slip pocket. The backpack closes with a drawstring and a snap closure.

It is available in 7colors; black, citrine, cobalt stripe, mint, orange, sky blue, tango red, and toast. Customers love this backpack saying it is great for daytrips and it has fantastic functionality/durability! They also love the super cute look!

Multiple colors available.

Roxy Savanna Cay Backpack

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Roxy is known for active sportswear and fun accessories for the girls who like to get outside and be a little more adventurous. This boho style backpack is great for that girl who wants to explore.

This bag is 100% cotton, with padded shoulder straps, and a drawstring cord for closure. This backpack has one main compartment and a zip closure pocket on the inside. This backpack is currently only available in the color, True Black. This bag is great for a day of adventure or a relaxing day at the beach.

Customers gave this backpack 5 stars because of the amount of space and the great quality! Roxy products are great and this bag wont disappoint.

Lucky Brand Nyla Backpack

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Lucky Brand

This Lucky Brand backpack is definitely on the pricier side, but with its top notch quality and unique style this will be a bag that you will use way more than once.

This boho style backpack has a 17.5” shoulder drop, it is 13” high, and it is 10” wide. This leather magnetic snap closure backpack has 2 interior slip pockets and 1 back zip closure pocket. It also has super cute hassle detailing on the closure and a Lucky Brand keychain! This backpack is currently only available in the color Tobacco.

Customers love this purchase, because of its roominess and cute boho style! You’ll feel totally boho chic with this strapped to your back!

Sakroots Backpack

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This Sakroots backpack is a coated canvas and perfect for that boho babe. There is a zip closure front and middle pocket. The interior is one large comaprtment has a padded pocket and a middle zipper closure pocket with seperate sections.

This backpack also comes with a super cute wristlet of the same print, so that is a great bonus! The coolest feature of this bag is its built-in powerbank of 2500mah. The backpack is 9 x 4 x 13 and a 31 inch drop. The wristlet is 8.9 x 0.4 x 5.3 and a 6 inch drop. This backpack is available in 8 different prints!

Customers are ranting and raving about their Sakroots backpack because of it Style/design and awesome features!

Multiple colors available.

No matter where your day takes you, these totally trendy backpacks will have you covered by holding anything you will need! There are backpacks for any style and they are always a great accessory to have handy. We hope you are totally falling for our choices for the 6 best backpacks for women! What style is your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

The 8 Best Pants for Summer 2018

Soon it will be that time of the year where we’re allowed to leave the coat at home and not think about the layers we have to wear to go out. Soon it will be hot again and we will be talking about which clothes to use so we can feel lighter and cooler. Or maybe, you’re planning a getaway and you need this post with desperation. If that’s the case I’m so jealous I could cry right now.

But in any case, we have to set the record straight: summer and hot weather are not for shorts only. There are some cute ways you can pull off a good and chic summer outfit, and we know just where to find the right pieces.

Popana Damask Palazzo Pants

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Popana Damask Palazzo Pants

One thing we need in hot weather is a fabric that can ‘breath’. Something fresh that allow us to feel the air and not completely locked down on our pants. And these are the pants for that, plus the trendy side of it.

These pants are made out of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex, just a little bit of stretchiness, like we always need. The waistband is wide and comes with an optional fold for adjusting the length.

Palazzo pants are super trendy right now and you’re going to want these pants in every color possible. And for a better feeling for when you put them in your cart, they’re “proudly made in the USA”.

Lee Women’s Modern Series Straight Fit Zuma Cargo Pant

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Lee Women's Modern Series Straight Fit Zuma Cargo Pant

As a brand, Lee has an incredible reputation for making great, comfortable pants. And these cargo ones are not the exception. Especially if we keep in mind that this is a practical purchase: you can pair them with infinite top options and these will definitely be helpful during other seasons as well.

Straight-leg, with zippered pockets at front and welted pockets at legs and rear, this model is one costumer’s favorite. They highlight that these are comfortable, affordable and with a great fit. However, it I always important to be careful about the size chart.

The fabrics are different depending on which color you choose, but a wide description is offered before buying. Prices also vary by color.

Cherokee Women’s Low-Rise Straight Leg Drawstring Pant

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Cherokee Women's Low-Rise Straight Leg Drawstring Pant

Hot days call for very light materials but also, silhouettes that are loose and flattering at the same time. And if like these pants, variety of colors is also an option, look no further!

Another costumers’ favorites, with comments talking about how comfortable and great-fitting these are. There are even opinions saying they have these in different colors, which is no strange given that they’re a classic.

Made out of polyester and spandex, their most important feature is a drawstring closure and of course, a cargo pocket. Low rise and straight leg, although not so much to be touching the skin all the time. You should definitely try these ones.

Lee Women’s Relaxed-Fit Quinn Knit-Waist Capri Pant

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Lee Women's Relaxed-Fit Quinn Knit-Waist Capri Pant

Lee again, with a different fit, a great fabric, and another costumers’ favorite. The reason these pants are perfect for the hot weather is because they’re made out of 98% cotton, which is the purest fabric you can work with, and the one that ‘breathes’ the most.

Capri pants are a great option for those people who don’t want to live their lives in shorts but still want an option different to pants. But as pants, they have front porkchop pockets and snap-flap pockets at seat.

That and the lovely shades of pastel will steal your heart like they did with mine.

Levi’s Women’s Bermuda Short

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Levi's Women's Bermuda Short

Of course, we can’t leave denim out of any pants equation, but when it comes to summer, jeans can be a Little tricky to wear, due to their thick texture. However, denim is always there, and this time the bermudas are ready to steal the show.

Once again, people is not always attracted by shorts. Not everyone has the legs or the age to pull them off, but these ones are perfect for keeping it cool and appropriate at the same time.

The base fabric is cotton, but the percentage varies by color. The size chart is very wide, but the general measures are the same for every size: front rise: 9 inches, back rise: 13 5/8 inch, leg opening: 17 1/2 inch and inseam: 10 inches rolled.

Aeropostale Women’s Color Wash Twill Midi Shorts

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Aeropostale Women's Color Wash Twill Midi Shorts

But let’s face it, hot weather calls for shorts almost all the time, so of course, we need to include a few of these. And these colorful cute ones are on sale!

The style 7920 in Aeropostale is slim fit and made of 96% cotton, a fresh ingredient for our shorts. They’re very resistant, so you can choose whether to machine wash them or send them to the dry cleaning.

One thing costumers said is that the length is pretty good for a different range of heights, so your shorts being too short is something you wouldn’t have to worry about.

SheIn Women’s Mid Waist Plaid Print Summer Shorts

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SheIn Women's Mid Waist Plaid Print Summer Shorts

And during the hot temperatures, we often face occasions in where we have to look a little more presentable, so denim shorts or bermudas are not the call. We always will have dresses, but why not thinking about a cute pair of printed shorts?

These black and white beauties are 97% cotton and 3% spandex, with a button fly closure. The fitting varies a lot, so a close and detailed look at the measurement size chart is recommended.

Due to spandex, the fabric has some stretch, but it looks chic enough to be paired with a cute top and your favorite sandals to hit the club.

Wink Gal Women’s Summer Boho Playsuit Two Piece Outfits Crop Top And Shorts Set

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 Wink Gal Women's Summer Boho Playsuit Two Piece Outfits Crop Top And Shorts Set

Who says a cute pair of shorts can’t come in a set with a crop top to make the perfect outfit at a top price?

The floral print on this set, made from 100% polyester is going to take your heart. They’re perfect for a day at the beach, a casual lunch or as part of your travel outfit. The shorts have elastic waistband and the top features invisible zip at the back.

The fabricant recommends to take a close look at the size chart offered by them you’re sure your measurements are perfect


The 6 Best Scarves for Winter 2018

Some of the guys dislike wearing scarves, but we can’t seem to find the right reason why not wearing them during the cold winter. They are very stylish, and they always help you keep your neck and the rest of the body warm. For those who think that scarves are only for women, let us remind you that the scarves are in mens fashion more than 200 years (dating way back to when almost every army in past and present used them for their soldiers).

1. Veronz Super Soft Luxurious Classic Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf With Gift Box

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Veronz Super Soft Luxurious Classic Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf With Gift Box

As you may know, men doesn’t like to give their reviews about products that they have bought, but this one is an exception.

One of the reviews wrote: “So I”m finally writing a review because I seriously love this scarf.” Many other reviews of this scarf just love its cashmere feel, and the fact that it doesn’t irritates their necks.

There is also a fact that this scarf is very warm, but not bulky and bunched up. You can choose from many designs to create unique look. They all have fringes, and cool patterns that you can combine with your winter garments and look classy.

One more thing, this scarf can begift-wrapped and used as a great Christmas present for your friends and family.

2. Sakkas Ellington Unisex Knit Scarf

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If you prefer polished look and solid colors, this scarf is ideal. It looks very rich because of knit design, and it serves to its purpose. Perfect length and thickness are the main characteristic of this scarf. It has no fringes so it looks more serious and more masculine.

However, many people who have this scarf have a big problem with it. It looks good on their wifes and girlfriends, and sometimes they borrow it because it looks so cool.

The price of this scarf is affordable so you can purchase two if you already know that your better half also needs a scarf and prevent stealing.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Color Block Stripe Scarf

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Some scarves are more than just frostbite protection. This Tommy Hilfiger Color Stripe comes in two designs, and both of them are very stylish. The burgundy one is more expensive, so we think the green one is a better choise for your shopping if you like to take care of your budget.

In both options colors blends very well, and all the reviewers of this scarf emphasize how warm this one is.

Great thing about this scarf is that it has tree colours that are compatible to almost every classical man coat and jacket out there.

4. Dahlia Men’s 100% Fine Acrylic Colorful Striped Knit Long Scarf

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Oh this one is fine for shure! It is made from different kind of acrylic material which has thinner and finer fibers then other acrylic scarfs. Guys that have this scarf say that it has a luxury softness.

It is also a long scarf but not that long to bother you while walking. You can wrap it around your neck and tuck it into your jacket and you are good to go.

Although it is so soft, this scarf is an excellent choise for manly man, especially tall ones. It goes well with casual style, but you can also wear it with dress coat and slacks and look sharp.

5.Polo Ralph Lauren Wool Blend Pony Scarf

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This authentic Ralph Lauren wool scarf looks so expensive and classy because of embroidered pony logo. It is made mostly out of lambs wool wich means that softness and warmth are guaranteed.

If you are looking for winter scarves you know that the best ones are those with soft surface, and wool and cashmere are the softest materials.

Pay attention when buying because the prices are different depending on the colors. For example northwest-green and hunter-navy scarves are cheaper than the rest, but they also add a strong element of style, especially when they are matched up with bland outfits.

6. Love Lakeside-Men’s Cashmere Feel Winter Plaid Scarf

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Men’s winter coats are usually very plain in their colors, so you can spice up your style with choosing the right scarf!

Here you have 30 different designs to choose from, and the price is awesome, so you can buy more, and change your style by changing just a scarf. Interesting design of this accessory will give more color to your winter clothes.

As you can see from its dimensions, it is not too long, but it is just enough to go around the neck and keep you warm. Classic style, good price and ability to combine this scarf with black, navy and red outfits is what makes it the best choice for smart buyers.

The 7 Best Women’s Pajamas in 2018

Sleep experts like to provide us with all sorts of advice when it comes to achieving the perfect night’s sleep, frequently laboring the importance of establishing a bedtime routine and even making suggestions as to what we should eat each night before retiring. Very few of them, however, seem to appreciate the contribution that the correct sleepwear can make to achieving this end goal. Don’t believe me? Try wearing your warmest ‘winceys’ on the hottest night in July and see how well you sleep. For most women now the question of which pajamas to wear goes beyond season, but is also a question of occasion.

1. Del Rossa Women’s Satin Pajamas, Long Button-Down PJ Set and Mask

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Del Rossa Women's Satin Pajamas, Long Button-Down PJ Set and Mask

Okay, so your partner, as a special treat, has booked a weekend away in a luxury hotel. What pajamas do you want to be seen wearing should the fire alarm go off in the middle of the night and you’re forced to make small talk with the other guests whilst waiting for the all-clear?

Certainly not the tatty t-shirt and torn leggings you usually wear at home. No. You want to be wearing these. 100% satin polyester, these pajamas create the same feeling of luxury found with authentic silk pajamas, but come without the hefty price tag nor the expensive dry cleaning bills.

Available in a variety of colors, and sizes (X small to XXX large), these pajamas also come with a matching satin eye mask, further insuring a really good nights sleep.

2. Women’s Sexy Basic Plain Lingerie Set, Lace Slim Camisole and Knickers Sleepwear Pajama Set

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Women’s Sexy Basic Plain Lingerie Set, Lace Slim Camisole and Knickers Sleepwear Pajama Set

In terms of a suitable occasion on which to wear this pajama set, the clue is in the title and summed up best by a reviewer who described them as ‘sexy without being too revealing.’

Available in sizes 8 – 18 (UK), this set is made from 95% cotton and has an ultra-soft feeling usually only present in more expensive pajamas, making them excellent value for money.

The measurements for each set provided by the manufacturer are very precise, so as long as you ‘measure up’ before purchase there shouldn’t be any problems as to fit. If this should happen, as one reviewer experienced, this set can also double up as underwear.

3. Carole Hochman Midnight Ladies 2-piece Modal Pajama Set

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Carole Hochman Midnight Ladies 2-piece Modal Pajama Set

Doubling up as lounge-wear these are the perfect ‘lazy Sunday’ pajamas and have such straightforward style that if anyone unexpected should knock on your door, it would be impossible for them to tell that you’re still in your jammies.

95% modal these pajamas are comfortable to wear and keep their shape after washing. Available in a variety of colors and patterns and in a full range of sizes, these pajamas make for the perfect multi-seasonal all-rounder.

4. Camille Women’s Ladies Gold Satin Pajama Set With a Red Floral Print

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Camille Women’s Ladies Gold Satin Pajama Set With a Red Floral Print

Okay. You’ve had the very worst of days. You got a written warning from your boss. You broke down in rush hour traffic. You came home to a toilet that needed unblocking.

The kids squabbled all the way through dinner and now you have spaghetti in your hair and hate everything. You need some serious ‘ME’ time and these are serious ‘ME’ time pajamas.

Light some candles, run a scented bath and then, when done, slip on these beautifully feminine, satin-feel pajamas and remind yourself just how special you actually are.

These pajamas are easily washable 100% polyester, come in sizes 12 – 20 (UK), and are available in two different colors so you can buy yourself another pair and repeat the whole process again until the world agrees to behave itself.

5. Carole Hochman Women’s Floral Cotton Capri PJ

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Carole Hochman Women's Floral Cotton Capri PJ

‘Florals, for Spring? Ground-breaking.’ Meryl Streep’s excellently delivered put-down in The Devil Wears Prada overlooks the point that there is something definitively fresh-feeling and spring-like about florals, especially when it comes to pajamas.

Made from 100% cotton, these pajamas are light enough to make them the perfect sleepwear for the warmer months.

Available in a single print and colour (Magnolia Blossom), the shawl collar, tulip hem and contrasting piping give these pajamas a stylish and tailored appeal and, although limited when it comes to sizes available (X-small to medium), the drawstring waist gives a little lee-way to ladies that may be smaller up top but bigger on the bottom.

6. Ladies Blue Sea Winceyette Brushed 100% Cotton

Ladies Blue Sea Winceyette Brushed 100% Cotton

When the nights get dark and the clocks go back there is nothing to beat the pure softness, warmth and comfort that comes from a pair of winceyette pajamas. It doesn’t matter what sort of day you’ve had, ‘winceys’ will put you right again.

If winceyette pajamas do have a drawback, it is that being essentially seasonal items you can be hard pushed to find a pair that isn’t covered in robins, reindeer or snow bunnies – cute and fun at Christmas but redundant come February. These ‘winceys’ with their floral pattern (in either pink or blue) are a rarity.

Available in sizes 12-14, 16-18, 20-22, 24-26 (UK), they come with an elasticated waist and being 100% cotton keep their softness right the way round to Spring.

7. Kindred Bravely the Davy Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas Sleepwear Set

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Kindred Bravely the Davy Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas Sleepwear Set

You’ve just had a baby. You currently exist in a permanent state of both shock and exhaustion. Your breasts are swollen and your nipples sore.

You continually want to weep and it seems like years since you last saw your feet. The most expensive pajamas on this list – Mums – you deserve these pajamas.

Designed to fit right through your pregnancy and discreet enough when nursing, these pajamas are so stylish, soft and comfortable that you probably won’t want to take them off.

One reviewer wearing the top out matched with a pair of jeans. These pajamas are available in six colors and in sizes ranging from small to XX-large.

The 7 Best Black Leggings (NOT See Through) in 2018

Leggings are one of my favorite pieces of clothes because they can be worn with almost everything. During the winter they can be one of the layers beneath your pants and keep you warm. They are elastic and soft, so they make an excellent choice for traveling. Some women use them instead of pajamas while they are away from home. I use them to save space in my suitcase. Why would I put pajamas in my suitcase when I can take leggings with me and use them for my activities during the day, and sleep in them during the night.

But, there is only one problem with this multiple uses of leggings. If they are not made out of quality materials, they become see through. And you can toss them because you don’t want your underwear flashing everywhere.

In order to help you to buy great black leggings that will suit you, I checked out a lot of reviews and opinions about best leggings out there.  Let’s take a look!

Jockey Women’s Ankle Legging with Wide Waistband

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Jockey Women's Ankle Legging with Wide Waistband

When you are looking for a perfect black legging you are looking for comfort and durability. These leggings are made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex. Natural but elastic.

The best part of this legging is wide elastic waistband wich makes them perfect for exercises. You can do yoga, pilates, and aerobics easily because they don’t pinch around the waist.

Reviewers claim that these are not seen trough and the material is thick, so you can wear them as pants when you want to be comfortable throughout the day, and not just for the workout.

Multiple colors.

Spalding Women’s Ankle Legging

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Spalding Women's Ankle Legging

To me, Spalding is a familiar brand for basketball balls, but it looks like that this brand has grown and now, they are loved by women and man who are not related to basketball.

This ankle-length legging featuring wide waistband wich is making them favorite leggings on the market. At the left hip, it has contrast logo emblem and there are only tree different colors of this model: black, navy, and charcoal.

Reviewers say that they are not transparent, and recommending hand washing to keep their elasticity.

Multiple colors.

Danskin Women’s Essentials Ankle Legging

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Danskin Women's Essentials Ankle Legging

Sometimes you feel discouraged to even go to the gym. You are thinking that everybody will see that you haven’t been there for a long time. They will see your muffin top. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You just have to choose the right leggings.

Danskin ankle legging has wide and elastic waistband can miraculously cover and tuck in your muffin top. They are not transparent and you can wear them as pants if you combine them with big sweater and boots. Reviewers say that they feel like they have found the best leggings for this price, and many of them are ordering more than one pair.

Multiple colors.

90 Degree by Reflex Women’s Power Flex Yoga Pants

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90 Degree by Reflex Women's Power Flex Yoga Pants

I am not a genius when it comes to math, but when I checked the statistic for this yoga pants I had to put them here. More than a thousand women (and maybe some man, let be equal okay?) have left their comment about this pants, and 70% are so excited about them that you can no imagine. Five stars everywhere.Multiple colors.

It seems that everybody loves good stitching, comfort and soft feel of these flex yoga pants. Curvy girls are obsessed with these pants because they are stretchy and higher waisted, so if you bend everything stays covered. Now, take a deep breath and choose the right color!

Multiple colors.

Baleaf Women’s Ankle Legging Inner Pocket Non-See-through Fabric

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Baleaf Women's Ankle Legging Inner Pocket Non-See-through Fabric

Figure flattering ankle leggings from Baleaf are excellent for your casual look because of that special addition: inner pocket! You can keep your key inside, an iPod, or something so valuable but small.

The waistband is elastic and broad, and it stays in place when you work out. The opaque fabric is hugging your legs and waist perfectly, and its stretchy material is not scratchy and the skin breath underneath. Just an excellent choice in this price range. And in higher price ranges also.

Multiple colors.

Daisity Women’s Yoga Pants – Gym Activewear Slim Spandex Tights – Hidden Pocket

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Daisity Women's Yoga Pants - Gym Activewear Slim Spandex Tights - Hidden Pocket

Three words to describe these pants: comfort, comfort and pure happiness! Okay, that is more than tree words, but you get the point. They fit like a glow, and they do not see trough because the material is thick.

Skin can breathe underneath these pants, and gym people just love them. And I call gym people all of those who go to gym more than two times a month. Reviewers are smitten by their shape and the fact that they have flat seams that are reducing irritation caused by chafing.

It seems that everybody who have bought this pair of yoga pants, wants to order few more, so hurry up and order them while they are still in stock.

Multiple colors.

Franato Women’s Seamless Full-Length Leggings High Waist Slimming

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Franato Women's Seamless Full-Length Leggings High Waist Slimming

If you want to go to the gym empowered and confident, even tough you don’t spend nights and days at the gym, you need a pair of these. This specific black shiny material is lifting, tucking in, and keeping everything where it should be. Black colored clothes always shrink and makes you look thinner, and this fabric lifts your butt. Everything that you need to enhance your figure!

Reviewers are recommending them to women in their post natal period because high waist is covering muffin top, and thick fabric is covering cellulite.
It is important to say that they are easy to wash, and very durable.

Multiple colors.

Best and Warmest Winter Jackets for College Students in 2018 (Mens and Womens)

When winter arrives, sometimes you have to choose warmth over the style, and that is just not fair, especially for college students that are going to be spending the next months and years with their fellow schoolmates. Luckily, there are jackets for winter that can satisfy all needs. We have made a list for both male and female students that are both stylish and warm.

Lets begin with the ladies (click here to skip down to the Men’s section).

Tommy Hilfiger Womens Plus Size

tommy-hilfiger-womens-plus-sizeJust what many of us is looking for, when it comes to finding the right coat for freezing winter days. It is not too glamorous, and not too sporty, and that makes it perfect for your college style. It has zipped pockets on both sides, and it visually makes you look thinner. It comes in tree different colors, so you can choose the one that goes well with your boots, scarf or beanie.

This coat has a lined hood, made of the polyester and wool, which will prevent any disasters that rain and snow can cause to your hair. Entire coat is also made of polyester and wool, so it will keep you warm like a french kiss. When it gets a bit warmer, you can get rid of the hood and unzip the jacket to show of your sweater.

Multiple Colors

Minibee Women’s Winter Outwear Hoodie Coat

minibeeThe trend is simple this season: the bigger, the better! Minibee women’s winter hoodie coat is very stylish and it will keep you dry at any time. It is just perfect for moments when you can’t hold the umbrella because it’s is so windy.

This one has a snaps over the zipper, which is great because sometimes zippers can break if you are not very careful. Multiple colors available.

The army green version is the edgiest, but you will not miss if you pick any other color. So, If you are the person who likes to stand out of the crowd with their style even in the coldest weather, this one is for you.

Multiple Colors


Steve Madden Women’s Single Breasted Wool Coat

steven-maddenWould you like to get a lot of compliments about your figure during the winter time? Oh well, who wouldn’t?!

But frankly, in this time of the year when we need the most confidence, we tend to get fat, and our clothes is not that flattering as it was in previous seasons.

That is why we all need a coat like this in our wardrobe. This coat emphasize the waist and it is a classic. It comes in 8 different colors, and it has a hoodie that is very practical.

If you want to feel like a lady, and embrace your beautiful curves, this one is for you.

Multiple Colors


Women’s The North Face Arctic Parka Jacket

womans-north-face-arctic-parkaDuring those cold months we usually wear a lot of heavy clothes, and that can be really annoying, but this coat is much lighter than the others in its category and it just won’t make you feel looking like a marshmallow.

It is great for outdoor activities because it has a good zipper, big fleece lined pockets to warm up your hands. The cuffs inside the sleeve keep your arms warm, and prevent cold air inside your coat.

It comes in various colors, and it has a cool, versatile hood with faux fur trim. Perfect jacket for those girls who enjoy outdoor activities and winter time, without catching a cold.

Multiple Colors Available


That’s it for the Ladies, here’s the mens selection:

Wantdo Men’s Waterproof Mountain Jacket Fleece Windproof Ski Jacket

wantdo-mens-waterproofWantdo waterproof mauntain jacket has an inner pocket for important documents, wallet or keys which makes it very practical. There is also an earphone line fastening and supporting fixture available inside the jacket.

Very cool, masculine and sporty jacket is the best solution for days without motivation. In this one, you will feel like you can climb the mont Everest. For college budget this one is perfect, because it is cheaper than those with known names, although the quality is the same.

You can also use this jacket for skiing during the holiday season.

Multiple Colors Available


Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ultra Loft Insulated Midlength Quilted Puffer Jacket with Fixed Hood

tommy-hilfiger-mens-ultra-loftThis wind-breaker is a bit more expensive than the previous one, but it has so many great rewires all over the internet, that it seems that is worth it.

Designers of this jacket were very smart, so they have made sleeves with elastic fabric around wrists for keeping you away from cold, but they also made it that it doesnt look like that, it looks like regular sleeve.

You can wash it washing machine, and maintain it for more than just one season without big dry cleaning expenses. Another good thing is that this one is very lightweight so you can pack it in your bag, when you travel.

Multiple Colors Available


Columbia Men’s Blancher Mountain Omni-Tech Jacket

blancherMany guys are not big fans of accessories such as scarfs, and hats. They need good spacious hood, and full zip closure with one button snap on top. The lining of this jacket is perfect for trapping body temperature as well as preventing any wind from penetrating.

Nice touch is removable hood, as this gives the wearer another option for reducing bulk when the weather is nicer. It also has a wather proof pocket in front, for your best friend-your phone.

This jacket is great choice for those who live in places with more extreme winter conditions, or for those who just dislike a lot of layers and sweater underneath the jacket.

Multiple Colors Available


Carhartt Men’s Arctic Quilt Lined Yukon Active Jacket J133

carhartt-mens-artic-quiltThis water-repellent jacket is excelent for cold weather and some reviewers say it is so awesome and warm that it can be worn even in Alaska. It features two inside pockets, two hand-warmer pockets and rib-knit cuffs and waist.

A lot of reviewers have mentioned how stiff the jacket is when you originally receive it, but that is in the beginning, because after few days you stop noticing that stiffness. So, when you receive it, use that piled up exam-stress for a good cause and break this jackets stiffness.

This jacket is also known for its durability, so it may stay with you throughout your college years.


The 6 Best Windbreaker Jackets for 2018

You no longer have to let those spring showers and summer storms hold you indoors. We have found the 6 best women’s windbreakers for 2017! You will no longer have to feel like a prisoner in your own home you’ll be able to continue to explore the great outdoors even if is down-pouring with 25 mph winds. All of these jackets have windproof and water resistant capabilities. They range from cool classic windbreaker styles in a nice neutral color to super fun spring colors. These windbreaker jackets will keep you warm and dry on even the stormiest days. So don’t let excessive winds and rainfall keep you tied down, take a peak at our list and you will be adventuring as soon as your windbreaker arrives in the mail!

Columbia W’s Flashback Windbreaker

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Columbia Flashback Windbreaker

Columbia is well known for making quality clothing tailored to an active outdoors lifestyle. According to customers they did not disappoint with this lightweight windbreaker. This Columbia windbreaker is perfect for those days when there is a drizzle in the air all day long.

This windbreaker is made of water resistant fabric which is perfect for rainy overcast days. This coat also has an elastic adjustable hood and zippered pockets to keep you dry. This jacket comes in sizes extra small to extra large. It comes in 4 fun colors; black shiny, laser red shiny, cypress shiny, and light grape shiny. It also has a slightly longer length than a regular windbreaker, which seems to be a hit with customers!

Customers loved this product giving it a five star rating! They loved the lightweight fabric, the longer length, and the great price! This windbreaker is perfect for those warm spring showers!

Multiple Colors Available.

Carhartt Rockford Windbreaker

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Carhartt Windbreaker

Carhartt makes quality hunting jackets and with this windbreaker there is no exception to its quality. This windbreaker is considered a rain defender, so of course it is on our list for the best windbreakers to protect you from the elements.

This jacket is made with water resistant and wind resistant fabric to keep you dry. This jacket is currently available in sizes extra small to extra large. It also comes in 2 cool spring colors; burnt coral and emerald. This jacket has a hood with an elastic cord to tighten for extra windy situations. It also has a zippered chest pocket and snap button closure side pockets. It has snap adjustments on the wrists for an adjustable fit.

Customers are falling hard for this jacket purchase! They love the spring colors, the roomy fit, and the great quality of this item! You don’t want to miss out on this purchase.

Multiple Colors Available.

Adidas Outdoor Wondertag Jacket

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Adidas Windbreaker

Adidas is a leading brand for sports and activewear. It has been incorporating climate protection to their products for some time now. This Adidas Wondertag jacket is perfect for that protection of rainstorms with windy conditions.

This jacket is a little pricey, but definitely worth the purchase. This jacket has many features including being rain and windproof. It also has very breathable fabric and an adjustable hood. This jacket is available in sizes extra small to extra large. Theres is a nice array of 7 vibrant colors; night flash, vivid berry, semi solar yellow, solar blue, light purple, base green, and black.

Customers are ranting and raving about this product, saying this jacket is great in windy/rainy weather. They say the jacket is very roomy, so you can order a size down if you would like it to be more fitted.

Multiple Colors Available.

Columbia Flash Forward Printed Windbreaker

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Columbia Printed Windbreaker

If you’re looking for a fun print to add to your storm weather style. This Columbia colorful geometric printed windbreaker is just what you are looking for.

This jacket has water resistant fabric so you stay nice and dry during rainstorms. It also has zippered pockets to keep those rain droplets out. It is also equipped with an elastic adjustable hood and an adjustable waistband in order for you to find the best fit. This jacket comes in sizes extra small to extra large. It is available in 4 fun springtime prints; eclipse blue, geyser print, foxglove floral, and tippet triangle.

Customers love this jacket due its great fit and quality of the item. They did say it is a little thin, so it is better for those warmer stormy days. It is currently on sale, so get it now before the prices rise.

Multiple Colors Available.

Charles River Apparel Front Pocket Classic Pullover

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Charles River Apparel Windbreaker

This Charles River Apparel windbreaker brings back that 90’s style of jackets with its pullover style and kangaroo pouch pocket. This jacket is designed to be a little oversized, so get ready to feel cozy while you talk your stroll down the block during a calm rainstorm.

This jacket is comfy and warm, because of its water and wind resistant fabric. It has a half zipper on the front, so it’s also perfect for when the rain ceases and the sun comes out from behind the storm clouds. There is an adjustable drawstring cord on the waistband for comfort. This jacket is currently available in sizes small to extra extra large. It also comes in 11 different colors! These colors include; forest green, golden yellow, orange, white, cardinal, navy, purple, royal blue, black, maroon, and red.

Customers love this jacket for its ability to keep out the rain and to withstand strong winds. They also love the great price and the roomy fit so they can layer clothing underneath.

Multiple Colors Available.

The North Face Resolve Jacket

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The North Face Windbreaker

We all probably know someone who owns a North Face jacket and you should definitely know why! These jackets are made with quality and comfort in mind.

This jacket is fantastic with great moisture repellent fabric and it also protects against the wind chill. It is mesh lined for a light weight feel. It has an attached/adjustable hood! This zip front jacket is also featured with a chin guard with a velcro top closure. It is currently available in sizes extra small to triple extra large. It is available in 45 different colors so we are sure there is a color that will suit your style!

Customers adore The North Face products and this jacket is no exception. They love that this jacket really does keep them dry and warm during storms. However the jacket according to some is a little thin, so it might be best for warmer rain storms. They also advise to check the colors as to some look a little different than the picture. Nonetheless, this North Face will definitely compliment almost every outfit!

Multiple Colors Available.

Even though it’s warm outside doesn’t mean you have to get drenched or end up chilly due to the elements. Try out our 6 best windbreakers list to find the best one for you! You’ll no longer have to walk home from school, work, class, or an outdoor activity cold and drenched. What do you think of our picks? Which jacket is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

The 6 Best Black Pants for a Curvy Figure in 2018

I just love when a woman has curves, and I think man also love to see women with curves. Unfortunately media today doesn’t empower enough woman who has curves, and it is very common for girls and women to think that they have to hide them.

No, you don’t have to do that my dear. You have to embrace what you have got and to style it up.

With perfect style, and smile on your face, you will be the star of every event that you attend. People enjoys meeting women who look like a goddess. And by that, I mean women who know how to take care of her makeup, hair, and outfit. I am here to help you choose the right style for your curvy figure, and all of my suggestions of pants will be in black color because that is the best for every formal and informal occasion.

Ruby Rd. Women’s Petite Pull-On Solar Millennium Super Stretch Pant

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Ruby Rd. Women's Petite Pull-On Solar Millennium Super Stretch Pant

Perfect pants for office are those that have classic shapes, and these pants do. They have a high waist and relaxed fit and that never goes out of style. And what is more important, these pants are so flattering to you body type.

Your legs will look longer because of the high waist and flat front, and the black color will make you look a bit thinner. Also, they are stretchy because they are made of nylon, rayon, and spandex. That means that you can wear them all day long, and don’t feel any discomfort.

So, if you are looking great everyday pants that are flattering to your curvy figure you are a click away from them.

Multiple colors.

2LUV Plus Women’s High-Waisted Plus Palazzo Pants

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2LUV Plus Women's High-Waisted Plus Palazzo Pants

These days wide leg is a huge trend, and if you are women with curves you can freely follow this trend. Pants like this are called palazzo, and I think of them as a more stylish version than those pants with bell bottoms.

If you pair them with a glittery top, and comfortable high heels you can go downtown and dance whole night fiercely. It will also look amazing if you pair them up with two button jacket for an office look. You will have a lot of space around your legs, and around your waist.

If you are standing it will look like you are in a long skirt, but you shouldn’t just stand it these. You should take them for a walk around town, and become the next street style icon!

Multiple colors.

Lixmee Women’s High Waist Solid Color Loose Wide Leg Pants

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Lixmee Women's High Waist Solid Color Loose Wide Leg Pants

Another pair of palazzo pants, but for those who like heavier materials. They are simple and they are giving you very sophisticated look. When I first saw them, I remembered my favorite English teacher who was so posh and intelligent.

Perfect for office work and strict dress codes because of their structure and material. They are also a good choice for winter days. Pair them up with shoes that have high heels, blouse and a version of Chanel jacket for a smart look.

You can also wear a thin belt with this pants, and try to match up your belt and shoes for more style points.

Multiple colors.

Sidecca Women’s Retro Rockabilly 6-Button High Waist Smock Pant

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Sidecca Women's Retro Rockabilly 6-Button High Waist Smock Pant

Pants above were perfect for winter, and this pair of women’s retro pant is just made for summer nights at the peer. Famous high fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger were inspired by this theme, and why wouldn’t you be inspired by sea and sailors as well?

High waisted pants with 6 buttons will make your waist look thinner, and add that 60ties favor to your outfit. Buttons are here just for decoration, and as you may see on the picture there is a zip closure. It is important to know that the fabric around the waist provides extra stretch and that is very light weighted wich makes it perfect for summer.

Match this pants with curly hair, red lipstick, big lashes, blush, and polka dots for a retro look. For nautical style match them with stripes, red details, and golden jewelry.

Rekucci Women’s Secret Figure Pull-On Knit Straight Pant w/ Tummy Control

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Rekucci Women's Secret Figure Pull-On Knit Straight Pant w/ Tummy Control

It is said that you can’t judge a book by its covers, but can you choose a pair of pants because of the name? In this case, you can.

This fabric is made to hugs your legs perfectly, and hide imperfections with tummy control around the waist. These high waisted pants feel like wearing your yoga pants, so you can wear them wherever you go. For example, if you have a long distance plane to catch, they are the right choice. You can also wear them to any formal occasion that you have, such as ceremonies, public events, or for office work.

Reviewers agree that this brand is becoming their favorite brand for pants, just because of this model. That says a lot, don’t you think?

Multiple colors.

Briggs New York Women’s All Around Comfort Pant

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Briggs New York Women's All Around Comfort Pant

Sometimes you just need some regular pants that won’t be in the center of the attention. You are just asking for the pants that are comfortable and versatile. Regular pants that don’t have any trick or buttons or zippers. Plain and clean. That doesn’t mean that your style will be plain with them. It means that you can match them up with all the moods women can have.

Straight leg is figure flattering for women with curves, and the pockets on the side are there to make your look much cooler. I just love when the pockets are made like that, so I can put my hands inside and look so cool and confident.

It is important to mention that these pants have an elastic waistband, but the front part is very flat, and that is the reason why so many women liked it so much.

Multiple colors.

The 6 Best Women’s Running Jackets for 2018

Dreaming of taking nice relaxing run in 2017? For some, the changing season’s will have you wondering what to choose to wear from your athletic wardrobe. Today we have created this list of the best women’s running jackets for 2017.

These jackets range from super stylish pieces to colorful fun styles that will make you feel like you can run just a little bit faster and a little bit longer. It doesn’t matter if you are an avid marathoner or just starting the Couch to 5k program, these jackets will have you moving those legs and staying warm while staying active.

Even if you don’t run at all, these stylish running jackets will keep you warm while running errands on chilly spring days and keep you looking fashion forward when you take that spin class at the gym. Check out these hot picks below to get ready for you next active endeavor!

Kirkland Signature Full Zip Active Jacket

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Kirkland Signature Sea Foam Green Jacket

This Kirkland full zip active jacket is the perfect running jacket for 2017. It is equipped with a full length zipper closure. It has moisture absorbent fabric to provide ultimate comfort while staying active. There are even cute thumbholes to keep those hands nice and snug.

This jacket is currently available in sizes extra small to medium. It is available in 3 different colors; coral, sea green, and blueberry. Customers give this jacket 5 stars due to its great fit! They all deem it to be an excellent choice and perfect for jogging.

You can pair this running jacket with a variety of sports attire, including patterned leggings or running shorts. You will love this jacket and end up buying it in every color!

Multiple Colors Available.

SM by Steve Madden Quilted Hoodie Running Jacket

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SM by Steve Madden Hoodie Jacket

Steve Madden is usually known for its great quality shoes, handbags, and clothing. Now this brand has dipped into the activewear market, creating some customer hit pieces. This jacket is on the pricer side, but well worth the splurge with its cool mixture of fashion and functionality.

This SM by Steve Madden hoodie jacket is perfect for when the weather is a little colder. It has a diamond quilted body with raglan sleeves, creating a perfect silhouette.

It has a full zip closure that locks in warmth while the thumbholes keep sleeves in place and hands toasty. The jacket also has an arm pocket which is perfect for cellular devices and zipper pockets on the sides. It is currently only available in sizes large and extra large. It also only comes in one color combination of black/jetty grey.

Customers love this unique style and flattering fit. You can pair this running jacket with a classic pair of black leggings and black and white sneakers for a very monochromatic look. Get it now before your size is sold out!

Asics Lite Show 1/2 Zip Jacket

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Asics 1/2 Zip Jacket

This Asics 1/2 zip jacket is great for comfort and perfect for that mid-day jog through the park. This jacket is the epitome of style and has a great amount of special features. It is a great price for the quality and protection while running.

It has moisture management fabric capabilities. It also protects you from those rays of sunshine with 50+ UPF. It has mesh fabric with an air channel for ultimate comfort and breathability. There is also a reflective logo and trim for visibility during those spur of the moment nightly runs. Instead of the usual zipper pocket, this jacket is completed with a nice kangaroo pocket. It runs in sizes from extra small to extra large. It also comes in 3 colors; black life show print, grapeade, and pistachio.

Customers love this jacket for its great quality and fun style! They also say it runs a little small so they advise to order one size larger. You can pair this cute jacket with some printed running shorts or capris, perfect for those warmer day runs. You won’t be disappointed with this item!

Multiple Colors Available.

Head ‘On the Move’ Moto Jacket

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Head Moto Jacket

Head is more well known for their top quality tennis rackets and tennis gear. But this jacket is perfect for that fashionista who wants to stay setting trends even while running that mile loop.

This Head Moto jacket is quite trendy with an asymmetrical biker jacket look. It also has cuffed sleeves and thumbholes. The zipper is also reflective when shined on by lights at night. This jacket comes in sizes extra small to large and is available in 2 colors, black and charcoal heather.

Customers love this jacket! They adore its great price, lightweight material, and stylish look. You can pair this trendsetting piece with some colored leggings or even double it as a regular jacket and wear with jeans.

Multiple Colors Available.

Nike All Time Full Zip Training Hoodie

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Nike Jacket

Nike has been known for its quality performance wear for decades. Being a leading brand in the athletic industry for its innovation of functionality and quality.

This Nike full zip training hoodie is perfect for some of those colder days. It contains thermal fit fabric to keep you warm while you exercise. The arms also have thumbholes to keep those hands nice and warm. The fabric is also quite comfortable and it has a kangaroo pocket to store small items. It comes with a hood with a drawstring so you can keep on running even when those clouds look a little stormy and rain begins to fall. This jacket comes in sizes extra small to extra large. It comes in 5 different colors; fire berry/vibrant pink, black, light tidal blue, court purple, and purple dust/green.

Customers love this jacket for its great fit and great quality! You can pair this jacket with a number of athletic attire. Black clothing is always a nice choice and the jacket will be a great pop of color. Get ready for a chilly run with this great item!

Multiple Colors Available.

Icyzone 1/2 Zip Running Shirt Jacket

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Icyzone Jacket

This Icyzone 1/2 zip running shirt jacket is perfect for those warm days when their is only a faint chill in the air. This jacket is perfect for the person who isn’t afraid to add some crazy prints and a little color their running wardrobe.

This jacket comes in sizes small to extra large. It comes in 5 colors/geometric patterns which are called fantastic, lighting, monochrome, plume, and zebra. This jacket is made with a very comfortable material that is quick drying and with a great style and fit. It has thumbholes and a mesh back for cooling. There is a zipper pocket on the back and the arm!

Customers love this jacket because of the cute thumbholes, the amount of pockets, and the comfort of the item! You can pair any of these sweet geometric prints with a pair of solid leggings or running shorts for a balanced look. This jacket will be all the rage on the running trails!

Multiple Colors Available.

We sure hope you feel like taking a nice jog after reading about our picks for the best running jackets for 2017! While you are running those errands or running on that rugged trail, you deserve to be comfortable and stylish. Go ahead and choose which of these cute running jackets are your favorite. What jacket style do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

The 9 Best Rain Jackets for Women in 2018

With the onset of the spring season, we are on a constant look out for clothing options that are a perfect combination of style and purpose; outfits that protect us from the weather and at the same time make sure that we step out in style!

Well look no further, we bring to you a catalogue of cherry picked premium quality rain jackets for women. Each of the entries has made the cut by successfully being scrutinized on our list of parameters such as, fabric quality, stitch pattern, extent of insulation and warmth offered, average customer reviews and many more.

Let’s have a look at them:

#1. Columbia Women’s Switchback II Jacket

Columbia Women's Switchback II JacketVerdict from a whopping 1,484 customer ratings- 4.3/5 stars

‘’ Excellent, well worth the money!!! “-Actual Review

With a staggering 1,484 customer reviews and a 4.3 star rating, this Columbia jacket seems to be adored by one and all! Assessing from the number of people going gaga over it, seems like ‘simple and sober’ is definitely in this season.

This lightweight nylon jacket is extremely compact as it can be folded into its own pocket and put in a purse so that you don’t have to bother with carrying it around on a trip. This lightweight nylon jacket offers Omni-shield advanced repellency to completely lock out the cold and keep your body at a comfortably warm temperature. Ideal for both a quick trip to coffee shop and a camping trip, this jacket by Columbia proves them to be a proclaimed brand in winter weather wear yet again.

#2. Charles River Apparel Women’s New Englander Waterproof Rain Jacket

Charles River Apparel Women's New Englander Waterproof Rain JacketVerdict from a whopping 2,358 customer ratings- 4.3/5 stars

‘’ This jacket is simply perfect “-Actual Review

This exclusive rain wear jacket by Charles River Apparel is surely a winner with an average rating of 4.3 and largely positive 2,358 customer reviews. It comes in 13 vibrant colors and is heat-sealed to keep out wind and rain.

This has an A-line fit that gives a flattering silhouette, a customer from Seattle definitely agrees to this, saying that this is the perfect ‘girly rain jacket’.


#3. Diamond Candy Women’s Outdoor Packable Rain Jacket

diamond-cand-womens-outdoorVerdict from 81 customer ratings- 4.2/5 stars

‘’ By far the best fitting jacket I own ‘’- Actual Review

This jacket by Diamond candy takes up the #3 spot in our coveted list due to its popularity with the customers. It is coupled with elcro cuff tabs and attached, fully adjustable hood with hidden draw cord system.

These added comforts make it a top choice amongst travelers, trekkers and alpinists. The jacket has been praised for its stylish fit, sturdy design and great waterproofing effect.


#4. RAIN SLICKS Women’s Classic Look Raincoat Hooded Plaid Lined Waterproof Jacket

rain-slicks-womens-classicVerdict from 153 customer ratings- 4.2/5 stars

‘’ Waterproof and stylish ‘’- Actual Review

Garnering mostly 5 star reviews, this jacket by Rain Slick is very fashionable and durable. The free shipping and return options make it an even more attractive deal to consider.

The modish rolled up cuff look showing plaid lining, is adored by most of the customers. It has numerous pockets which provide great room for your stuff and is relatively lightweight without losing on the warmth aspect.

As a reviewer sums it up pretty well, ‘’ Better than any other raincoat that I have ever had.’’


#5. Columbia Women’s Pardon My Trench Rain Jacket

pardon-my-trench-from-columbiaVerdict from 681 customer ratings- 4.1/5 stars

‘’ A stylish, effective layer ‘’- Actual Review

Another superb item from Columbia made it to our list. Available in a plethora of colors and sizes, this trench-coat-style rain jacket is considered effortlessly street-savvy by the customers.

It gives a versatile fit and a flattering longer cut, which is generally not common to find in bulky rain weather outfits.

As one reviewer rightly remarks,’ It’s hard to keep your waist contour visible when you’re wearing layers, this trench coat with waist belts helps a lot in this department!’


#6. Wantdo Women’s Hooded Packable Ultra-Light Weight Short Down Jacket

wantdo-womens-hoodedVerdict from 347 customer ratings- 4.1/5 stars

‘’ Best lightest coat ever ‘’- Actual Review

This super light and warm jacket by Wantdo is popular for its sporty yet feminine look and feel. This is padded with zip closure and reglan-sleeve design.

Customers report timely delivery, perfect fitting and are overall happy and satisfied with this purchase.

The coat is available in a variety of colors and sizes, and Amazon offers the option of free returns on some of them, thus making it easy for the customers to find the perfect fit.

NOTE: For best results while hand washing, allow jacket to drip-dry before tumble-drying


#7. Meaneor Womens Rainwear Active Outdoor Hooded Cycling Packable and Lightweight Jacket

meaneor-rainwearVerdict from 347 customer ratings- 4.1/5 stars

‘’ Simple yet awesome ‘’- Actual Review

This Meaneor Rainwear Outdoor Jacket is definitely value for money with most of the reviewers labelling it as- lightweight, portable and smart.

This is a perfect gear for people who are headed for a place with rainy climate as it zips up well and is extremely comfortable even with the layering underneath.

According to a satisfied customer,’’ The jacket comes packed in visibly good conditions without any stains or loose threads and is true to the material specifications mentioned.”


#8. Calvin Klein Women’s Hooded Water Resistant Softshell Rain Jacket

calvin-klein-womens-hoodedNo reviews yet

Free returns on select sizes and colors

This voguish Softshell rain jacket by fashion giant Calvin Klein is definitely worth a steal. It comes with the revolutionary 4-way stretch, ensuring effortless comfort that moves with your body.

It is thigh length with zipper closure and exhibits a tonal logo detail at the left hem. The sleeves are sufficiently long and adjustable with Velcro tabs.

Made of spandex, this surely classifies as one of the trendiest rain jacket of the season.


#9. Helly Hansen Women’s Kirkwall Rain Coat

helly-hansen-womens-kirkwallVerdict from 18 customer ratings- 4.0/5 stars

‘’ Great coat ‘’- Actual Review

The Kirkwall rain coat is a new, trendier version of the classic Helly Hansen fisherman’s raincoat. This combines both style and practicality in its great retro design.

Full-stretch helox+ fabric ensures total weather protection and freedom of movement. A verified reviewer, living in a rainy climate, happily states that it’s of supremely high quality and she is very likely to recommend it to a friend.

This model runs a bit small in its size, so keep that detail in mind while purchasing.


The 17 Best and Warmest Leggings for Winter 2018

Leggings with a lining are perfect for the cold weather and they help your body temperature at the same time. But as we recommend with any kind of leggings you should keep one thing in mind: no matter how much we love them, they’re not pants. So wear them with cute, oversized tops or sweaters this winter, they will go perfectly with your boots or any winter gear. Let’s take a look at our top picks:

SPANX Women’s Moto Leggings

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Spanx Women's Moto Leggings

Spanx is the go to brand for slim wear. True to the Spanx trademark, these leggings are ultra-slimming and are made to flatter your figure. The leggings have shaping technology built into both the tricot-mesh waistband, and in the legs with faux leather detailing. They are made with high quality ponte fabric, which creates smooth lines, and provides just the right amount of flexibility and comfort.

The moto-inspired leather detailing on sides make these leggings a versatile wardrobe statement piece. They can be dressed up with stilettos for a chic modern look, or dressed down with sneakers for a casual day out.  Leather pants are a hot trend right now. These leggings are a perfect way to achieve this fashion forward look without getting completely leather pants.

BCBGMAXAZRIA Women’s Kalin Legging

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Winter calls for something more than regular fabrics. Leather, for example. And the good thing about leather is that it will make us look powerful by the minute. But if your friends with nature, you can also use them, because the leather-looking comes from a base of 100% polyurethane in the front and 100% polyester in the back. These two materials are mixed with a few panels that contrast polyester, rayon, nylon and spandex. Looking at these closely someone might think they’re not exactly comfortable, but an elastic closure is a good guarantee for that. And the model is the opposite of boring black leggings: stitching in the knees and tights, front zipper pockets, all very put together for a very badass look. Way to kick off the bad weather huh?

BCBGMAXAZRIA Women’s Sasha Ponte Legging

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BCBG is doing a great job by keeping us away from boring clothes. And they do it with contrasting, very formal-looking leggings that we can actually wear to a bunch of different occasions, work included. They’re made out of 76% rayon, 21% nylon and 3% percent spandex, so they basically look a little bit more like pants and a little less like leggings.

These two-tone leggings have a very nice fit, not as tight as we could expect, and a mid-rise waist, that comes actually in a good time, when we’d like everything to be embracing our waists and not the opposite. But they do keep one good thing about leggings: you don’t have to deal with zippers or buttons, just enjoy the magic of pull on. But remember, you have to help leggings a little to make them look fancy and elegant.

Try things around the hip area and balance your figure with loose clothes on the top.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Womens Faux-Leather-Front Ponte Leggings

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More faux leather options and guess what? We have a sale here! Is not every day that you have the opportunity to get your hands in a Michael Kors (even if it’s the affordable line) at a very reasonable price, so this is the definition of a great deal.

The beauty of this leggings is that they’re mostly made out of viscose, which allows your skin to breathe even though you’re dealing with a special fabric. The rest of the composition is a mix of polyester and elastane, which will assure you the texture you need in leggings.

And for all the edgy souls out there, the contrast of the shiny in the front and the matte in the back can give the exact dose that you need. And all that with quality, not the worry about looking too shiny, because you will look expensive!

Eileen Fisher Sz Blk Ponte Leather Trimmed Front Leggings

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Remember when we only had one option for leather-looking leggings and they were not exactly the best material? They ended up looking shiny and cheap and did any of us a favor. Luckily, fashion has evolved and brand had come to understand that we need edgy leggings in our lives. These trimmed front leggings are exactly that, the black option for those days when you’re feeling a little bit edgy but still classic. The fabrics on this mix are leather, viscose, nylon and spandex, always necessary for a good fit. When it comes to buying these, you should be aware of their size hack: PS normally stands for ‘Petite Size’, and it’s made to fit sizes 6-8.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Women’s Stretch Denim Legging

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Yes, denim leggings are a thing. And a very popular one, if you ask people in Latin America (believe me, they absolutely love them). And the key when you’re buying one of these is making sure that they’re very good quality because otherwise, it can totally reflect on your looks.

This model by the affordable Ralph Lauren line is pretty much everything you want on your jeans (skinny fit, pockets and the front, the back and a little coin pocket), combined with the best things leggings can offer, such as an elastic waistband, a sewn fly and of course, the comfort.

They look exactly like jeans and they’re made out of cotton and polyester, so we don’t have any fabric trying to fool us. One very good feature? Free return in some sizes and colors!

Spanx The Slim-X Rich Indigo Skinny Leg

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We did tell you the beauty of Spanx in every piece of clothes they make, so you seriously believed we were only one to show you one option? No way, because they also have skinny jeans! These beauties have a slimming system featuring patent-pending technology, which acts like a hidden shaper while you look fabulous in your jeans. But that’s not the only ‘tech’ thing about them, though. These leggings have a triple thread fabric technology, for extra stretch, recovery and body-contouring fit. That’s right, these are made to hug your curves. And on top of everything, thy have the looks of your favorite skinny jeans: perfect pocket placement and a perky look in the back. Forget everything else, these are the jeans you need to have!

Theory women’s Trinwell Stretch Cotton Velvet Leggings

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Velvel is one of the most popular fabric in fashion these days. As we’re experiencing a 90’s comeback, this texture is part of the revolution. And of course, we had to have velvety leggings on our list.

This specific model features a high-rise cute (very 90’s) and the very soft and warm feeling velvet can offer. It’s made out of 98% cotton and 2% elastane, which gives it a bit of flexibility.

Zip fly and hook-and-bar closures are other features of these pants that are so in trend right now, that you can almost pair them with anything. Just remember, no crop tops, you don’t want to look like you came out of the time machine.

Theory Women’s Adbelle L2 Bristol L Pant

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You probably were a Little shocked when you saw the price tag on these leggings, but then we have to remind you one thing: quality comes at a certain price, and in this particular case, quality comes alongside leather. These beauties are 100% made out of leather, which guarantees you will have pants forever, literally.

They’re pull on pants that you can wear for the rest of your life, and of course, they’re the perfect winter leggings, combining both comfort and coziness in one single item. When choosing your size you also have different options of leather, which is a complete plus, and the only thing you have to worry about is the way you take care of them after you buy them: you can only dry-clean this.

WoolX Women’s Wool Leggings – Midweight Merino Base Layer Bottoms

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WoolX Womens Wool Leggings

Is there something better than wool for keeping us safe and warm during de low temperatures? Well, I’ll wait for you to give me a recommendation and in the meantime, I’ll keep wearing these wool leggings. With a wide-shaped waistband and flat lock seams, these leggings are good for almost everything. Because of the texture of wool, you don’t have to worry about these been see-through and especially, look cheap in any way. They feature odor control and they’re super soft, because they’re made out of Merino Wool, an Australian sheep that is very specific and recognized for is quality around the world. The funny side is that they come in different colors and you can even choose a pattern as cute as colorful stripes. And on top of everything, they offer a refund if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Vesi Star Women’s Plus Size Cable Knit Fleece Lined Leggings

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Vesi Star Women's Plus Size Cable Knit Fleece Lined Leggings

Let’s start with the basics, and of course, my personal favorites: black leggings. They’re so versatile you can practically wear them under anything: sweaters, dresses, tops. They’re perfect to go with any color and you can wear them for as long as they fit you.

These Vesi Star leggings are plus size, coming for women with measurements among 39D x 30 x 42 and height are 5’6’’ and sizes 14 to 22. But depending on the body type, it can also fit 12 and 24. The fabric promises to be super stretchy, and the microfiber material is made of is finalized with a super soft brushed fleece lined interior.

Talking about the waist, it features an elastic basic waistband with double cross stitch finish. And you don’t have to worry about it been see-through, the thick fabric is a nice guarantee.

Nikibiki 3-tone Weave Pattern Long Leggings Thick Jersey NB6167

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Nikibiki 3-tone Weave Pattern Long Leggings Thick Jersey NB6167

Do you want a way of being classic with a little twist? Look no further, jersey leggings are just the thing you were looking for. Nikibiki has a lot of experience making leggings, and this model is no exception to that rule.

You don’t have to worry about them not being stretchy enough because they’re made out of 92% thick jersey nylon and 8% spandex, which give this material the quality it needs and it also will make you feel super cozy when the cold hits.

Seamless wear, this model is a must when you want to wear them like outerwear but you still want to feel you’re protected against the temperature. It also features a 3-tone weave pattern that will also look really cool. You have to keep in mind that they only come in one size.

Womens Genuine Heat Holders Thermal Brushed Tights Black

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Womens Genuine Heat Holders Thermal Brushed Tights Black

Thermal clothes are the best way to feel good during winter because they really guarantee you’re cold and cozy. However, it’s really hard to find thermal clothes that are not only useful and practical but somehow pretty. You get me, don’t you?

These leggings are more like tights, but they’re thick enough to wear as leggings, and then you have two pieces in one. Black and classic, a nice addition to your basics closet and you don’t have to think about getting socks because they’re already there.

They’re made out of 99% polyester and 1% elastane, which makes them cozy than elastic, but that is not a big deal when all you want is for them to warm you up. They’re equipped with a brushed inside with a warmth tog rating of 0.52.

Franterd®Women Winter Thick Warm Fleece Lined Thermal Stretchy Leggings

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 Franterd®Women Winter Thick Warm Fleece Lined Thermal Stretchy Leggings

In case you want a more affordable (I’m talking really affordable) type of leggings that also serve the purpose of being thicker and comfortable, you may want to try these babies, which come in a very wide variety of colors.

Franterd®Women present you these leggings, with spandex and fleece lined. They’re a costumer’s favorite, and you will notice the difference with other pieces, especially on their high super elastic waist, which make them even more curvy hugging, something that you would love for sure.

They’re size free, so you better take a look at the measurements before you add them to your car: Waist: 19.5-35.1Inch. Length: 36.2Inch.

Different colors available…


Premium Heavy Weight Fleece Lined Legging (Beige+Purple)

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Premium Heavy Weight Fleece Lined Legging

One of the best things about leggings is that they often don’t come alone. A very affordable leggings pack deal is great, especially when you’re on a budget but still want to experiment with different colors than black.

This pack comes in two colors: beige and purple. They stretch comfortably to 33’’ waist, 15.5’’ rise, 43’’ hip, 43’’ inseam and 52.5’’ length. Made out of polyester and spandex, they promise both being thick and really stretchy, thanks to their 175 grams of lines heavyweight fleece.

Can you imagine the beige ones with chocolate-tone sweater and boots? Because I totally can and I can’t wait to wear that look.

Women Leather Leggings Fleece Lined Stretchy Warm Tight Pants

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Women Leather Leggings Fleece Lined Stretchy Warm Tight Pants

Leather is an option that, out of comfort and heating reasons, we can only wear half of the year. And yes, it is a great material to wear over winter due to its temperature.

However, leather is not always the most comfortable fabric to wear, and that’s why these trendy leggings also offer a warm fleece lined, so you can keep things both cozy and relaxed. For all the animal lovers out there, these are made out of waterproof faux leather, and it’s a great option for going out on a cold night.

Unlike a lot of leggings out there, these ones come in different sizes, from S to M, fitting women from US0 to US10. It is recommended to check the size chart before placing the order.

Honeystore Women’s Pattern Cotton Knit Tights Spring / Winter Leggings Pantyhose

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Honeystore Women's Pattern Cotton Knit Tights Spring / Winter Leggings Pantyhose

What’s winter without ugly sweaters and fun tights? Nothing, really. That’s why I had to close this list with a pair of fun, super cute tights that can perfectly be worn as leggings.

Yes, that’s a kitten printed in that pair of tights that go all the way to your feet, but just right in the middle, wich makes perfect sense in case you want to add extra protection against the cold. And let’s face it, a lot of us do it.

These imported leggings are 100% cotton and come with the ‘one size’ premise. Average measures are 5’1’’-5’7’’ height, US size 2-6. The best thing about these is the opaque look, but you have to be careful when washing them, only hand wash is recommended.

Different colors available…

The 6 Best Yoga Pants for Winter and Spring 2018

We have all heard that saying, summer bodies are made in the winter. However, during the spring you still have to keep up with that fitness routine. With the temperature’s getting a little warmer you are free to get a break from the confining walls of a gym or yoga studio and expand your fitness playground to the great outdoors. That is why we have found some of the best yoga pants for spring 2017 in order for you to get ready and get fit.  Check them out and get ready to get active!

90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants

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90 Degree by Reflex Yoga Pants

These yoga pants by 90 Degree are perfect for a studio yoga class or even just doing a solo yoga session at the beach. They are a thicker, warmer fabric which are perfect for the changing seasons.

The fabric is constructed to provide comfort and remove excessive moisture while working out. These come is sizes extra small to extra large. Check the size chart to get the best possible fit. The 90 Degree yoga pant comes in 31 different variations which include solid colors, heather color mixtures, and space dye patterns. For the price these yoga pants are worth the purchase.

Customers ranted and raved about these yoga pants! They applauded the fit and the fast shipping. These yoga pants are perfect when paired with a cute tank or you can wear them with a trendy strappy sports bra. You wont be disappointed with this item!

Multiple Colors Available.

High Waisted Mesh Yoga Pants

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Mesh yoga pants

These high waisted black mesh yoga pants are a little on the pricer side, but according to customers they are well worth the splurge. These yoga pants are a super cool twist to the typical plain black pair everyone has in their closet.

These are black and come in sizes extra small to large. They have great mesh detailing down the legs and a couple of pockets. There is a mesh pocket on the thigh, perfect for a cellular device. Then there is also a mini pocket in the waistband, perfect for keys or cards. The mesh detailing is ideal for spring, letting some of that cool breeze circulate around your legs while you workout.

These yoga pants have gotten 5 star reviews from customers for their great fit and super trendy look. Customer’s say they run a bit large so you should order a size smaller. Pair these with a nice black sports bra or bright tank for a pop of color!

RBX Printed Workout Legging

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RBX legging

We know a classic solid legging is always nice, but once spring rolls around it is a great opportunity to try out some fun vibrant colors and prints! The RBX legging is perfect for the person who loves to add a little color to their workout wardrobe.

They come is sizes ranging from small to extra large. They are available in 13 different color combinations. These leggings are a mid-rise waist with a key pocket in the waistband. They also have 4 way stretch with moisture locking fabric. These are great for yoga and even running at the gym.

Customers love these leggings due to their support in fit and the great price! You can pair these with a plain top to balance out your printed bottom half. These will definitely become a go to legging when on your way to your next yoga class!

Multiple Colors Available.

Alo Yoga Airbrush Capri Legging

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Alo Yoga Capri

These Alo Yoga leggings are known for their quality and all of the Instagram yogi’s adore this brand for quality and comfort. Alo Yoga is definitely a pricer brand and worth the splurge for everyday yoga usage.

What makes these perfect for spring are the capri length. Which is great for those warmer spring days that almost make you think it’s summertime. These come in sizes extra small to large. These yoga pants come in a variety of prints and colors. They are available in 23 different prints. These yoga pants have a contoured waistband with a hidden pocket. These are a a compression fit yoga pant, made to keep everything tight and in place.

Customers love this item due to its great fit, super cute prints, and thick but stretchy fabric. You can pair these with a solid sleeved workout top to still keep you warm while you build up a sweat. Alo Yoga is great quality and you will be wearing them all the time, once purchased!

Multiple Colors Available.

Queenie Ke Power Flex Yoga Pant

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Queenie Ke Yoga Pant

These Queenie Ke yoga pants mix ballet dance wear style and yoga quality together to create this trendy look. They add a nice feminine touch with the lace up detailing along the legs.

They come in sizes small to extra large. They also come in a variety of colors including black, green melange, peak wave, and grey melange. These leggings are very breathable, with quick dry capabilities, and 4-way stretch. The waistband has a triangle gusset for a flattering fit. Also don’t forget to check the size chart for the perfect fit.

Customer’s love these yoga pants for their comfort and unique design. They say these pants have a lot of stretch and the ties stay in place while working out. These yoga pants will definitely amp up anyone’s spring workout wardrobe!

Multiple Colors Available.

Compression Z Compression Leggings

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Compression Z Yoga Pants

These Compression Z leggings will definitely make you feel like spring is in the air with these super fun springtime prints. They have a nice tight fit and are perfect for testing out all of those new yoga poses.

They are available in sizes extra small to extra large. They fit tight like an ideal compression legging, with 4-way stretch, comfortable fabric with quick dry capabilities. These are available in 9 different vibrant prints. The floral pink pattern is perfect for the changing season!

Customers love these leggings saying they are great for yoga and other physical activities. Customers also say these tend to run a little small, so make sure you check the size chart for the best fit! Get them for their great price!

Multiple Colors Available.

No matter if you are just beginning your fitness journey or you are a longtime yogi, it is never too late to get active! These yoga pants come in an vast array of style’s ranging from some trendy pieces that could be doubled as pants to super fun and colorful items that will make you start feeling like spring is awakening. These yoga pants will make you feel motivated and rejuvenated while you work on your dancer’s pose along the beach shoreline or that forearm handstand you’ve been trying to nail at the yoga studio. Don’t do yoga? Don’t worry these yoga pants are also great for other types of fitness activities like Zumba, running, or lifting at the gym.

Feeling motivated yet? Well, we sure hope so! So get ready for spring fitness with any of our picks for the best yoga pants for spring 2017. These yoga pants will definitely get you through the last leg of your fitness accomplishments, until the official start of spring. Be bold with these unique styles, cute prints, and vibrant colors! What yoga pant style do you love to wear? Let us know in the comments!


The 9 Best Black Skinny Pants for Women in 2018

Your pants speak volumes about your personality. There is no denying we already love the versatility of the skinny black jeans, a wardrobe essential, and it has even taken on a whole new level of style. Eventually, it can turn into your favorite night-out denim, casual weekend pants, as well as a super slimming ensemble.

But for some reason, it has always been tough to find a good pair. They often fade and sag, making your outfit a little drab. Here, we want you to take the stress out of black skinny pants shopping with these upbeat suggestions.

J Brand 620 Mid-Rise Super Skinny Denim Jeans

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J Brand 620 Mid-Rise Super Skinny Denim Jeans

Most of the black pants fade away easily, and it’s like you are spending $200 for something that is going to last for only a few washes. We know what you go through, and that is why we have something for you that will look as new as you bought on the first day.

The J Brand pair is one of the most demanded among the Seriously Black Collection, which is designed in a way to keep it new alike.

93% cotton, this 8-inch rise pant has a 4-pocket styling with zipper fly and button closure. This timeless pair of jet black skinny pant will also offer you a great fitting, and that is why it deserves to be an integral part of your wardrobe

Frame Denim Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans

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Frame Denim Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans

Aren’t you always in search of insanely comfortable pants? FRAME Women’s Rip Skinny Pant has got everything that you look for in skinny jeans, with the added style of being “distressed” and torn.

Composed with 91.5% of cotton and 6% polyester, this item demands cold wash.

Made in the USA, this super-stretch denim can be paired with a tucked in shirt.

Reviewers give this product high ratings across the board, and that makes it a safe buy.

Current/Elliott The Stiletto Cropped Jeans

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Current/Elliott The Stiletto Cropped Jeans

This one is my personal pick, and I always make sure it is there in my wardrobe. Soft, snuggly, and sharp, you can grab it even if you are in a mood to party or for an unexpected store visit. As per the name suggests, the cropped ankle length gives you the chance to flaunt your favorite pair of stilettos too.

Current/Elliott “The Stiletto” figure-hugging skinny jeans can be stretched easily due to its super stretched fabric. With this piece in your closet, you cannot go wrong with your style.

Manufactured in the USA, the rise of this pant comfortably sits below the natural waist. And, don’t you worry, even after being an excellent fit, it offers a five pocket style so that you can tuck in your cell phone with ease.

7 For All Mankind Women’s High-Waist Jean

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7 For All Mankind Women's High-Waist Jean

Super soft and just the right shed and height that most of the women look for! Available in dark rich black, it comfortably fits without being tight. You can’t call it a Capri or an ankle pant, yet it’s the perfect black skinny pant that you would have been searching for a while.

Due to their length, slip-on sneakers or any shoe wear that you like to flaunt, work wonders. Which means, you will never have to worry about the shoes again.

The image here will give you the idea of how you should sport it out. For me, a white sneaker and a casual shirt or top work fine with it. All over, this short-and-sweet version is a must-have for gals who like it a bit chic and stylish.


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Reviewers rave over the Agolde Sophie High Rise Skinny Jeans; I heard someone saying that it’s the best you can buy in this range and that made me try it.

And, no doubt it is one of the best pieces I have in my closet. The super stretch fabric offers a figure-hugging fitting and acts as the second skin to your body without being tight.

Whenever, I am wearing a check shirt, I don’t have to look further than this high rise skinny jean. As for the black color, it doesn’t seem to fade away no matter how many times you launder it.

As per the reviews, users give this 98% cotton denim a 5-star rating. Wear it on any particular day or during the work hours; the choice is all yours.

Hudson Women’s Nico Mid-Rise Skinny Jean In Influencer

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Hudson Women's Nico Mid-Rise Skinny Jean In Influencer

Most of the girls dread wearing muffin tops and blame it on the imperfect pants, but here you have a pant with a 9-inch rise that will beautifully hold your waist.

When you sport it, your legs automatically look slimmer and toned. The great part is they are available in regular, tall, and taller sizes too. So, you can easily find the right choice for your skinny black pant.

You don’t even have to worry about losing the color as it is made to remain new alike.

Bring it on now and feel the comfort it offers.

DL1961 Women’s Margaux Instascuplt Ankle Skinny Jeans

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DL1961 Women's Margaux Instascuplt Ankle Skinny Jeans

Lighten up your look with the dark denim look provided by Margaux Instasculpt. They are loved for their four-way stretch and comfortable feel.

Consider them as the softest denim you can have in your wardrobe, and that is the reason I have one in my own.

Buy them if you want to stay in your comfort zone without defying the elegance. 62% modal and 23% cotton, this no fade black pant can handle many washes without fading.

Levi’s Women’s Slimming Skinny Jeans

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Levi's Women's Slimming Skinny Jeans

I didn’t expect such versatility for such an incredible price. From movie stars, fashion icons to farmers everyone love this Levi’s clothing.

I make sure to have at least two pairs of Levis jeans in my closet, but this one remains my all time favorite.

You don’t have to tug them up to cover your tummy, and they look just flattering to make you look confident. I take it out of my wardrobe, whenever I like to throw a sassy look, and it works perfectly for me.

MOTHER Women’s The Looker Frayed Ankle Jeans

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MOTHER Women's The Looker Frayed Ankle Jeans

I was looking for a distressed black pant and came across this beautiful pair of jeans. Ankle-cropped hems and shredded holes toughen the look of this skinny jean. For me, it’s something that I will always like to have in my closet.

The 7 Most Flattering Jeans for Big Thighs in 2018

Women are different. There is not one that looks the same than the other (no matter how fashion trends try). And the same thing applies for forms and body types. But that, as beautiful as it sounds, also means that every one of us has to deal with different hacks when it comes to dressing and it’s not always cool.

One of the most common problems for girls out there are the thighs. Even so, if we all have big thighs it would be difficult to find clothes that work for everyone. And girls with muscular legs know the struggle of finding the perfect pair of pants that are not black and worst, the perfect pair of jeans. But there’s a pair of jeans out there that would work for you. You just have to keep some things in mind.

First of all, super tight skinny jeans are out of the question if you don’t want your thighs to look bigger than they already are. If you’re proud of your curves you can flaunt them, but it won’t be appropriate for every situation in life. Your best friend now and for the years to come are going to be boyfriend jeans and some cute boot cut jeans If you’re not afraid to this classic. But there are modern ways in which you can rock your spectacular body. Just keep reading!

Silver Jeans Women’s Boyfriend Short

Silver Jeans Women's Boyfriend ShortYes, not all boyfriend jeans are like the loose sloppy you imagined. Some of them, like this Silver Jeans model, keep things in the right balance between casual and cool.

Made out of a mix of cotton, polyester, viscose, and elastane, these jeans are perfect for that comfy feeling we look for every day.

The mid-rise will help the problem areas and make the thigh area look a little bit slimmer add the slim fit will complete that task.

And of course, it has all the cool details: rolled cuffs, contrast stitching and embroidered back pockets.

Big Star Women’s Billie Boyfriend Skinny-slouchy Jean Lightly Faded Ocean Blue

Big Star Women's Billie Boyfriend Skinny-slouchy Jean Lightly Faded Ocean BlueIf you’re looking for a darker, more classic color, then you should turn your head to this. This model looks a lot more like the original boyfriend jean, and it still keeps a girly skinny shape. How does it work for your figure? By being a little bit looser from your hips down, it gives you a slimmer look that we all have.

Although the price tag on these jeans might seem a little too much, customer reviews totally approve them, which indicates an investment. And let´s be honest here, this model will be around forever so it would never go out of style. A little bit more rigid than the last model, they’re made out of 98% cotton and 2% elastane.

The subtle ‘wash’ and distressing would help you create a more relaxed look, while the rolled cuffs will give you the chance to flash your shoes. Whether they’re heels or flats, they would look perfect.


J Brand Jeans Women’s Alana High Rise Crop Skinny JeanJ Brand Jeans Women's Alana High Rise Crop Skinny Jean

One thing you need to know: besides boyfriend jeans, crop denim can save your day. If you use it wisely, this kind of pants can work for any outfit you can imagine, from upper relaxed to heels ready.

And if you pick a pair in black, you’re also going to be office ready.

J Brand is known for being one of the biggest brands making jeans on the market, and they have that title for a reason.

These black jeans are perfect for every outfit you can imagine, and you can even see the quality in the pictures. Simple and perfect, they have a fabric mix of 94% cotton, 4% polyester, and 2% Lycra Spandex.


Jag Jeans Women’s Malia Slim Pull-On Jean

Jag Jeans Women's Malia Slim Pull-On JeanAnd if you’re not exactly a fan of crop jeans, this is the option for you. I know a few lines above we said that black shouldn’t be your go-to option, but black pants are a must in everyone’s closet. Both women and men.

These jeans will give you the impression of tight pants without looking uncomfortable.

That’s why it has elastane on its materials and elastic closure on the waist. Being pull-on, they will be easier to wear off you need to make every second count.

And the other blessing of the banded waist is the high-rise which makes it even slimmer.

HUE Women’s Essential Denim Bootcut

HUE Women's Essential Denim BootcutIn the past, boot cut jeans have been undermined and treated as boring, but reality is these jeans are classic and everyone should own at least a pair.

They’re perfect for more dress-up occasions and will go perfectly with your cutest tops and jackets.

They’re casual pull-on legging texture with comfortable stretch, thanks to their 6% spandex component, but they still keep the faux front pockets and fly.

The boot cut silhouette features a small flare at the knee, making these jeans a little bit trendy and cool. The pockets in the back are functional because we can’t function without pockets, right?


PAIGE Women’s Manhattan Boot

PAIGE Women's Manhattan Boot JeansYes, you may have been wishing for a more ‘jeans-like’ color in a boot cut. And Paige has the perfect pair, with a great balance between cut, color, and quality. The prices vary a little between sizes, but judging by customer reviews, these are definitely five-star jeans.

The fabrics are divided: 51% Rayon, 33% Cotton, 15% Polyester, 1% Spandex in that indigo blue we all love and wish. If you’re not exactly a fan of distressing or whiskering, this should be your first choice, which also promises a super soft denim that adapts quickly to your body.

Good fit and a classic color and silhouette, take my money!


Levi’s Women’s the Culotte Jean

Levi's Women's the Culotte JeanYes! There are trendy options for the curvy athletic ladies out there that will look good and also be affordable. Levi’s is a denim expert, and this model called ‘The Culotte’ is perfect for giving your jeans look a twist.

The structure begins with a high rise and great fit at the waist, and a relaxed fit as seems to go down. They’re imported and made 100% out of cotton, which only makes us imagine how comfortable and good they should feel.

And if you were worried about them losing the essence of Levi’s, take a look a the back: the classic pockets and silhouette are still there, only in a cooler form you can wear with your favorite heels to go to lunch and pair them with a cute top and be the trendiest girl in town.


The 6 Best Womens Ski Jackets for 2018

Who says you cannot enjoy your favorite sport and still be happy with your gear? One would think it does not matter what you wear while skiing but it does; at least, you would feel great with yourself. Don’t you think so?

Right colors for the right mood, best fit for your body type, these and more we would be looking at in this article about best women’s ski jackets.

Let’s dive right in.

Wantdo Women’s Sports Outdoor Hooded Softshell Rain Jacket

Looking for a jacket that keeps the heat in without being bulky? Here is a perfect fit for you. The Wantdo rain jacket is a lightweight, water repellent jacket that is easy to pack. The lightweight nature does not make it any less warm.

It has the detailing that most high end jackets have and almost same quality for a lower price.

The detachable hood makes it a convenient jacket for all seasons: winter, spring, autumn. The Velcro and snaps along the zippers make this jacket a good warmer and keeps out the snow and cold.

The elastic drawstrings give this jacket a snug fit and also keeps you safe from the elements. It has zippered outer chest pocket and a zippered inner chest pocket that can hold your cell phone. There is also an earphone tab just above this inner pocket. And there are two large zippered hand pockets.

You should also know that the cuffs are adjustable; this means that you do not need to bother about the sleeves fitting.

Sugoi Women’s Versa Jacket With Detachable Sleeves

The most attractive aspect of this jacket is the fact that you can turn it into an all-weather gear. The detachable sleeves allow you to convert the jacket into a running vest for other seasons of the year.

Of the 24 reviews this product has, 67% gave it a 5-star while 21% gave it a 4-star. This is to show how much this jacket is loved by verified buyers who have used it.

The material used in making this jacket is another reason it is a great buy; 100% polyester with a mesh panel at the back to allow for increased air flow. The subtle reflective detailing allows for visibility for night time runs.

It also comes in different eye popping colors to suit your personality type, whether warm, exuberant, or in between. This jacket is a good fit for ladies with long torso and the size chart can help you select what size would fit you most.

Don’t wait any longer; make your purchase now.


Sport Tek Ladies Colorblock Hooded Jacket

If you are concerned about the fit of your jacket, then, this jacket solves your problem. Some people complain about a jacket being a good fit on the shoulders and chest but too loose at the waist. With this Sport Tek colorblock jacket, you do not have to bother about that. The drawstrings hem with toggle solves the problem.

The colorblock adds a chic touch to the jacket so that you can still look stylish while running or skiing. This colorblock is also available in different beautiful color combinations that makes you a head-turner in them.

Oh! Did I forget to tell you about the large hood with drawstrings toggle? You can decide to use the hood or not, depending on the temperature you are wearing it in.

The 100% polyester and jersey lining gives you the desired warmth such that with only a single piece of clothing underneath, you are warmed in a 300F temperature.


Adidas Women’s Climalite Utility Jacket

An Adidas jacket speaks class and style and this Climalite Utility jacket is no exception. This high-quality jacket comes with a tricot fabric to create great texture. This also contributes to the warmth given by the jacket. If you are looking for good ski jackets, you know that the tricot material is a good insulator. You also need to know that the underarm ventilation system allows for good air flow while keeping you warm.

The interesting part of purchasing this jacket is that you do not have to break the bank because it is one of the best budget friendly ski jackets you can get.

If you are more of a monotone color person, the color selections for this jacket will be a best fit for you as the available colors are monotone and interesting.


Zoot Sports Women’s Wind Swell Jacket

If what you are looking for is versatility, you’ve got it with this Zoot Sports swell jacket. With just a long sleeve tee shirt and a hoodie, you can use it for a 400F run and with only a tee shirt, you can use it for a warmer run.

The zipped pocket helps keep your items like your phones, keys and music player safe. You do not need to worry about them falling off while you run. The waterproof fabric keeps dry when you use it during a downpour.

This jacket comes with a back pack-it pocket where you can carry other items that do not fit into your front pockets.

And the colors? Black, deep purple and punch are colors that will make you feel great about yourself.


Women’s Waterproof Mountain Hooded Ski Jacket Suit

If you can just create a picture of yourself in a white jacket surrounded by snow, then, you will understand why this jacket is an awesome piece to have. Waterproof and windproof, this jacket meets the demands of numerous activities like hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, etc.

Made of a bright surface coated polyester fabric, it insulates the effect of the cold from you. The zippers are wear resistant and waterproof with Velcro to prevent cold from reaching you. The sleeve cuff Velcro design and adjustable cuff size makes wearing this jacket more convenient and a better fit for sleeve.

The hood also has drawstrings to help you tie it to the most comfortable fit for you and also keep the cold at bay as much as possible.



The 6 Best Women’s Spring Jackets in 2018

Are you ready for it to be a little bit warmer already? So are we! We are ready to spend days walking in the park or dancing through refreshing spring showers. However even though in the spring it is slightly warmer, we do need a nice spring jacket to keep off the lingering cool temperatures of winter. So we have concocted this trendy list! We know that transitioning one’s wardrobe is often a daunting task and that is why we are here to help you find the best spring jacket’s for this upcoming season.

The colors of Spring 2017 are focused around different hues of greens and blues, with a touch of vibrant pink, yellow, and orange, and as always your favorite color in pastel form. These style’s range from girly edgy to grungy hipster. You can pair these jackets with a variety of looks, so the sky is the limit! Go ahead and take look.

Blank NYC Floral Embroidered Motorcycle Jacket

Blank NYC Floral Embroidered Motorcycle JacketThis Blank NYC embroidered motorcycle jacket will have you feeling like an ‘It Girl’ once spring finally arrives. It is the essence of edgy while still being very feminine with the embroidered floral designs and silver studs.

This coat is only currently available in black, in an extra small, and it is faux leather. The colors on the jacket consist of rose, pink, green, and white. You can pair this item with some black jeans and pink top or play up the girly vibe and pair it with a satin slip dress.

Customers say it does run a little small, so size up. Nonetheless the reviews for this item have been five stars! Get it now before it sells out!

Momo&Ayat Fashions Green Duster

Momo&Ayat Fashions Green DusterThis olive green Momo&Ayat Fashions duster is great for spring and will flow behind you as you head to work. This coat is slinky and lightweight, perfect for the transitioning weather. It comes with a removable belt and in 4 different colors. It currently is sold in black, green khaki, plum, and silver. This item ranges in sizes from US 6 to US 12.

You can pair it with a cropped top and high waisted jeans with cute peep-toe booties for a casual cool look. Customer’s have given this item 5 star reviews, saying how it was perfect and exactly what they were looking. They stated that the fabric was great quality with a little stretch and the fit was fantastic!

If you don’t own a duster jacket, you are definitely missing out. It will definitely become one of your wardrobe staple pieces!

Multiple Colors Available.



Marolaya Oversized Distressed Denim Jacket

Marolaya Oversized Denim JacketAdding a twist to a spring wardrobe basic, this Marolaya oversized denim jacket adds a little edge. Instead of the usual fitted denim jacket over a floral dress or pastel colored pants, this jacket adds a little grunge to your wardrobe.

This coat is oversized and distressed, with some distressed patches on the front and the back. This coat can be paired with colored pants and trendy top to fully embody that grungy hipster vibe. It comes in a range of sizes from small to extra large, this is Asian sizing so definitely size up. It also comes in two shades of denim, Dark denim and Light denim.

Customers give this item rave reviews due to the jackets great fit, great price, and fast shipping! With this light denim fabric, it is perfect for spring!

Multiple Colors Available.



Viport Satin Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Viport Embroidered Bomber JacketIt’s no secret that the love for satin and bomber jackets is going to follow us into the Spring 2017 season. This trend is honestly super cool and this jacket lives up to all the hype.

This reversible black and light pink Viport jacket comes in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. It only comes in one color, but it is reversible so technically you can count it as two colors. On the reverse side it is a rose pink on the body with pale pink sleeves and black trim on the collar, waist, and arms. The back of this jacket also has some exquisite embroidery of a floral design.

Customer’s are so pleased that they decided to purchase this item, because it was great quality for the price! Try this trend and you wont be disappointed!



Easy Leisure Army Green Military Jacket

Easy Leisure Army Green Military JacketMilitary jackets have been a trend for quite a while now and it is going to stay with us this spring.

This Easy Leisure army green military jacket is perfect for a more casual look. This jacket is a great price! It comes in sizes small to extra large, in asian sizing so order a size larger. It comes in two different colors, green and deep green. There is a waistband to tighten the jacket, buttons to change the sleeves to full length, and the hood is detachable!

Customers are loving this product because of its quality, soft fabric, and price! This jacket is great for wearing over layers. Perfect for those cooler spring evenings.

Multiple Colors Available.

Simplee Apparel Faux Leather Jacket

Simplee Apparel Faux Leather JacketI don’t know about you, but many of us are sucker’s for a faux leather jacket! Luckily this cute Simplee Apparel jacket comes in this beautiful light blue color which is super hot for Spring 2017. This jacket has a variety of zippers and a belted waist, perfect for that biker vibe.

This item comes in sizes small to extra large. It also comes in multiple different colors, light blue, yellow, pink, and black.

Customer’s love this purchase, however they instruct to order up in size. They love the quality and the price! You can pair this jacket with some black jeans, band tee, and sweet circle shades for a cool rocker vibe and a nice pop of color. You don’t want to miss out on this purchase!

Multiple Colors Available.

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The 6 Best Pants for Cold Weather in 2018

Winter is here, and I hope that you don’t have to spend a lot of time outside cleaning up the driveway, or something even worse (if there is anything worse).

But if you have to, fortunately, there are many tricks how to avoid flu season, and stay warm. The most important trick of them all is layering, and choosing the right materials when you are in shopping. There are also many different reasons why and how you are spending your time outside during the winter and that can be one of the factors when making a decision which garment to buy.

Guys who don’t want to quit their sports activities during harsh winter should look for pants that are lightweight. Those who are spending a lot of time outside without physical exercise need to have thick layers, waterproof layers, windproof layers, and many many more layers. Or just the perfect pants for winter time.

So brace yourselves, read this article and fight with winter months like a professional.


Clothing Men’s Snow Pants / Fleece Lined Ski Pants / Waterproof

Clothing Men's Snow Pants / Fleece Lined Ski Pants / WaterproofThis stylish pants with straight leg are great for every winter sports enthusiast, and some of the wives that have purchased this for their husbands are saying that they are using this pants while doing the snow removal.

Basically, great pants for every guy during the winter time. These pants are fleece lined, and it is what keeps warmth inside. Polyester on the outside layer is waterproof.

Pockets are great for keeping your stuff inside because they are zippered. There are two pockets in front, and two behind and all of them are zippered. Also, these pants have internal adjustable gaiters to keep the snow out of your boots and enhance windproofing abilities.

Multiple colors


Wrangler Authentics Men’s Fleece Lined Carpenter Pant

Wrangler Authentics Men's Fleece Lined Carpenter PantMen just love to keep it simple when it comes to clothes. And what is more simple and casual than jeans? Nothing my friends. But is the jeans the right choice for cold winter days?

Well, usually not, but this Wrangler authentics is fleece lined and it leaves a lot of space for wearing one more layer underneath them. They can keep you warm and you will feel great in them because you can wear them with your favorite sweaters or button up shirt. As I said, it has a loose fit and you can wear them in a casual working environment or in outdoor work.

If you want to make them more stylish, you can wear them with a belt because they have belt loops. It also features a rule pocket, cell phone pocket, and hammer loop.

Multiple colors



Dickies Men’s Relaxed Straight Fit Flannel-lined Carpenter Jean

Dickies Men's Relaxed Straight Fit Flannel-lined Carpenter JeanThese pants are ideal for cutting firewood, and taking your dog for a walk during the coldest days of the year. Reviewers say that they are quite warm and very durable.

As you can see on the picture they are flannel lined and they have relaxed shape. There are two similar models to choose from, and I prefer this look because it makes you look like a lumberjack.

Ladies will agree, lumberjacks are always sexy. So with these pants, you don’t only get the right amount of warmth but also the certain amount of sex appeal.

Trust me.

Multiple colors

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Fleece-Lined Cargo Pant

Wrangler Authentics Men's Fleece-Lined Cargo PantThe most important thing about these pants is that they have scored 4,6 stars out of 5 among 480 reviews. That is why I am sure that you will love these pants for their warmth, ruggedness, and the roominess of the cut.

They have enough space underneath for wearing one more layer, but the reviewers say that they are very comfortable and warm, so maybe you won’t need that extra layer.

Fleece lining can hold the warmth, and pockets on the side are cool if you want to do some work outside, so you can keep the smaller tools inside of them. They are made in khaki color, but there is also a military print, wich is very popular these days and makes you look more masculine.

Multiple colors

Smith’s Workwear Men’s Polar Fleece Lined Canvas Cargo Pant
Smith's Workwear Men's Polar Fleece Lined Canvas Cargo Pant

These pants are made out of cotton, and as their name says, are perfect for work in polar conditions. The layer made of polar fleece is keeping the warmth inside, and making it extra soft. Heavyweight washed cotton canvas is here for more comfort, and that is what is the most important thing when choosing the right pants for winter activities.

Double tough stitching is preventing damage and big double velcro closure pockets are here for the security of your things. They look relaxed, and they are not too heavy so you can enjoy winter days with your kids and pets outside and make great memories.

There is only one color for this size of pants, but if you switch the sizes then you can choose other colors. I think that this dark greenish color is just right and easy to combine with all sorts of winter boots.

INBIKE Men’s Winter Fleece Thermal Pants for Outdoor Multi Sports

INBIKE Men's Winter Fleece Thermal Pants for Outdoor Multi SportsThese pants are for active man. For men who enjoy winter, and winter sports more than anything. Specially made materials are making this pants so warm, that you can’t wear these inside of your house. It is just for outdoor activities such as walks, running, skiing, hiking or just spending time in the backyard because they are too warm to wear them inside.

They are quickly dry, and stretchy, made of polyester wich is breathable. The visibility and daylight are shorter during the winter and the designers of this pants thought about that. That is why these pants have elements that reflect the light to keep you safe.

Reviewers of this pants emphasize that the measurements are great, and everybody loves that the waist is high and has an elastic band. So if you are an athlete who thinks that winter is no excuse for outdoor exercises, this pants will keep you warm and protect you day and night.



The 7 Most Flattering Jeans for Muffin Top in 2018

At one point or another in life, we have found ourselves struggling to find clothes that totally fit our body. Is not rocket science, but it is really hard, and it doesn’t even matter if you’re plus size or super skinny, there’s always a detail you have to work on because female bodies are so different a few sizes are not enough to cover all of it.

And among those details, there’s one in particular that has been part of our concerns for at least 15 years. We’re talking about the popular ‘muffin top’ that we would love to see it disappear from our bodies and our lives.

This is a perfect example of what I was talking about: the muffin top comes in different sizes and shapes, and it’s not entirely our fault. I mean, it is 80% our fault because we should watch our bodies a little better, but is also fault of an infamous trend: low rise jeans.

Echoine Women’s High Waist Loose Fit Solid Straight Leg Jeans Boyfriend

Echoine Women's High Waist Loose Fit Solid Straight Leg Jeans BoyfriendHave you heard about a little something called ‘mom jeans’? If not, where have you been for the past two seasons?

Because honestly the only way you don’t know what I’m talking about is if you’ve been living under a rock.

Whether you know them or not, mom jeans are a vintage style coming to the rescue when it comes to hiding what we need.

The fit is perfect for the waist and the baggy style makes it a really comfy option.

This imported option comes in Asian size, focusing on the waist. The fabricant recommends choosing one or two sizes up. It has a clear color and a relaxed fit that will be perfect for the trend.

K.Z Womens Plus Size High Waisted Black Stretch Skinny Denim Jeans Pants

K.Z Womens Plus Size High Waisted Black Stretch Skinny Denim Jeans PantsJeans are part of every woman’s basic wardrobe. But very often we forget that jeans come also in different options of color, which makes them even more interesting. This plus size model is made out of 72% cotton, 22% polyester and 2% spandex, a good combination for a stretch fit.

The three buttons at the front give the impression of a smaller waist because the pants don’t look so long than they would do with just one button.

Although they’re made for curvy girls, the skinny legs are a nice addition for a trendy, comfortable item. Costumers have talked a lot about this product, especially about its fit and how easy to wear it is. It comes only in black, but you can choose between the solid color or the distressed version.


Womens Plus Size Relaxed Bootcut Baggy Leg Jeans

Womens Plus Size Relaxed Bootcut Baggy Leg JeansWhen we talk about high waist jeans, we have to mention the most classic style of them all. Of course, we’re talking about the bootcut jeans, which have been underestimated by some people but can actually do wonders with your figure if you use them wisely.

These baggy leg jeans are the most comfortable item in our list, made 99% out of cotton and 1% spandex. As a recommendation, the fabricant says wider legged jeans are longer than usual, so you may want to check the size chart carefully.

When you wear them correctly, these jeans can make you look slimmer, because their boot helps to balance your body to the eye. And if you add a high waist to the equation, you will really have a winning team. You can pair them with a really nice top and jacket to go to the office or a simple t-shirt for a casual day. Tip: wear them always with heels.

June Julien Women’s Basic Jeans Jeggings Stretch Denim Skinny Pants

June Julien Women's Basic Jeans Jeggings Stretch Denim Skinny Pants

But jeans are not the only option when it comes to putting the pants on the waist. Of course, we can also trust other stretchy fabrics to save the day and embrace our curves. And for all the jeans and leggings lovers out there, fashion gave us jeggings.

This hybrid will allow you to wear your favorite silhouette in a more body-hugging fabric, one you can feel like your second skin, but you won’t feel like you’re wearing something for the gym or just your house.

These June Julien jeggings are so much into jeans that they even include zipper and a button, as well as its fabric, blended with spandex for better comfort and fit.

Different colors available…


VIV Collection Women’s Solid High Waisted Fleece Leggings for Fall/Winter

VIV Collection Women's Solid High Waisted Fleece Leggings Yes, leggings are a part of this list, not just jeggings. Some people might say that women with muffin top (especially the plus size ones) should not dare to try on leggings because the fabric is so thin it can highlight the wrong places. However, the secret lies in the quality.

These leggings are one of the most popular items in Amazon search due to their quality and excellent feedback from customers. Away from what we all believe, they’re opaque enough to be worn with almost anything in your closet and they feature a soft brushed fleece lined interior.

One of the best things about this product is not only the price but the fact that you can get a deal package: 4 leggings for the price of three. These are set in packs with different color options, or you can just choose the individual ones you like the most.

Different colors available…


OLUOLIN Womens High Waisted Colored Ripped Distressed Skinny Pants

Womens High Waisted Colored Ripped Distressed Skinny Pants from OLUOLIN Colored pants are a great option to bring variety to your closet. They’re the best way of adding a little bit of color to your life if you’re a neutral girl, or even to make awesome combinations with your tops. And what’s better than colored pants? Colored distressed pants!

These high waist skinny stretchy jeans look; knee ripped; button hole cut, are perfect for those times when you want to keep your outfit cool and casual, but also with a little edge. The silhouette is the classic skinny with a twist, and the fabric is mixed with spandex but comes with a promise: no squeezing or tightening.

The pockets are perfectly functional and the waits will make its task: keeping the extra skin in its place, not a centimeter out.

Different colors available…


Ninimour Womens High-waisted Wide Leg Elegant Button Design Pants

Womens High-waisted Wide Leg Elegant Button Design Pants from NinimourAnd here we are, closing our list with one item that should definitely be in your closet (if you don’t have one, you really should start looking for one): the wide leg elegant pair of pants that will save your life more than once.

In a season where palazzo pants are super trendy, you may want to take advantage of this slimmer silhouette for different occasions: a night out with a sequin top, a meeting with a nice with shirt or just an important date, paired with nice details.

These pants are made of polyester and spandex, and they have a classy silky look. The button designed is a really nice touch that will make them enough to impress and just pair with other simple pieces. Sizes are up to XL, but a careful check of the size chart is recommended.

Different colors available…



The 8 Best Women’s Pants for Work in 2018

If you work in a company that has some rules about outfits, you probably feel trapped inside them, and frustrated. Pants and blouse can be a boring combination to wear every work day, so we suggest you spice up your style with cool pants for work. Choose different colors than usual but don’t forget to find the right fit. In this article, I will also try to advise you which of them are best for your body shape.

We will start with non-conventional trendy pants, and move to classics.

Kasper Women’s Stretch Crepe Pant

Kasper Women's Stretch Crepe PantWhat is unusual about this pants is the color. You don’t get to see a lot of women wearing red pants in the offices, just because they are used to wear black ones and play safe. Red is the color that is quite grateful for different combinations, and it can cheer you up and boost your energy during the work day.

You can pair up these pants with nude heels to look higher, and if you have a black one button jacket you can pair these with black stilettos. You can also match up with Kasper women’s crepe One button jacket which is also in red, and become style star of your company.

The hem of these pants is around the ankle, and the waist is high. They are fitted, but not too tight and they also have that line suitable for the business look. Just a perfect combination for women who want to look taller and more powerful.


Milly Women’s Italian Cady Culotte

Milly Women's Italian Cady CulotteIf you want to talk about new trends that are coming this spring, then we can not forget about this culotte pants. The wide leg trend is here and it suits perfectly on fashionistas that wand to flatten their stomach.

You can choose between red, black or white color. All of them are perfect for combining them with your nude or black stilettos and sandals.

The material is very soft, and it will be a great pick for those hot days in the office because these are the widest pants on the market. Also, they are the trendiest of them and the only pants on this list that are made in Italy.

Multiple colors available!



Leveret Women’s Stretchable “Slight Boot Cut Comfort Pant” Pull On

Leveret Women's Stretchable "Slight Boot Cut Comfort Pant" Pull OnI understand that the grey is not the usual favourite, but based on reviews, these pants are very famous and wanted among women who work in companies with a formal dress code.

If you have a long torso, high waisted pants are the way to go! They are a little bit flared which means that even women with big thighs can feel comfortable in them.

They are made of stretchy materials, and the customer who compared them with others said that they are the best from the big bunch that she has tried.

Multiple colors available!

Alfred Dunner Womens Plus Textured Single Pleat Trouser Pants

Alfred Dunner Womens Plus Textured Single Pleat Trouser PantsWhite is a risky color, but it is fun to risk sometimes. White is also the color of peace and freedom, so feel free and peaceful to wear these beautiful pants.

They are made of polyester, and you can choose between ivory and off-white color. To define your waist, you can add a belt.

You can match up these beauties with almost every color, but try to use only tree different colors in your combination. The tree colors rule is very important in achieving a stylish look.

Rekucci Women’s “Ease into Comfort Fit” Stretch Slim Pant

Rekucci Women's "Ease into Comfort Fit" Stretch Slim PantBurgundy slim fit pants are perfect to tuck in that extra pound from the holidays. This shape is very stylish, and it can be combined with chunky clothes for casual Fridays or with a tailored jacket for a regular day at the office.

It is important to wear them with classy heels, and black ones are the best pick. You can tuck in the blouse, to achieve the most feminine look.

There are faux pockets in the front and you can use added belt loops to wear your favourite belt or sash.

Multiple colors available!

Ruby Rd. Women’s Petite Pull-On Solar Millennium Super Stretch Pant

Ruby Rd. Women's Petite Pull-On Solar Millennium Super Stretch PantIf you are petite, you might find it difficult to find the right shape of the pants. Style advisors say that it is important to wear these shorter versions of pants.

If we can see your ankles, you will look taller to us. Also, if you click on the link and go trough the other colors of this pants, you will see the importance of the heels.

Black pants go great with anything from your wardrobe, but this longitude and great reviews of the material and fit is the reason why these are on my list.

Reviewers are calling them perfect for petite working women.

Multiple Colors Available!

Lee Women’s Modern Series Midrise Fit Linea Ankle Pant

Lee Women's Modern Series Midrise Fit Linea Ankle PantThis model of pants for work is also for petite women. This creamy beige colour is so beautiful that it makes me want to go to work and wear them.

Ankle length makes you look taller and it is so easy to pair these pants and nude stilettos, to elongate your figure even more.

If you work in the more casual environment, you can pair them with oxford shoes and geeky socks. Pair that with glasses and suitable smart sweater, and you will look perfectly.

Multiple Colors Available!


Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Pinstripe Pant

Calvin Klein Women's Modern Pinstripe PantI have left the most classic pair of pants for the end. You can’t go wrong with this famous brand. These are great with any pair of shoes which give you plenty reasons to go buy shoes that you always wanted.

This type is not slim fit, but it follows your body perfectly, and it doesn’t bother you. After all, while you are working you don’t want to think about your outfit, and it has to be comfortable. Women who bought these are delighted with the comfort of these pants, and off course with the pockets wich are very practical.


Guide to Woman’s Clothing Measurements

Buying clothes online can be a difficult process, especially for women. Not being able to try clothes on can seem like a really large hindrance to making the proper clothing choices, but with a little know how it’s possible to make excellent decisions and utilize the power (and savings) of online shopping to your advantage. Here’s a guide to the picking the right size of woman’s clothing when shopping online:

Start with a Tape Measure

Clothes sizes can vary somewhat from manufacturer to manufacturer (more on that below), but in order to make the best decision you need to know what your exact measurements are. This way you can compare the designers’/manufacturers’ measurements to your actual size, and then factor in some other adjustments (which we’ll talk about below).

You can do this in front of a mirror or with a friend. You want to take three different measurements:

  • Bust Measurement – Stand as normally/naturally as you can and take the measurement tape around the fullest part of your bust, under your arms and around you back, making sure that it stays parallel to the ground (so that it is an accurate measurement). You may need a friend to help you with this part, but it’s the most important measurement for many purchases, including woman’s coats/jackets and woman’s shirts.
  • Waist – Place the measuring tape just under your belly button, and remain relaxed. Many people are tempted to flex their abs here, but just keep as relaxed as possible (remember you want to get an understanding of how your body is during the course of a normal day). Wrap the measuring tape around your body, again making sure it’s parallel to the ground. Keep the measuring tape tight, but not too tight (don’t constrict your skin).
  • Hips – The last piece of the measurement trifecta is the hip measurement. For this we want to stand straight up with your feet close together (less than 6 inches apart) and measure around the full part of your waist and rear end. You can probably do this on your own, but conscript a friend to help you if you need.

Once you have these measurements taken, put them down on a piece of paper so you don’t forget them. Now we can make a better, more informed decision when deciding on what clothes to buy!

Researching the Designer/Manufacturer

  • Customer Feedback and Reviews – The CG Newman staff have done our best to research variations in sizes from one designer to the next and have included this information in our various buying guides, but if you are doing your own research, you can get a ton of value by looking at individual customer reviews. Reading a lengthy review will likely give you some insight into the sizes and feel of the clothes. Also, once you’ve gotten insight into one article of clothing from a given company or designer, chances are that will transfer over to other clothes from that same company (i.e. Carthartt tends to run small, North Face tends to run big, etc.)
  • Reach out to the Company – Many clothing manufacturers provide excellent customer service, if you really want to be sure about a given purchase, you can usually just send them an email with your measurements and see what they have to say. They’ll likely be more than happy to help you, especially considering you are about to become a customer!
  • All else Fails – Free Returns! – Veterans of the online shopping game will know this already, but it bears mentioning here. The ultimate fail safe of online shopping is free returns. Companies like Zappos made the concept of free returns very popular, and now many more companies are following suit. We always mention the products/companies that have free returns in our buying guides, because it has become an increasingly crucial aspect of online shopping for many of our customers.